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Steve & Georgia Ray

John Gladders & Bill Nichol

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Archive - Past Winners
2018/19 winners


Marathon Pairs : Georgia and Steve Ray


Marathon Individual : Frank Springett


Hurst Rose Bowl : Frank Springett and Brian Lumsden (73.66%)


Golding Salver : Stephen Reay and Hristo Toshev


Steve Ray Cups : Brenda Osborne and Isi Mitrani

Mannie Silver Trophy : Stephen Reay and Hristo Toshev


Gerald Baker Quaich : Liz Emmerson and Alan Pattison


Ian Spoors Quaich : Peter Avery and Guy Herzmark


Arnold Deane Handicap : Gill Gold and Chris Benneworth


Captain’s Cup : Gill Gold and Ray Green, Irene Sharff and David Gold


2017/18 winners


Marathon Pairs : Steve and Georgia Ray

Marathon Individual : Peter Avery

Hurst Rose Bowl : Steve and Georgia Ray (75.87%)

Golding Salver : Irene Sharff and David Gold

Steve Ray Cups : Brenda Osborne and Isi Mitrani

Mannie Silver Trophy : Liz Muir and Marion Curran

Gerald Baker Quaich : Azhar Mahmood and Len Lonie

Ian Spoors Quaich : Brian Pacey and Peter Rodgerson

Arnold Deane Handicap : Phil Gibson and Dave Pentland

Captain’s Cup : Steve and Georgia Ray, Don Reid and David Brickland