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The Tuesday Face 2 Face session on December 19th is our annual Christmas 'party'.

Food from (approx) 12:15, Bridge from 13:15.

This session is open to anyone who has paid a Broxbourne subscription.

Please let Marion Haldane know if you are interested.

News & Interest
This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".
  Minutes of AGM October 7th 2021

Members present:

John Leake, Sheila Evans, Dick Roscoe Sue Devine, Ed Devine,  David Turner,Keith Harrington, Anne Dunn, Mike Hunt, Mike Carn, Ruth Shinebaum, Ray Cole, Luigi Wiechula, Denver Gorman


Apologies for Absence:

Pat Cooper, Sheila Macdonald, George Lock, Ian Kemp, Amanda Barnes, John Hirons

1. Minutes of AGM 27th June 2019

Matters arising.

Under AOB, Luigi had asked about having a celebratory get together every year. The committee considered this suggestion, but with the arrival of the pandemic, it was ruled out until the club returned to a firm financial footing.

Election of Officers

All members of committee agreed to stand again except Sheila. John said it would be good if someone from the Tuesday F2F should take on this role with Sheila’s assistance with EBU&HBA. Keith said he would be prepared to take on this role. Sheila will continue to organise the online sessions.

John called a block vote.  All agreed.

Chairman’s Report

John said how sad we all were with passing of Stan Frost. He had been the heart and sole of Broxbourne Bridge Club. He will be sadly missed.

John said that the club had coped quite well with the pandemic having set up two BBO online sessions and one Real Bridge session.

F2F sessions have started on a Tuesday afternoon but Thursday evening numbers are not viable. We will reconsider next Spring a return to F2F Bridge on Thursday evenings.

Treasurers Report

Anne thanked Dick for auditing the accounts.

John thanked Anne for all her hard work on the accounts.

Report of Tuesday F2F sessions

Keith reported that it had now been running for 3 weeks. This week they had 8 tables. All is going well.  More members have said they will return in the New Year.

David Turner proposed that subscriptions of £5 should start in January 2022 and go up to £10 for the year from the 1st June. The proposal was carried and the charges will apply to all F2F and BBO club players from January 2021.

Online Sessions

Tuesday afternoon sessions have been cancelled because of low numbers. Several people have emailed Sheila requesting that they start again. It was decided that the Tuesday sessions would start again soon.

The sessions will start at 2pm.


Michael Hunt asked if the afternoon sessions had to be on a Tuesday.

Sheila’s research had concluded that Tuesday afternoon was the only day  members wanted.

Denver asked if competitions would be restarting.

John committed to getting a group together. He will send an email out to the committee seeking  suggestions as to which competitions can be played for prior to the resumption of F2F Thursday Bridge.

Meeting closed at 20:46.

  Committee Meeting 18th Feb 2016

Present: Stan Frost, Sheila Evans, Anne Dunn, David Turner, John Leake, Dick Roscoe, Sue Devine.


1:            The club has made a slight loss so far this year, mainly due to us buying two new laptops (one for each bridge session)

2)            The Christmas parties were more expensive for 2015, but it was decided to leave them as they are for another year at least.

3)            It was decided that money should be put regularly into a deposit account as a contingency against having to replace the Bridgemates

4)            A cheque from the club will be sent to Bill Peddar’s chosen charity

5)            Stan has offered to update the Clubs website with all members’

 Names, telephone numbers and email addresses.

6)            Enquires are going to be made to try to establish the exact start date of the club, as it is nearing its 50th Anniversary

7)            In an effort to eradicate slow play, we are only going to play 24 boards for a trial period


  Founder Members Cup


Sara Barnett & Ian Kemp,

who won the Founders Members Cup on the first night we used our new Tablets & dealing machine 


  AGM Cup


Peter Byford & Shangara Singh

On their good win in  an exciting battle with Ed & Sue to  win the AGM Cup 

  Stan Frost
Stan Frost

It is with a very sad heart that I have to inform you that our Beloved Chairman Stan died on Saturday 13th February 2021. Stan was the most wonderful of men, everybody who knew him loved him, he had a heart of gold and he was Mr Broxbourne Bridge Club. Many hundreds of people first learned to play bridge under Stan & a lot of those pupils still play at the Cheshunt Club he started for beginners and at Broxbourne Club where he has played for nearly 50 years. The very heart of Broxbourne Bridge Club died this week. Our love & condolences go out to Sue, Stan's Wife who so many of us knew from all the holiday's that he organised & to Simon his son. Stan's funeral was held on March 17th. 

The club has donated £200 to Stan's chosen charity the RNLI.



Congratulations to Ed & Sue on winning the handicap pairs.

The full result can be found on the News and Interest page


  Minutes AGM 2nd July 2015

                               Minutes of the Broxbourne AGM held on 2nd July 2015

Members present:Stan Frost, Dick Roscoe,Phil Taylor,Mike Whittles,Colin Haywood,Ian Kemp,Mike Hunt,Sara Barnett,Sheila Evans,Gill Cunningham,Sally Burnay,Joan Mills,Lynette Belch,Barbara Wallis,Angie Heini,Ray Cole,Alan James,Michael Carn,Anne Dunn,Shirley Bull,Pat Flavell,John Leake,Pat Cooper,David & Margaret Murphy, Marion Haldane,David Turner,Bernadette Mathias,John Metcalfe,Tony Clayton,Ken Hayward,Andy Holland,John Dore.

Apologies for absence: Sheila Mc Donald, Ed & Sue Devine, Ken Hills. Minutes of last year’s AGM, were read, and then proposed as accurate by Ray Cole & Joan Mills

Chairman’s Report:   Stan  thanked The Committee and all the helpers who help with the tables’ etc. then announced the exciting news that we were to be the first club in Hertfordshire to have a sponsor. Simon Frost who organised the sponsorship with his Company GPFM could not attend tonight’s AGM but would be coming along next Thursday with some of the sponsorship materials

The Treasurers report:  Anne Dunn in her first year as Treasurer was happy to report that we had made a profit last year, and that the clubs finances seemed in a good place. Helped in part by the fact that Broxbourne Sports Club had not raised the rent during the year.The Accounts were Accepted by a show of hands  Proposed by Shirley Bull & Seconded by Dick Roscoe.

Presentation of Cups:  Prize-winners for the year 2014-2015.

Founder Members Cup:  Sara Barnett & Joan Mills

AGM Cup: (Tied)  Amanda Barnes & John Hirons:   Ian Kemp & Colin Haywood.

Team Trophy: Colin Haywood, Ian Kemp, George Lock & Mike Hunt.

Cadet Cup:  John Metcalfe & Bernadette Mathias.

Handicap Pairs:  Marion Haldane & Wendy Leverett

Club Championship: Sheila Evans & Mike Robson

Ladder Trophy:    Ian Kemp                 Improvers Cup:    Anne Dunn

Election Of Officers: There being no resignations or nomination the current Committee were re-elected by a unanimous show of hands.  Proposed by Pat Flavell ,seconded by Mike Hunt

Any other Business:  Ian Kemp advised members that the HBA were looking for a pair to act as a ‘stand by’  pair for the upcoming HBA Swiss Pairs In Ware  on July 18th.

Sheila then raised an issue from Sheila MacDonald, asking that bridge at the club could be restricted to 24 boards, this was discussed but it was decided to leave the number of boards to the Director of the night.  But slow play was to be more rigorously penalised with the Director being given the power to ‘take a board away and award the score he thought appropriate, even if the hand had started.  This proposal from Stan was soundly approved and voted for.

 The meeting ended at 7.25 pm

  Club Championships


George Lock & Luigi Wiechula

 winners of the 2019 Club Championship


  Committee Meeting Fri 13th Feb 2015

1) Stan's son Simon sponsorship of the club.

He will provide cards and score cards  with his company info on the back of the cards and on the back of the score cards with Broxbourne Bridge club sponsored by gpfm.

Simon has said he will give a brief presentation at the beginning of one of our meetings.

It was suggested that the sponsorship should start after the AGM.

Stan to contact Simon to see if any signed agreement needed.

Sheila to write to Simon thanking him for the offer of sponsorship and accepting the offer.


2) Host system to be reinstated.

After much discussion it was decided to continue as we are with Sheila managing the process. We will post on Web site that if members know that they will need a partner for the following week to let Sheila know on the previous night.


3) New Members. This was brought up by David re Tuesday afternoon. David was worried about the standard of bridge of new people coming to the club. It was debated and the outcome was that John Stan and Sheila would be prepared to play with these people to encourage them and assess their standard and advise accordingly.


4) Non members attending qualifying events. After much discussion it was decided that these events will be members only unless a member is playing with a non member.


5) Feed back on Christmas party. It was decided that members will have to sign up before event so we will know numbers. Dick and Sheila to do the food. Tuesday afternoon to continue to do what they have done before and we will reinstate the free bar.



Sharing personal details ie: email mobile numbers and address.

Dick to produce a new membership form with a box to opt in or out.

Also John will check with EBU and HBA about if they share data.


New computer. The computer we have been using is on its last legs so it was decided that we will purchase a new one from PC World. John will purchase it.


Date for AGM is going to be moved to 2nd of July 2015.


  Committee Meeting Minutes for March 12th 2013

Broxbourne Bridge Club Committee Meeting 12th March 2013

Present:  Stan Frost, Tony Clayton, Sue Devine, Marion Haldane, John Leake

Apologies for absence: Sheila Evans

1.       One new table has been purchased. Further new tables to be purchased as and when older tables become unserviceable.

2.       In order to safeguard the club against action from any members who have their membership terminated it was agreed that the EBU proposed disciplinary procedures would be adopted. John Leake will modify the club constitution to reflect this and the new constitution will be published at least one month before this yearís AGM for agreement at the AGM. The EBU

procedures recommend that the club appoint a Conduct Committee chairman and John volunteered to take this on.

3.       Tony Clayton will take out EBU Premium Schedule insurance for the club with effect from 1st April 2013.

4.       Tony provided a financial update. There is a projected deficit of £300-£400 for the current financial year but the club will still have reserves of around £4,000 at the end of the year. The Sports Centre has increased the rent we pay from £200 per month to £225 per month for the Tuesday sessions and from £216 per month to £225 per month for the Thursday sessions.  Although we are running at a deficit for the current year and the rent is being increased, the temporary reduction in table money from £2.50 to £2 which is in effect for the current year ends in June.  The reversion of table money back from £2 to £2.50 from July will result in a projected surplus for the next financial year in spite of the rent increase.

5.       The committee decided in principle to purchase Bridgemate II scoring terminals. These will replace handwritten travellers and will allow the result for a session to be displayed on a laptop computer at the end of the session before members leave to go home. The total cost for the terminals and software is about £2,200. This should still leave the club with reserves of about £2,500 at the end of the 2013-2014 financial year. If any members have views on the use of Bridgemates could they please contact any member of the Committee. Given the need to train the clubís tournament directors in the use of the equipment and in the light of holiday plans the best time to introduce the terminals would be at the end of April. John Leake will check on delivery lead times and liaise with Tony Clayton on finance.

6.       Last autumn both Broxbourne and Lowewood bridge clubs held heats of the HBA Championship Pairs. This resulted in a large number of players playing without standing in one of the heats. It would be sensible to try to avoid this in future. To be followed up with Sheila Evans when she is back after her current illness.

7.       Next meeting May 9th May 2013 at 11.00



Phil Taylor & Mike Whittles who won the Founder Members Cup ,  making a final round late challenge to Stan Frost & Andy Holland who came a creditable Second



  Tony Clayton RIP

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I have to inform you that Tony Clayon has passed away , after  never really recovering from a large Heart operation  he had last April.

Tony was a much loved member of the club and played there for over 30 years. He was the kindest and most gentlemanly man, who was loved by all who knew him & he will be greatly missed.

Broxbourne BC has sent a cheque for £50 from us all to The Isobel  Hospice in memory of Tony 

  Committee Meeting News Jan 2013
Committee meeting held at 11am Wednesday Jan 16th

Present:  Stan Frost, Tony Clayton,Sheila, Evans John Leake, Sue Devine,Marion Haldane.

1.   It was agreed that we would buy another bridge table so that we now have 13 tables.

2.   It was agreed that we will now award BLUE POINTS for our main Club Championship on March 21st and May 2nd as a trial

3.   The EBU have advised clubs to up date their constitutions with regard to some recent legal  problems in other Bridge Clubs. John Leake has agreed to look into this and to circulate the EBU model constitution to committee memebrs for discussion at the next meeting in March

4.    It was suggested that Directors need not pay their table money  for the session that they direct, we decided to leave it up to the discretion of the Director concerned.

5. We have decided for now not to have a limit on new members, but to keep a close eye on the numbers and limit new members if we feel the need arises in the future.

6. It was felt that the Christmas parties were a great success last year, but very expensive and the feeling was that we would provide the same level of food,provide wine & soft drinks with the meal, but not have the free bar.  It was suggested that the food should perhaps be served at 7pm for the Thursday club  so we ate first before bridge . This will be put to the vote at the AGM ( if you will not be there can you make your view known to a member of the Committee beforehand).

7.  We discussed  buying BRIDGEMATES  so we can have electronic instant scoring and results,  we are researching the costs, and we will canvass your opinions at the AGM

  Contacting Club Members

Some members are not receiving emails from the club, this may be because you have ticked the box saying you do not want to receive emails. If you do  now want to receive emails you will have to go the the members only section of this website & alter it back to opt in . This is a function that only you can do.

Sheila Evans has started a Whatsapp group called Broxbourne for members who want to arrange online bridge games.

If you want to be added to the group then contact her at 

  Members' News & Achievements Elsewhere

We try to keep up with our members achievements away from Broxbourne, so if you know of any success by a Broxbourne player, please let us know by contacting STAN FROST  or SHEILA EVANS

  General Data Protection Regulations

Under the General Data Protection Regulations which come into force towards the end of May the club is obliged to have a published Privacy Notice. This can be accessed by clicking on Privacy Notice under the Information tab on the left of this page.

Members will also be asked to sign new membership application forms to ensure compliance with GDPR.


CONGRATULATIONS again to  go to our very own 


Who came a very creditable THIRD place in a tough field  of 32 pairs  in the HBA Marjorie Lukyn Final that was held 6th March 2020 

Well done to both of you 

  AGENDA for AGM Oct 7th 7.30 2021 on BBO

Broxbourne Bridge Club

Annual General Meeting  OCTOBER 7th  2021  7.30 pm  on ZOOM


  1. Apologies for Absence

2.       The minutes of the previous AGM 27th June 2019 on the website

3.       Matters Arising

4.       Election of Officers and Committee

5.       Chairman's Report

6.       The Treasurer's Report


7.       Report of Tuesday F2F sessions

8.       proposal for F2F sessions only  that an interim subscription of £5.00 will be payable on 1st January 2022 and a full subscription of £10.00 is payable on 1st June 2022 and annually thereafter until further notice,

9.       Any other Business


  AGM Minutes 27th June 2019

Members Present : Sheila Evans, Sue Devine, Dick Roscoe, Stan Frost, Beryl Brown, Colin Brown, Joan Mills, Kathy Jennings, Ken Hills, Tony Clayton, Nick Cotton, Dominic Stone, Pat Flavell, Shirley Bull, Ed Devine, Shirley Frapwell, Jan Cook, John Leake, Luigi Wiechula, Denver Gorman, Ray Cole, Alan James, Peter Byford, Mike Whittles, Ruth Shinebaum, George Lock. Shangara Singh

1) Apologies for Absence : Anne Dunn, Sara Barnett, Beryl Eales and Andy Holland.

2) Matters Arising from last years minutes.    : None.

3) Election of officers  All members of committee prepared to continue. Voted in en bloc.

4) Chairman’s report :Stan said that the year had gone well. Thanked everyone for their support.

5) Treasurer’s report :Table money down. £1400 spent on dealing machine and tablets..

6) Presentation of Cups: Founder members cup: Phil Taylor and Mike Whittles: AGM Cup: Ian Kemp and Sara Barnett: Cadet Cup: Michael Carn and Anne Dunn: Handicap Pairs Cup : Ed and Sue Devine:Teams Trophy : Joan Mills, Peter Byford, Sally Burnay and Bernadette Matthews : Improvers Cup : Jan Cook:Club Champions Cup : George Lock and Luigi Wiechula: Ladder Trophy : Andy Holland

7) Report on Dealing Machine and Tablets : John Leake: John reported that there had been a few problems but he hoped that we would be using them by the end of July

8) Report on the Birthday Party : Sue Devine: Sue reported that the party would be on the 26th of July 2019 at Brickendon Grange Golf Club. She gave a breakdown of the day starting 9:30 for 10 and finishing about 5 with presentation of prizes done by Simon Frost who sponsors our bridge club. Then a celebration birthday cake and a glass of Prosecco.

9) New Premises : Sheila Evans:Sheila said that the committee were looking into the possibility of new premises. The committee have not as yet visited this hall but will do in the near future and then report back.

10) Any Other Business :  Luigi asked as the celebration party included both the Tuesday afternoon and Thursday evening sessions may be this could become an annual event. This was thought to be a good idea the committee would look into it.

Meeting closed at 19:55.




Minutes of Broxbourne Bridge Club AGM 6th July 2017


Members present: Anne Dunn. Sheila Evans. Dick Roscoe. Stan Frost. Beryl Eales. Joan Mills. John Davies. Patricia Robinson. Jim Robinson. Kathy Jennings. Andy Holland. Ed Devine. Sue Devine. Denver Gorman. Suman Rai. Ian Kemp. Phil Taylor. Ray Cole. Margaret Murphy. Val Neyland. Sheila Macdonald. David Murphy. Sally Burnay. Gill Cunningham. Pat Flavell. Angie Heini. Barbara Wallis. Shirley Bull. Ruth Shinebaum. George Lock.  Mike Hunt. Mike Carn.

 Mike Whittles. Ken Hayward. Ken Hills. Alan James. Lynette Belch.

Before the meeting started Barbara Wallis wanted thanked the club for the flowers sent to celebrate her 90th birthday.

1) Apologies for Absence

   John Leake, Mike Robson.

2) Minutes from previous AGM

   Were agreed and Stan Frost signed as a true reflection of the meeting.

3) Election of Officers:

 Sheila Evans is standing down as secretary but will stay on as partnership secretary.

Sue Devine has agreed to take over the role of secretary.

The rest of the committee have agreed to continue. 

A vote was taken. Mike Carn proposed and Gill Cunningham seconded. The vote was carried.

4) Chairman's report

Stan said the previous year had gone well but there were several issues to be raised.

A) In 2019 the club will be 50 years old. The committee have decided to celebrate with a Bridge Day at Brickendon Grange Golf Club on Friday 26th July 2019. To cover the cost of this party from next week an extra 50 pence will be added to the table money increasing it to £3.

B) Lottery Funding: the committee are looking into how this can be achieved. The money would go towards a dealing machine. John Davies said that there was a man in St Albans who for a fee provides dealt boards which are linked to the computer with printouts. He will give this information to the committee and they will look into the viability.

C) The committee are considering running a 3rd weekly session in the autumn on a Friday. The Tuesday afternoon bridge members were very positive about these sessions Thursday evening members were not as enthusiastic. A two month trial will go ahead as planned.

5)Treasurer's Report:

The club has had a better year and has made a profit. This is largely due to increased attendances. 

The committee have decided to keep £2K in the deposit account as a contingency fund.

Anne wished to thank Tony Clayton for auditing the accounts.

Proposer Val Neyland 

Seconded Sheila Macdonald 

The accounts were accepted.

6)Presentation of Cups:

Competition Winners

Ladder Trophy:  Mike Robson

Improvers Cup:   Ruth Shinebaum

AGM Cup:          Andy Holland and John Dore

Founder Members Cup: Anne Dunn and Mike Carn

Cadet Pairs Cup (Thursday):  Sue and Ed Devine

Cadet Pairs Cup (Tuesday):    Marcia and Robert Scane

Handicap Pairs:      Angie Heini and Barbara Wallis

Club Championship:  Sheila Evans and Mike Robson

Teams Trophy:   Shirley Bull, Pat Flavell, Joan Mills, Cathy Jennings

7)Any Other Business 

- The number of boards to be played (24/ 27) to be at the discretion of the TD.

- Pat Flavell asked about the non-functioning ceiling lights. Sheila said that this had been reported to the club.

- The committee will investigate Harlow's clock procedure for avoiding slow play. 


Meeting closed at 19:50.



Minutes of Broxbourne Bridge Club AGM 7th July 2016

Members present:  Dick Roscoe.Mike Carn.Anne Dunn.Stan Frost.Denver Gorman.John Hirons.Ken Hayward.Phil Taylor.Ken Hills.Michael Hunt. George Lock.Ann Robinson.Jim Robinson.Jan Cooke.Joan Mills.Lynette Belch.Shirley Frapwell.Andy Holland.John Dore.Mike Robson.Sheila Evans.Val Neyland.Sheila Macdonald.Marian Haldane.Margaret Murphy.Pat Flavell.Sally Burney.Gill Cunningham.Peter Byford.David Neyland.Mike Whittles.Colin Haywood.Ian Kemp.Mike Robson.Apologies for Absence were received from Tony Clayton.Val Cole.Amanda Barnes.John Leake.

The Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved by Dick Roscoe Seconded by Mike Carn.The Chairman’s Report: Stan thanked all the people that have helped him during another successful the year.The Treasurers Report: Anne started by thanking Tony Clayton for auditing the books. She reported a healthy Bank Balance although the table money for both sessions was down due to falling attendance. This also meant a fall in our payment to the EBU P2P scheme. The Christmas party costs were up again for another year. And we had the additional expense last year as we purchased 2 Laptops for scorebridge, resulting in a slight shortfall in profit.  Anne was going to research moving some money into a reserve account to guard against replacing the bridgemates or other expense. The table money and subscriptions will remain the same for a further year.The accounts were proposed by Val Neyland and seconded by Sheila Macdonald.

Presentation of cups: 

Founder Members Cup:   Mike Robson & Sheila Evans         AGM Cup:    Stan Frost & Dick Roscoe

Team Trophy:     Sue & Ed Devine,Phil Taylor,Sara Barnett

Cadet Cup: Ken Hills & Ken Haywood                        Handicap Pairs:  Mike Carn & Anne Dunn

Club Championship    Phil Taylor & Mike Whittles

Ladder Trophy:   Ian Kemp                    Improvers Cup:  Lynette Belch

Election of officers: All officers being willing to stand again the present officers were proposed by Mike Carn and seconded by Shirley Bull.

We review the 24 boards proposed last AGM. After a lively discussion, with many different opinions given, it was decided to revert to leaving the number of boards played to the discretion of the Director.  Slow play was a hotly discussed topic, and so it was  decided that we would purchase a computer system as they have at Harlow to enable the club to limit the annoyance felt by many at slow play.  We will discuss again next year to see how the members feel the clock has been a success.

In order to promote attendance a Monthly team’s night was proposed.  This topic evoked strong opinions both for and against. But the subsequent vote was for there to be no regular team’s night, with several members saying they would not attend the club on  a team’s night.

Phil Taylor raised the question of EBU Sims nights.  We had discontinued the EBU Sims as during our recent troubles with our roof the EBU had proved difficult.  But the members voted to resume the EBU Sims again as the nights are popular

There being no other business the meeting closed at 19.55







  Committee Meeting 1st September 2017

Committee meeting held at 09.30 on Friday 1st September

Present: Stan Frost, John Leake, Anne Dunn, David Turner, Sue Devine

1) HBA members 

Alan Woof from HBA has been in touch re updating their list with telephone numbers and email addresses. 

Action  Anne will forward her list to Stan and then David will hand out slips to the Tuesday afternoon members asking for said phone numbers and emails if they are ok with our sharing with HBA. We will also do this on Thursday evening. These will be checked and Stan will put on website. We will then forward to Alan.

2) Anne has raised the question of our 90 year old members and whether we should send flowers for their birthday. It was agreed to do so.

3) Extra Bridge Session

 The Sports Club is available on Friday mornings, so it was agreed that we would run a trial of 10 weeks from 22nd September until 1st December 10am till 1pm.  John will coordinate the rota for Directors and also people to play with the director. If these sessions prove successful we will start sessions again from January.

4) It was felt that the pool of tournament directors needs more people. John will get the information on courses. We will look to see who can be put forward to take the course.

5) Website

Update:  Tuesday start and finish times, table money and visitors fee.

Marcia Scane' ranking update needs to be added. 

6). Christmas Party (Thursday evening)

Sue will order from M&S having checked with Dick. Anne and Sue will pick up.

7). AOB

Lottery funding

Stan has received a copy of Harlow constitution to compare with our own.

It was agreed that at the next meeting we would work on our constitution.

David asked if we could get fans for the bridge room. The problem is storage. We will look into it.

It was agreed to have meetings every 3 months so the next meeting will be Thursday 14th December at 1:30pm.

Meeting finished 11am.


  COMMITTEE Meeting 13th February 2017

COMMITTEE Meeting Monday 13th Feb Held at Anne Dunn’s hous1: National Lottery Funding

We decided to investigate getting National Lottery Funding and Stan offered to look into this for us..

2: Falling Thursday evening session numbers.

Anne reported that overall all throughout the year numbers on Thursday evening have remained stable.  Tuesday afternoon numbers have risen

3:  Extra DAYTIME BRIDGE session.  David is going to canvas opinions to see if another daytime session would be popular. Also to find out from the Secretary which days, if any, have spare capacity at the club.

4: 50th Year Anniversary.  2019  After several suggestions it was felt that a LUNCH at a larger venue with bridge sessions before and after Lunch, was a good suggestion.  Sue & Marion are going to investigate suitable local venues.


It was decided that the table money be raised 50p a session, in order to save the money for this lunch.  This raise in table money will be voted for by the membership at the AGM in June. With David asking his session by show of hands one week before the AGM.  

Sheila has contacted the club re the door into our room sticking and not closing properly, unfortunately the Secretary dealing with this has left, but I have now reported it again to the office.

Our Bridgemates are ‘playing up’ a little, and it has been decided that if we have to change we will change to the new Jannerson Bridge Tabs, which are superior in many respects and are cheaper to buy.  John is going to do some research on the Bridge tabs, and advise the committee at the next meeting if he thinks we should buy Bridge Tabs, before the Bridgemates  finally break down completely.

The Committee is going to use Doodle Pods for arranging future meetings.

If any member has any comment re the items been discussed at this Committee meeting or any other matter, please let a Committee member know before our next meeting


The date of the next meeting is Thursday March 30th  






  Minutes of AGM held 19th July 2018


Committee Meeting July 19th 2018

Members Present: Ian Kemp, Sara Barnett,Amanda Barnes,John Hirons,John Leake, Andy Holland, Mike Whittles Shirley Bull,Dick Roscoe,Stan Frost,Sheila Macdonald,Angie Heini,Marcia Robert Scane,Jim& Ann Robinson,Ray Cole, Alan James,Denver Gorman,Luigi Wiechula,Sheila Evans,Mike Hunt,Michael Carn,Anne Dunn,Joan Mills,Peter Byford,Jan Cook,Shirley Frapwell,Tony Clayton,Val Neyland.

Apologies For Absence: Marion Haldane,Pat Flavell,Beryl Eades,Phil Taylor,David & Margaret Murphy.

Minutes of the previous AGM Proposed by Shirley Bull, Seconded by Anne Dunn  There were no matters arising

Election of the Committee:The Committee having agreed to stand again ,were voted in en block. Proposed by Dick Roscoe, seconded by Mike Hunt.

Chairman's Report: Stan thanked everyone for coming and for all those who helped during the year.He was pleased to announce that GPFM were going to continue their sponsorship for another year. He announced that our 50th year 'party' would be on 26th July 2019 at Brickendon Grange Golf Club, both sessions of our Bridge club will be attending.

Treasurers report: Anne thanked Tony Clayton for auditing the accounts.She noted that donations to Charity had increased due to two members dying and donations being made to the charities they supported. The rent had increased due to the unsuccessful trial of the Friday morning sessions. The Accounts were proposed by Dick & seconded by Mike.

Request For Volunteer :Sheila requested for a volunteer to help with the trophies & cups each year.  Luigi kindly offered.

Presentation of Cups: Improvers Cup: Denver Gorman: Founder Members Cup:Anne Dunn & Mike Carn: Handicap Pairs: Anne Dunn & Pat Flavell. AGM Cup: Phil Taylor & Mike Whittles. Ladder Cup: Mike Hunt. Cadet Pairs: Ray Cole & Alan James: Teams Trophy: Ian Kemp,Sara Barnett,George Lock,Mike Hunt. Club Championship: Sara Barnett & Ian Kemp

Any Other Business: Luigi asked if we had resolved the problem of 'slow play' John replied that the Directors were aware of this problem and were trying to be finished the session in good time, which we have been successful in doing.

Phil Taylor asked about a dealing machine , we informed the club that we are going to try for a lottery grant and now had the correct Constitution in place to do so. Sheila also said we had applied for an EBU Grant , but were unsuccessful this time. Harlow have also approached us re 'sharing the costs' of a dealing machine which we have said is of interest to us, so is ongoing possibility.

Mike Carn proposed  a vote of thanks to all of the Committee.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 19.45.


A special General Meeting was held at Broxbourne Bridge Club at 7.25 pm on May 31st, to hold a vote to accept the amended Club Constitution ( as on this website ) 30 members were present, and the Constitution was proposed by Luigi Wiechula  and seconded by Dick Roscoe and voted in unanimously. The meeting ended at 7.30 pm


Members Present:

Sheila Evans, John Leake,Joan Mills, Sally Pool, Denver Gorman, Luigi Wiechula, Shirley Bull, Pat Flavell, Anne Dunn, Dick Roscoe, Stan Frost, Angie Heini, John Hirons, Mike Hunt, Andy Holland, Ruth Shinebaum, Beryl Eales, Shirley Frapwell, Jan Cooke, Peter Byford, Amanda Barnes, Ian Kemp, Sheila Macdonald, Bernadette Mathias, George Lock,Pat Cooper, Wendy Leveritt, Ray Cole, Alan JamesMike Carn

  EBU Harrogate Spring Congress

Huge Congratulations to our very own IAN KEMP for coming 4th  and winning a prize in a very competitive Swiss teams Comp at Harrogate last weekend 

This is one of the major EBU competitons of the year & there were 49 teams entered 

Also Congratulations goes to DENVER GORMAN who in his first Harrogate Congree came a very creditable 16th playing in the Pairs Comp  with a partner he had never played with before . There were 96 pairs in this very competitive field , so well done DENVER



After an amazingly close match, this year's Humble Cup Final was tied after 42 boards! In a 4 board play-off, the Davies team just pipped the  Rawlins  team to take the trophy.

Hearty congratulations to our own IAN KEMP who was playing with Jackie Davis in the winning team  . The Humble cup is the Premier HBA  Teams competiton of the Year , and Ian has done very well to win it.

WELL DONE & Big Congratulations  to Ian