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23rd Jun 2022 19:18 BST
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Welcome to Broxbourne Bridge Club


The club Face to Face Championship took place over 3 weeks; May 10th, 17th and 24th; with the best 2 scores to count.

11 pairs played 2 rounds or more.

The winners with an average score of 61.57 % were

John Garrett & Chris Eagle


Last updated : 2nd Jun 2022 10:43 BST
Thursday Face to Face Bridge

A recent email asking for players who would be interested in restarting Thursday evening bridge at the Broxbourne Sports Centre unfortunately only attracted less than 10 positive responses

We will therefore not be restarting Thursday evening sessions

Tuesday afternoon sessions at the Sports Centre, Tuesday afternoon online sessions and Wednesday evening online sessions will all continue

Please also note that Broxbourne players are welcome at Lowewood Bridge Club face to face to sessions on Tuesday evenings at Broxbourne JMI School

Last updated : 23rd Jun 2022 19:18 BST


Tuesday Face to Face will resume on February 1st at 1:15 pm.

Please bring a face mask so that, if required by opponents, you can wear it.

Sanitizers will be available.

See you then.

Last updated : 20th Jan 2022 11:32 GMT

At the last AGM which was held online in September 2021 it was proposed to charge a £5 membership fee on January 1st  2022 to cover the period up until June and then to charge a fee of £10 for the year from July 2022.

However, having considered this further at a subsequent committee meeting, the committee decided that to avoid the work of collecting two subscriptions in 2022 we would instead charge an annual subscription of £10 in January which would cover the calendar year January to December 2022. We would then continue charging on the same basis in subsequent years.

An email has been sent to past members inviting them to rejoin.

New members are welcome, for details on how to join please contact the club chairman by using the email which can be found at Info and Polices/Committee on this site


Last updated : 28th Jan 2022 17:44 GMT

Lowewood Bridge Club is restarting F2F bridge on Tuesday evenings at 7.30 at the Broxborne JMI School.

Broxbourne members are welcome to play.

Last updated : 4th Mar 2022 16:52 GMT

Our  online events will run on BBO on Tuesday  afternoons at  and Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm.

  • FIRST thing to do is get a partner for the event ( contact & a partner will be found of similar skill level 

  • Register with me ( Sheila Evans) giving Full name, BBO Username & EBU no  (if you have one)

  • BUY SOME BB$ dollars..this can be bought using the BBO$ tab at the top of the screen , purchase an amount ( I suggest £10 worth to get started) ask for it to 'roll over' if you  like then it is like an Oyster card , a pre-paid card that 'tops up' once it runs out .

  • Then you are set for the first game

  • The process to enter on the day  is as follows:

  •  Register for the tournament,, Go to VIRTUAL Clubs,  Then scroll down  to 'EBU Clubs'  

  • Scroll down to' Broxbourne Pairs ' ( or type Brox in the search box at the top) Click on Brobourne  then you get the box come up asking you to invite your partner , fill your partners Username in there , & invite them to play with you . a small yellow box in the bottom right hand corner of the screen will show you if your partner has accepted , or you may get the message, 'Your invitation has timed out'  if so check your partner is online , then if they are ,just repeat the invite again , keep watching until you get that yellow message bottom right of your  screen to make sure they have accepted & you are registered 

  • BOTH players need to be online  at the same time  to  register, once you have registered  if you are not going to sit in front of the computer then  log off from BBO, ( as BBO logs you off if you are inactive for about 20-30 mins)  after that  both players need to  log in again  10-15 mins  before the start of the tournament, and BBO will then seat them automatically

  • As a precaution about 10 mins before the game starts , click on the Broxbourne Club link & it should tell you that you are registered for the event, now you know that your registration went through OK 

  • You will need to know the Username of your partner to register them as your partner . 

  • A good idea is to make your partners a 'friend'  so you know when they come online . How you do this is 
  • Click on the 'People' tab on the right of your screen, click on 'search at the top of the screen,  put your partners Username in the search tab at the bottom of the screen, a list will come up , click on your partners name & when their profile comes up , use the tab that says 'relationship' to change it to 'follow' this means that you will see everytime they are online 

  To follow the scoring , click on the 'HISTORY' tab on the right  hand side of your screen, to see what happened when others in the club played it, click on 'Other Tables' at the top of the score card , when all the tables have played the board you will have a final score & % for the board 

During Play, we do allow Undo's for the bidding &  the play , as long as the undo is for a genuine Misclick & not a change of mind . If there are any problems do Call the TD in the blue box ( with the white lines in ) on the top left of the screen 

If we have a half Table, Gary our TD will use a pair of ROBOTS , these play a 2/1 system & every bid they make will be explained to you as they bid . They play very fast as their bidding is automatic , do not be put off by this take your time . You do not have to self alert any of your bids when playing against 2 robots . They may win but they do not count for mp's etc 

 Contact me with any problems or if you a need partner , the MOST important thing is to have fun, we will be playing only against our local clubs players EVERYONE is new to this, so don't worry ask for help Gary our TD will help you , & I hope you all enjoy playing in our 'Virtual Club'



BBO Quick Start – a video that gives a tour of the BBO screen and how a lot of the features work.WELL worth looking at : The second video is a short one explaining SELF ALERTING


Last updated : 15th Jan 2022 23:31 GMT
Face To Face Bridge

Due to Members concerns regarding the Omicron variant of Covid-19 and the possible introduction of new restrictions, Face to Face Bridge on a Tuesday afternoon at Broxbourne Club has been suspended until the New Year.

Hopefully we will be back in early January, possibly on the 2nd, if restrictions allow.

Please contact Keith (, Marion ( or David ( if you have queries.


Last updated : 19th Dec 2021 11:05 GMT

GOOD NEWS   our club will now be having it's first Face to Face session on this coming Tuesday 21st September at 1.15 pm  at  The Broxbourne  Sports Centre .

If you do not have a partner contact  Marian Haldane -


PLEASE  ALSO NOTE: that the Tuesday afternoon BBO sessions will now be resumed and will start again on TUESDAY Oct 12th  at 2pm , if you need a partner for any BBO session please contact Sheila

The Wednesday BBO sessions will remain the same at 7pm 

You do not need to be a member of Broxbourne Club to play in either of the BBO sessions 

All dates times & sessions are on the Calendar 


Last updated : 16th Nov 2021 21:48 GMT

The club AGM was held online on October 7th 2021. The minutes of the meeting are in the News and Interest section of this site.


Last updated : 19th Oct 2021 17:47 BST
Member Area of the Website
The Member Area of the website has now been set up. It includes telephone numbers and email addresses of members and also has a facility to download results on to your home computer if you wish to do so.

To access the Member Area, members will first need to register. To get a registration code, please email John Leake

Once you have received a registration code then go to the member area and enter your email address, a password of your choice and the registration code which has been sent to you.

You will then be able to access the Member Area at any time by signing on with your email address and password.
Last updated : 20th Feb 2013 17:35 GMT

 WELL DONE to Beryl Eales & Andy Holland , who came SECOND in the Club Winners Cup Final on Friday evening, with a brilliant score of 63.89%

We are so very proud of you both , so very close to winning the Trophy , but a brilliant performance as there were some top Hertfordshire players playing


WELL DONE to you both


Last updated : 12th Nov 2021 23:11 GMT
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