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Bedfordshire Congress

CONGRATULATIONS   to JOHN LEAKE, who was in the team that came third at last weekends Bedfordshire Swiss Teams 




SARA BARNETT, who was in the team of eight in this HBA Competition that came first at St Albans last weekend 

This means that Sara will be in the team that goes to Represent Hertfordshire in the National Garden Cities competiton next year.


Welcome to Broxbourne Bridge Club

Our events will run on BBO on Tuesday  afternoons at 1.15 pm and Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm.

  • Starting from Tuesday April 28th  1.15pm   & Wednesday April 29th 7pm ( Please note the earlier evening start time)We will initially play 18 boards in two or three board rounds; everyone will start each round at the same time, just as we do in face to face. The scoring is also the same as our usual club pairs i.e.match points. Every one plays the same board at the same time in each round, so the result you see is the result you made on the board when everyone has played it .

  • Table money will be $3.00  BB$ per person per event 

  •  The results will be posted on the Broxbourne  website ( results)20 mins after the event , may be next morning in an evening event, but results are on the BBO site immediately after we have finished playing they will  be sent to the EBU for  P2P , MP's & NGS rating

  • Mp's are awarded to the top pairs 

  • FIRST thing to do is get a partner for the event ( contact & a partner will be found of similar skill level 

  • BUY SOME BB$ dollars..this can be bought using the BBO$ tab at the top of the screen , purchase an amount ( I suggest £10 worth to get started) ask for it to 'roll over' if you  like then it is like an Oyster card , a pre-paid card that 'tops up' once it runs out .

  • Then you are set for the first game

  • The process to enter on the day  is as follows:

  • The event will appear 2 hours before the start time, so 11.15 for Tuesdays and 17.00 for Wednesday evenings

  •  Register for the tournament,, Go to VIRTUAL Clubs,  Then acroll down  to 'EBU Clubs'  

  • Scroll down to' Broxbourne Pairs ' ( or type Brox in the search box at the top) Click on Brobourne  then you get the box come up asking you to invite your partner , fill your partners Username in there , & invite them to play with you . a small yellow box in the bottom right hand corner of the screen will show you if your partner has accepted , or you may get the message, 'Your invitation has timed out'  if so check your partner is online , then if they are ,just repeat the invite again , keep watching until you get that yellow message bottom right of your  screen to make sure they have accepted & you are registered 

  • BOTH players need to be online  at the same time  to  register, once you have registered  if you are not going to sit in front of the computer then  log off from BBO, ( as BBO logs you off if you are inactive for about 20-30 mins)  after that  both players need to  log in again  10-15 mins  before the start of the tournament, and BBO will then seat them automatically

  • As a precaution about 10 mins before the game starts , click on the Broxbourne Club link & it should tell you that you are registered for the event, now you know that your registration went through OK 

  • You will need to know the Username of your partner to register them as your partner . I have posted a list of everyone's names & Usernames on this  Broxbourne website ( please check if your details are correct)

  • A good idea is to make your partners a 'friend'  so you know when they come online . How you do this is 
  • Click on the 'People' tab on the right of your screen, click on 'search at the top of the screen,  put your partners Username in the search tab at the bottom of the screen, a list will come up , click on your partners name & when their profile comes up , use the tab that says 'relationship' to change it to 'follow' this means that you will see everytime they are online 

  To follow the scoring , click on the 'HISTORY' tab on the right  hand side of your screen, to see what happened when others in the club played it, click on 'Other Tables' at the top of the score card , when all the tables have played the board you will have a final score & % for the board 

If we have a half Table, Gary our TD will use a pair of ROBOTS , these play a 2/1 system & every bid they make will be explained to you as they bid . They play very fast as their bidding is automatic , do not be put off by this take your time . You do not have to self alert any of your bids when playing against 2 robots . They may win but they do not count for mp's etc 

 Contact me with any problems or if you a need partner , the MOST important thing is to have fun, we will be playing only against our local clubs players EVERYONE is new to this, so don't worry ask for help Gary our TD will help you , & I hope you all enjoy playing in our 'Virtual Club'



BBO Quick Start – a video that gives a tour of the BBO screen and how a lot of the features work.WELL worth looking at : The second video is a short one explaining SELF ALERTING


Last updated : 6th Jun 2020 12:19 BST
User names

Sheila Evans:              GoonerGirl                 107717

John Leake:                strand333                   409186

Sheila Macdonald        Tillybean                   83746

George Lock -             Hogbasher                  416318

Shangara Singh -        Shangara                    463949

Amanda Barnes -         AtwoB                       043281

John Hirons -               Snorih                        111069

Phil Taylor -                philip0504                   445415

Mike Whittles -            grumps57                   114028

Ed Devine -                 EXD                             438148

Sue Devine -               SueBrox                      438147

Ray Cole                     rayjc1                          444961

Alan James                 dormagen                   461246

Dick Roscoe:               DickCM23                  76670

Dominic Stone             dastone                      452522

Beryl Eales                kenland                       412150 

Mike Klein                   Mikeklein                    489304

Beryl Brown                BeloBrown                465333

Colin  Brown              colboy                         485876

Andy Holland               ahamberley               484850

Pat Cooper                 PatsyCoop                  409387

Angie Heini                 Angiebrox                   106563

Denver Gorman             Denver 53                        492323

Luigi Wiechula               teofilw                            477447

Stan Frost                     Froststa1                         90094

Mike Carn                     Mike134                       483019

David Turner                DTRichmond                 305143

Mike Hunt                   vitchomick                 114405

Jan Godbold               MontyLab                    417283

Janice Ford                 janiceford                   491356

Marion Haldane          bullyblake                   445406

Kate Howland             KateH49                      35749

Patrick Holden           MelnolaB                     84858

Anne Dunn                  aedunn                        438150

Glenys Parry              Bengeo wom               306743

Jim Maxey                  Vitalades                     30634

David Valentine          DValentine                  505414

David Kenton             DaviKOB                     505413

Peter Byford               Peterofwar                 413469

Chris Horder               Chrisart39                  401109

Ruth Shinebaum        Ruthess1                    487890

Pat Flavell                  Billypat                       438351

Sara Barnett               sara114                      305919

Howard Connor          howardcon         445403

Dorothy Connor         dorothycon        115585

Marcia Scane              musiciana             492516

Joan Mills                    JoanBDX                     85288

Ronald Morley            rocketworm

Pat Quayle                  cromergirl                  116434

Paul Quayle                paulquayle                  116435

Nick Cotton           RWensum          489852

Carol Fisk             cpf48                     518587

Ian Kemp           samulti                  117577

John Davies           jdwgc               473963

Pam McAllister        pamherts           305927

Pat Sands               Patsands         478296

Hazel Miles            hazel888            56773

Bernadette Matthias     Bosscat       469107

Barry Foord               barryfoord          477583

Robert Scane           garnet7           492515


John Metcalfe        johnbrox1          474138

Gill Sugrue             GillLydia2          308244  

Shirley Bull             shirlBXB            401774

IIan Bainbridge       ianbainbri          490517

Keith Harrington    Keith1745           425371

Hazel Fricker          Hazeee               416310

Kay Vowles            kaycalling           473942

Alan Deeley          N17UDE               35138

Eddie Cirket          CAAJ                  85421

Gill Cunningham     Gillchodd     401562

Sally Burnay          SallyBu            82435

Last updated : 6th Jun 2020 12:05 BST
Critically Vulnerable Members

It has come to my attention that several of our Critically Vulnerable Members have not been receiving emails from the Supermarkets giving them priority online shopping slots 

If you are over 70 & have an underlying health issue , Please go to   & sign up to be registered

or phone 0800 0288327  PLEASE have your NHS number to hand as you will need it.

You should hear from the Dept of health & more importantly from the supermarkers in about a week 

Any problems just contact me

Last updated : 7th Apr 2020 12:37 BST
Contacting Club Members

Some members are not receiving emails from the club, this may be because you have ticked the box saying you do not want to receive emails. If you do  now want to receive emails you will have to go the the members only section of this website & alter it back to opt in . This is a function that only you can do.

Sheila Evans has started a Whatsapp group called Broxbourne for members who want to arrange online bridge games.

If you want to be added to the group then contact her at 

Last updated : 2nd Apr 2020 10:56 BST

In light of the recent developments The Committee has decided to CANCEL ALL BRIDGE SESSIONS  as from Today 16th March 2020, until further notice  ( please keep checking this website for updates )

We will try to reach every member by email, but it would help greatly if you could double check with your partner & anyone else you know that may not be on our email list to let them know of this news 

The Committee are really sad to have to have to make this decision , but the safety of all our members is our top priority 

Please all stay safe 

Last updated : 16th Mar 2020 10:36 GMT

The HBA  & the EBU have cancelled all upcoming competitions , Members who have pre-entered for any of these competitions will be contacted individually

Your committee is now in discussions about what action we should take to help keep our members safe , & further updates will be put up on this website if there are any further developments , but I personally would advise that any player over 70 years old who has a chronic  underlying respiratory or Heart condition considers whether it is wise for them to come to the club at this time 

Stay safe everyone


Last updated : 15th Mar 2020 20:05 GMT

CONGRATULATIONS again to  go to our very own 


Who came a very creditable THIRD place in a tough field  of 32 pairs  in the HBA Marjorie Lukyn Final that was held 6th March 2020 

Well done to both of you 

Last updated : 13th Mar 2020 13:31 GMT



After 16 years I have decided to call it a day.

My last one will be in Majorca saying at


Pierre + Vacances Hotel Vistamar Porto Colom

Half Board


2nd to 9th JUNE 2020


Air Fare and Transfers Included



Cost per person sharing a Twin Bedded Room £768

Cost per person in a single bedded room £943



Depart Jet 2 Stanstead 09.55 arrive Majorca 13.30

Depart Jet 2 Majorca 14.30 arrive Stanstead 16.05



A deposit of £275 per person is required to secure a place.


Booking forms available.

Last updated : 29th Aug 2019 15:4
Last updated : 2nd Mar 2020 16:42 GMT
EBU Harrogate Spring Congress

Huge Congratulations to our very own IAN KEMP for coming 4th  and winning a prize in a very competitive Swiss teams Comp at Harrogate last weekend 

This is one of the major EBU competitons of the year & there were 49 teams entered 

Also Congratulations goes to DENVER GORMAN who in his first Harrogate Congree came a very creditable 16th playing in the Pairs Comp  with a partner he had never played with before . There were 96 pairs in this very competitive field , so well done DENVER


Last updated : 25th Feb 2020 10:28 GMT

After an amazingly close match, this year's Humble Cup Final was tied after 42 boards! In a 4 board play-off, the Davies team just pipped the  Rawlins  team to take the trophy.

Hearty congratulations to our own IAN KEMP who was playing with Jackie Davis in the winning team  . The Humble cup is the Premier HBA  Teams competiton of the Year , and Ian has done very well to win it.

WELL DONE & Big Congratulations  to Ian  

Last updated : 25th Feb 2020 08:49 GMT

It has been decided by The Committee, to add one extra qualifying date to this competition making it FIVE dates to play but still with only THREE dates needed to qualify.

So to win this Cup you have to play at least 3 of the 5 dates with the same partner to qualify. This will enable pairs to miss 2  dates & still be able to count which we feel is fairer as it should allow more people to qualify .  The extra date  added is February 20th . If you play more than the 3 dates with one partner then the 3 best results will count.

The Calendar has now been updated  and  there are 2 other changes .The Teams Trophy is now on May 7th and  The Founder members Cup has been moved to August 20th 

The date of the CIN Sims has not yet been arranged 

Last updated : 13th Jan 2020 19:07 GMT

The Marjory Lukyn Charity Cup Qualifier was held last night & the top 50% of the field all quailify to go on to the Final , which will be held this year On FRIDAY 6th MARCH at  Bennetts End, Hemel Hempstead.

Entry forms for this event are on the HBA website.  All players down to & including 8th place can apply.  This is one HBA competition that you can enter as many times as you like with different partners if you want to, so if you did not qualify last night you can look on the HBA website to see where more heats are being held

Last updated : 20th Sep 2019 10:00 BST
HBA Relaxed bridge Comp

Hertfordshire Bridge Assoc.

Invite You

To a Relaxed Duplicate Pairs Event

for newcomers and less experienced players
to duplicate bridge

 When      : Sun 1st September 2019, 2.30pm to 5.30pm
 Cost       : £6 per pair
 Where     :
Hatfield Heath Village Hall,

     Stortford Road, Hatfield Heath CM22 7EA

 Parking    : Free parking

 Enter      : via

menu, Competitions and Entry Forms or

turn up on the day.

  • All players are welcome but the event is specifically intended for those new to duplicate bridge, and the pace of play will be relaxed accordingly.
  • A stress free pairs competition of 18/20 boards for newcomers and less experienced club players.

Last updated : 23rd Aug 2019 19:14 BST
BROXBOURNE celebrate 50th Anniversary



Broxbourne Bridge Club, celebrated their 50th Anniversary with an all-day event in the wonderful setting of Brickendon Grange  Golf Club We started at 9.30am with welcome drinks + tea & coffee. There were 17 tables for the Bridge which started at 10am with a session of Duplicate Pairs. Then a wonderful Buffet 2 course meal which was enjoyed by all.  In the afternoon we had a Match Pointed Teams  session, which finished around 5pm just in time for our Tea and cakes.  Next we had the prizegiving, when our Sponsor Mr Simon Frost of GPFM Hertford came along to present the prizes.

The prize winners were

Pairs:  1st         Ian Kemp & Sara Barnett            2nd Mick Gray & Val Ballinger

Teams: 1st    Phil Taylor, Dominic Stone, Jenny & Steve King

Team: 2nd     Marie Webb, Chris Standon, Sheila McDonald , Angie Heini

Broxbourne Bridge Club has played for the last 50 years at the Broxbourne Sports Centre. We have at least 3 members who have played there for over 46 years. There are two sessions of Bridge, one on a Tuesday afternoon at 1.15pm and one on Thursday evening at 7.30pm and new members are always welcome.  Our Anniversary day was expertly planned by the special ‘Party Committee’ of Stan our Chairman, Dick Roscoe, Ann Dunne, Sue Devine & Marion Haldane, we would like to thank them all for the wonderful day they gave us.

We would also like to thank Simon Frost from GPFM Financial Planners  Hertford who has been our sponsor now for several years buying our cards & other stationary and the most generous gift this year of our new dealing machine which we are just starting to use. Several of our Bridge players use Simon for their Financial advice, and they are all extremely pleased with his services and the results that they get when they use him.

I give below links to GPFM and Broxbourne Bridge Club

Last updated : 29th Jul 2019 10:28 BST

CONGRATULATIONS:  to the  winning team:

Joan Mills,   Peter Byford,  Sally Burnay,    Bernadette Mathias

Very wll done to you all

Last updated : 30th May 2019 08:53 BST
General Data Protection Regulations

Under the General Data Protection Regulations which come into force towards the end of May the club is obliged to have a published Privacy Notice. This can be accessed by clicking on Privacy Notice under the Information tab on the left of this page.

Members will also be asked to sign new membership application forms to ensure compliance with GDPR.

Last updated : 23rd Apr 2018 12:33 BST
Member Area of the Website
The Member Area of the website has now been set up. It includes telephone numbers and email addresses of members and also has a facility to download results on to your home computer if you wish to do so.

To access the Member Area, members will first need to register. To get a registration code, please email John Leake

Once you have received a registration code then go to the member area and enter your email address, a password of your choice and the registration code which has been sent to you.

You will then be able to access the Member Area at any time by signing on with your email address and password.
Last updated : 20th Feb 2013 17:35 GMT
Our Sponsor

Broxbourne  Bridge Club is sponsored by gpfm Financial Planners

gpfm have made generous donations to the purchase of club equipment

A number of club members use the services of gpfm

For more information about gpfm click here

Last updated : 24th Mar 2020 17:40 GMT


Peter Byford & Shangara Singh

On their good win in  an exciting battle with Ed & Sue to  win the AGM Cup 

Last updated : 28th Jun 2019 10:48 BST
Founder Members Cup


Sara Barnett & Ian Kemp,

who won the Founders Members Cup on the first night we used our new Tablets & dealing machine 


Last updated : 16th Aug 2019 22:26 BST

Congratulations to Ed & Sue on winning the handicap pairs.

The full result can be found on the News and Interest page


Last updated : 15th May 2019 10:06 BST
Club Championships


George Lock & Luigi Wiechula

 winners of the 2019 Club Championship


Last updated : 15th May 2019 09:28 BST


Phil Taylor & Mike Whittles who won the Founder Members Cup ,  making a final round late challenge to Stan Frost & Andy Holland who came a creditable Second



Last updated : 3rd Aug 2018 11:00 BST
12th August 2020
CLUB CUP Qualifier
18th August 2020
CLUB CUP Qualifier
19th August 2020
CLUB CUP Qualifier
25th August 2020
BBO Pairs