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Committee meetings

Minutes of committee meetings are posted on the website and can be viewed here by members. The most recent minutes are from the meeting held on 08 January 2024


Click here to go to the Kent Contract Bridge Association website with information about bridge teaching, local events, competitions and clubs

2012 Competition Results
Herring Cup

The winners of the Herring Cup held on Monday 9 July 2012 were:

1st: Barbara Jackson and Bob Middleditch

2nd: Beryl and Fred Tedore

3rd: Jenny Kerr and Chris Wall

Creighton Cup

The winners of the Creighton Cup held on Monday 8 October 2012 were:

1st:  Brian Grimwood and Janne Green

2nd:  Beryl and Fred Tedore

3rd:  John Wright and Ron Hamblyn

Roger Horton Knockout Trophy 2012
The winners of the Roger Horton Knockout Trophy for 2012 are Rajinder Sehmi and Ivan Collins.

The runners up were Jenny Watson and David Futcher-Smith
Ladder 2012 Winners

1st Dave Harper and Norman Roach

2nd Dave Parkinson and Sheila Sells

3rd = Tricia and Vernon Hughes

       = Hilary and David Powell

Chris and Frank Davis Memorial Trophy Competition
The winners of the Chris and Frank Davis Memorial Competition held on 16 April 2012 were:

1st Colin Shaw and Rodney Meredith
2nd Dave Harper and Miranda Rogerson
3rd Liora Eveleigh and Ewa Hardwick