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The next Relaxed/Student bridge sessions, will take place on Tuesday the 27th February 2024  There won't be any Student/Relaxed bridge on Tuesday 13th February, as this night has been given over to run a Larsky Cup heat, so unless you have qualified and had an email inviting you to play then unfortunately you will have to wait until the 27th February, sorry for the in-convenience.

Please come along and play in the Portland Centre on Tuesday evenings.  You do not need to come with a partner as we will have a host available.  We do need more people to make this evening viable.  Please do come along if you can, it is a nice relaxed evening, aimed at Student level to bring them into the club. We only run these on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday evening of the week. (See February exception above)

Glynis and John Prentis success in the SIMS
Glynis and John Prentis success in the SIMS

Congratulations to Glynis and John Prentis for coming fourth nationally in the latest SIMs.

This was played at the Thanet Club and the Prentis's were in a field of almost eight hundred pairs.

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