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Relaxed Evenings 12th and 26th September

Please come along and play in the Portland Centre on Tuesday evenings.  You do not need to come with a partner as we will have a host available.  We do need more people to make this evening viable.  Please do come along if you can, it is a nice relaxed evening, aimed at Student level to bring them into the club. We only run these on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday evening of the week.

Broadstairs Bridge Club WhatsApp group

Dear All,

Surf the tech wave as a member of Broadstairs Bridge Club WhatsApp group! Be part of our cutting edge communications initiative that will let you -

See if you can attract a partner;

Cadge a lift to a session;

This facility is to run along side our partnering service run by Rosemary English  So, If you are already a WhatsApp user, please contact Linda Cawsey on WhatsApp 07733 231299 and ask her to add you to the group. We currently have 20 people in the group and it would be good to expand this to all active players.

If you are not a WhatsApp user, but have a smartphone and would like to join the group, contact Andrew on 07834 082149 and he will attempt to talk you through the process or arrange to meet up with you and do it.

Now, I know many names of Club members and I recognise many faces (especially in the room), but I can't necessarily connect the two things in the real world.  Can I ask any WhatsApp users to add a photograph to their profile to help me out? Get in touch if you need some help with this. 



Special Birthdays

If you know of a member with a 'special' birthday coming up soon please let Mary Carter know at or 07801 360851

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General Information



1.       NAME
The club shall be called The Broadstairs Bridge Club.

The club shall be affiliated to the English Bridge Union.

3.       OBJECTS
The object of the Club will be to provide members with facilities for playing Contract Bridge in accordance with the rules and principles laid down by the English Bridge Union; to employ the funds as the Committee may deem in the best interests of the Club,.

The Annual General Meeting shall be held before the end of March in each year to receive reports and to elect Officers and the Committee.

The Officers of the Club shall be Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.  The Committee shall comprise the Officers plus at least two other members.  All shall serve for one year and be eligible for re-election.

The business of the Club shall be conducted by the Committee which shall meet at least quarterly. The Committee may co-opt additional members for specific purposes.

Any proposed alteration to the constitution must be made at the Annual General Meeting and a notice of the proposed alteration must be sent to the Secretary at least 21 days before the meeting and included in the notice convening the meeting.


Formal notice of meetings shall be published on the Club Notice Board and the Club Web Site – at least 14 days in advance. A Special General Meeting may be convened at any time by any five members.

Membership is open to players who have reasonable experience and who intend to play regularly. There is an annual subscription of £15.00 payable on the 1st January. Applications for membership should be made to the Secretary who will publish the application on the notice board and obtain the agreement of the Committee.  Visitors are welcome but we would recommend that they come as a pair.  There is a host scheme in place.

The Club is “Pay as you Play”. Table money entitles members to individual membership of the English Bridge Union. The amount of table money is decided by the Committee and is fixed at a level to cover all running costs of the Club.


Members are expected to abide by the guidelines on etiquette published by the English Bridge Union on their Web Site – .  In case of a serious breach of etiquette the Committee may require a member to leave the club. There is a right of appeal to the English Bridge Union.




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