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We are now able to take payment by card. Table money for members £3.50 to cover all sessions that day, £5.00 for visitors

We are not affiliated to the EBU but try to abide by their rules and conventions. 



  General Rules

Currently being drafted


Constitution of Briter Bridge Club 2

as at 15 August 2012

1.    Name:

The Club shall be called Briter Bridge Club 2.

2.    Object:

The object of the club shall be to provide the opportunity for its members to play duplicate bridge in a friendly, cordial environment.

3.    Affiliations:

The club will not be affiliated to any other organisation.

4.    Ownership:

The Club will be owned by its Members (See below)

5.    Location:

The Club will continue to use the facilities provided by Langley Sports Club. The Committee (See below) may at any time seek alternative accommodation, taking into account the views of the members.  The Committee’s decision though will be final.

6.    Founder Members:

Any existing player in the former Briter Bridge Club shall be eligible to become a Founder Member of the Briter Bridge Club 2.

Existing players wishing to become Founder Members must register their wish with the Chairman by 24th July 2012.

The cost to each Founder  member  will be determined by dividing the purchase cost of setting up the new club by the number of potential Founder Members.

7.    Committee:

The affairs of the club shall be managed by a Committee which shall be elected annually at  the Annual General Meeting of the Club which will normally be held in the Autumn.

The Committee shall consist of five members.
The committee shall elect amongst its members a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and any other such Officers it deems appropriate.

Nominations for the committee will be made prior to the Annual General Meeting; Proposers and seconders, must seek the permission of the nominated member in advance.

The Committee may co-opt other members during the course of the year as deemed necessary.

The quorum for a Committee meeting shall be three elected members, two of whom shall be Officers.

8.    Finance:

The financial object of the Club shall be to operate on a non profit making basis. 

It shall be the duty of the Committee to control all the monies of the club and set Membership and table money rates. The object being that the combined afternoon and evening sessions should be self supporting over a three month period.

Any surplus monies to be used to replace and/or update club equipment and any other expenditure agreed by the committee.

The treasurer shall regularly present statements of accounts to the committee and present the annual accounts to the Annual General Meeting.

All payments from any bank account held by the club shall be authorised by two out of the three Committee members nominated as signatories.

The annual financial statement shall be audited by an independent examiner.

The Treasurer may pay out, or be reimbursed from, the funds of the Club for any necessary expenditure made on behalf of the Club.

The financial year of the Club shall end on the last day of July each year.

9.    Membership:

There shall be:
Founder Members
Casual players

Founder Members will not pay the  annual membership for the first two years and pay rate A table money.

Members will pay an annual membership fee and pay rate A table money. They will be given playing priority over Casual players in the event of insufficient playing facilities.

Casual players will pay rate B table money.

Membership rates and table fees will be determined by the Committee. Rate A will always be less than Rate B.
Any changes to these will be recommended by the Committee to the Annual General meeting.  However in the first year of existence the Committee reserves the right to make such changes without waiting for the Annual General meeting, reflecting the need to establish quickly the financial viability of the new club.
Casual players may apply to the Secretary to become members after playing at the club 3 times. Regular players will be encouraged to become members.

The Secretary may decline an application in the event of insufficient playing facilities or any other reason agreed with the Committee.

Annual membership fees become due on the 1st August each year. A member whose subscription has not been paid within two months of the due date shall been deemed to have lapsed.

The Committee may consider nominations for Honorary Life Membership. Such membership would be free of all charges

10.                       Annual General Meeting:

An Annual General Meeting of the club shall be held each year within two months of the anniversary of its inauguration.

For a meeting to take place a quorum of 20% of the membership must be present.  If this level is not reached then no business shall take place and the meeting rescheduled.

The officers of the Committee will prepare reports to be given to the meeting

Any member may submit items for discussion, such items must be forwarded to the secretary before the meeting at least one week prior to the meeting.

Any matter requiring a vote will normally only require a simple majority.  The exception to this is where amendments to the Constitution are proposed when a two thirds majority would be required.

11.                       Conduct:

Members are expected to conduct themselves in a friendly manner. Inappropriate behaviour may be brought to the attention of the committee.  This will be discussed with the parties concerned and appropriate action taken if necessary.

12.                       Winding up:

A proposal to wind up the club may be considered at the Annual General Meeting or a meeting of all members called specially for the purpose.
For such a winding up to take effect at least two thirds of the votes cast on the resolution must be in favour of such action.  In addition the number of votes cast must be at least half of the number of members of the club. However in the event of the club becoming financially non-viable and the Members unable to agree a remedial solution, the Committee reserves the right to implement winding up arrangements.

The Committee shall be responsible for the monetary realisation of any assets the club may posses at the time of winding up. After any debts have been paid any balance should be donated to St. Christopher’s Hospice or another Cancer charity as decided by the Committee.