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Face to face play resumed 20th July. Please let us know if you plan to come along.

There is guidance on registering with BBO and on playing at virtual clubs. 

See the lessons page for local teachers.


You can see a copy of the current Constitution without logging in to the Members' pages by clicking here.

Applying for membership




Benefits of membership

The membership fee is £4 per annum. The year starts in August and there is a sliding scale for those joining part way through the membership year, eg six months costs £2.

Both Members and those on the waiting list pay £2 table money.

Members also have access to the members' pages of the website and priority should more players turn up than be comfortaby accommodated.

The member only pages of the website have several aids to finding a partner or contacting other members and documents containing minutes of meetings, advice on movements etc.

Email is the main method of communicating and members' email addresses will appear in the list of members unless they opt out on the data form.




Members are expected to play at a standard and speed which does not hinder or spoil the enjoyment of others and to adhere to the EBU code of conduct.

Once you have played at the Club three times or more applications for membership will be considered by the Committee. Normally a response will be given within two weeks. If the Committee feels that you have not yet reached the appropriate standards we will provide suggestions for acquiring more experience and invite you to reapply at a future date. Please click here for a full guide to our membership policy.

There may on occasion be insufficient space for all those hoping to play. The Committee will monitor table numbers and introduce a membership waiting list if they agree that this would be helpful. Whilst an application is being considered they will be welcome to continue to play as visitors, although existing members will get priority should too many people turn up.

If an applicant is considered to be eligible but placed on a waiting list they need only pay £2 table money.

To obtain further information please email our membership secretary by clicking here. If you would like to apply please use the form below.




Once you have become a member you can access details of other members, seek partners and access documents. If you would like further information about how to register and log on please click here.