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Brierfield Bridge Club
2 Clitheroe Rd
Telephone 01282 694175
webmaster Linda Banks
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For your bridge shopping
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All members are listed on the secure members pages.  Please keep your details up-to-date.





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Important reminder

Please don't forget to remind the person due to host on the same day the following week. 

There are copies of the lists on the website under the 'Members Only' section and you'll find the most up-to-date lists are on the notice board at the Club.

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Information for members
Hosting and the NGS

Hosting and the National Grading System (NGS)

Some members have asked to be exempt from grading when they are acting as host.
The EBU does allow this exemption once a year BUT you must register your request before the
session and tell the director and scorer that you have done so.
To register your request you need to go to the Members’ area of the EBU website and sign in with
your EBU number and password (you can get a new password if you have forgotten your old one).
Go to the Utilities section.
Please note:
1. You may not simply be anonymous.
2. You should not expect the scorer to register for you as there may not be time before the
3. Without this exemption, the grade you receive will take into account the grade of the person
you play with.
4. If you play with a beginner you will not be graded anyway until they have played 150 boards
(7 or 8 sessions).

Are You Missing Out

You can find a partner, update your address, phone number or e-mail address, read the minutes of our committee meetings on the Members' Pages.  

You can also see your NGS grade.

All you need to do to access this information is a membership password which you create yourself.

Instructions on how to do this simple procedure can be found on the club notice board in the small downstairs bridge room.   

Have we got your e-mail address?  If so it will appear on the members' page, if not please send an e-mail to

Change to seating arrangements.

The club operates an open seating policy - players may sit North-South or East-West as they choose.  If they need to sit in a direction not available, they should ask the director for help.  Except for our newest Beginners all members should be willing to use Bridgemates - it's not difficult and there is nearly always someone else at the table to help!