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About Ned Paul Bridge

Ned Paul Bridge Club has embraced online bridge during Lokdown.  We organise bridge tournaments, practice sessions and tuition.  All are welcome at any playing session; single players are paired up and everyone is guaranteed a game. Enquiries are welcome: email or phone or text 07792 715517.  We will of course restart Face-to-Face when it is possible.

John Balson Remembered

The late John Balson died at the Princess Alice Hospice Esher in 2019. In March 2021 we ran a memorial bridge day in his name that raised a massive £5,000+ for the Hospice.

Here is a bridge story that typifies John. You deal and hold:

♠ A K Q 9 8 3
♥ A Q
♦ A 9 4 2
♣ K

You are behind in a match you need to win and the boards are running out.  You open 2♣ and partner responds 3♣, a positive response promising 8+hcp and two of the top three honours in clubs. What is your rebid and what was the late John Balson's rebid?  Fot the answer click on this link.

New for 2021 - Partner Finder Service

New for 2021 is the Bridgewebs 'Partner Finder' service, which you can use for any advertised online tournament. 

Click  the 'Find a Partner' link above.  To register for the service, you will need to enter your EBU number and your email address. You will be sent a link to your private 'member's area' on this website. When activated this will allow you to choose sessions where you need a partner. 

If you have difficulty registering (or do not have an EBU number yet) please send an email to Ned ( and we will send you your number and confirm your entry in our players' list.

Cafe Bridge

For up-to-date Cafe Bridge News and Fixtures check out Victor Lesk's Cafe Bridge Page

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Player Account Statements

To receive an Email of your balance and statement of activity, please enter your EBU number and click [Receive account statement],  payments into your account do not appear immediately so recent payments may not show for a week or so;


Paying in to your Ned Paul Bridge Account

You can fund your Ned Paul Bridge either by bank transfer or by card payment.

Please use bank transfer if you can

1. Bank transfer instructions - correct reference required

Beneficiary: Ned Paul Bridge
Bank: Lloyds
Sort Code: 30-98-79
Account Number: 02108125

Please make absolutely sure you use the letters “NP” followed by your EBU number (e.g. NP422308) as reference for the payment.

2. Card payment