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About Ned Paul Bridge

Ned Paul Bridge Club has embraced online bridge during Lokdown.  We organise bridge tournaments, practice sessions and tuition.  All are welcome at any playing session; single players are paired up and everyone is guaranteed a game. Enquiries are welcome: email or phone or text 07792 715517.  We will of course restart Face-to-Face when it is possible.

John Balson Remembered

The late John Balson died at the Princess Alice Hospice Esher in 2019. In March 2021 we ran a memorial bridge day in his name that raised a massive £4,700+ for the Hospice.

Here is a bridge story that typifies John. You deal and hold:

♠ A K Q 9 8 3
♥ A Q
♦ A 9 4 2
♣ K

You are behind in a match you need to win and the boards are running out.  You open 2♣ and partner responds 3♣, a positive response promising 8+hcp and two of the top three honours in clubs. What is your rebid and what was the late John Balson's rebid?  Fot the answer click on this link.

New for 2021 - Partner Finder Service

New for 2021 is the Bridgewebs 'Partner Finder' service, which you can use for any advertised online tournament. 

Click  the 'Find a Partner' link above.  To register for the service, you will need to enter your EBU number and your email address. You will be sent a link to your private 'member's area' on this website. When activated this will allow you to choose sessions where you need a partner. 

If you have difficulty registering (or do not have an EBU number yet) please send an email to Ned ( and we will send you your number and confirm your entry in our players' list.

Cafe Bridge

For up-to-date Cafe Bridge News and Fixtures check out Victor Lesk's Cafe Bridge Page

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Welcome to Bridge with Ned Paul
Learn Bridge in Lockdown!
Learn Bridge in Lockdown!

Online Beginner Course Starts May 11th 

Join us for an online beginner course in May. Eight sessions, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7.00pm, from Tuesday May 11th 2021. Absolute beginners and refreshers equally welcome. Register with or without a partner. For full details click here or simply email for registration form. You can also download the registration form here.   Pictured is Liz Gahan, English Bridge Union Young Player of the year, who will be your teacher.

Ned Paul Bridge Goes Online
Ned Paul Bridge Goes Online

Full Programme of Online Tournaments & Seminars

With face-to-face bridge suspended, Ned Paul Bridge has gone online. We are currrently running six online tournaments a week. The programme includes three daytime games a week and also three evening games a week.  The core of the regular players are from Ned Paul's various F2F clubs but we also extend a general welcome to players looking for friendly mainly Acol typically 18-board duplicates, that offer EBU master points. All players should have fully completed BBO profiles  and should be prepared to  announced or alert any conventional bids.  Single players are welcome - see below. A fee is payable for all players. 

In addition to the tournament programme, we are running a once-a-week instructional bridge seminar. This is in the format of an Open-to-All Zoom videoconference, which we discuss a bridge bidding or play topic each week. The conference includes the chance to play themed deals on BBO.


We use the bridge playing site (known as 'BBO') to run these games. There are now six games a week.  All games are 18 boards, matchpointed pairs (Friday evening may be 20 or 21 boards).  All the games are registered with English Bridge Union (EBU) and give the opportunity to win EBU Master Points. Games will appear on your EBU record as from 'Ned Paul Bridge Club' . Membership of the EBU is free if you play in the tournaments; if you are not yet a member we can register you.


Monday daytime - 12.30pm  Monday evening  - 7.30pm
* Wednesday daytime - 12.30pm  Wednesday evening  - 7.30pm
* Friday daytime - 12.30pm  * Friday evening  - 7.30pm

the time and cos


To Play

To play, first make sure that you are registered on BBO (free of charge) - then mail me ( with your BBO user name, your real name, your EBU number if you have one, and your contact email.  On receipt of your details, I will add you to the list of 'permitted players' entitled to join my games.

Finding the tournaments on BBO: Log on and at the welcome screen click 'Competitive', then, 'Tournaments', then 'All Tournaments'.  Scroll down the time-ordered list until you find the 'Ned Paul Online Tournament'.  Click 'Register' to play. If you know who your partner is 'Invite' them and your partner, who should be online too, can 'Accept'.  If you have no pre-arranged partner, click 'Show Partnership Desk' and either 'Invite' a player already waiting or add your name to the partnership desk list.

Please be online at the scheduled start time for the game. 

If you are unfamiliar with BBO, please watch this Youtube video which will guide you through the access process and answer many questions:

Single Players

As far as possible we welcome single players to the tournaments.  As a first step please log on and register and go to the BBO 'Partnership Desk'.  Another single player may invite you to play (or vice versa).  You may also choose to play with a BBO Robot, though if you choose this option voluntarily we will need to charge you the robot's table money too! (This does not apply if we offer you a robot partner after the game has started.)

If no partner is available we will probably spot you waiting there and if so you will be invited by a host.If you cannot get a partner stay in the partnership desk and you will be invited by a host shortly before game time.

New for January 2021:  we have started a 'Find A Partner' service on BBO so you can advertise in advance for a partner for a particular session or sessions.  See the separate text box on the left. 

How To Pay

Games cost £4 per person per game. You may buy games singly at £4.00 plus 30p handling fee; four at a time £16 (no handling fee) or £35 for ten games. This game credit charge reflects the time and cost needed to organise and run tournaments. (Costs include BBO fees, the EBU  'Universal Membership' charge and Tournament Director costs)  

To pay, please use the Ned Paul online payment portal  This payment portal has been set up for me by colleague Victor Lesk of BriAn scoring app fame: 'npo' stands for Ned Paul Online.  BACS, Credit/Debit Card and Cheques are all accepted. Please use this payment portal for all payments even if you know my bank details and have previously paid direct.  This will help me keep track of you.


Video Conferencing Seminars

The weekly Zoom/BBO intermediate coaching sessions with Ned Paul & Victor Lesk will continue for 2021. These are on Thursday evenings at 7.15pm.  

A short social social catch-up on Zoom is followed by discussion of a bridge topic of the week with Victor and Ned and then we play hands on BBO.  At present we tend to alternate between a set topic - such as a feature of the basic system, a bidding convention, or a declarer play or defensive topic, all with pre-set deals - and letting BBO deal the hands where they fall.  We find this latter makes a useful supervised play session with lots of topics arising as they would at the table.  Ned will be quick to challenge less than ideal plays but back will this up with explanations of how you should be thnking and what your choices were.  Those who attend say they find these sessions really helpful in the ongoing quest for improvement.  We finish soon after 9.00pm.

The sessions are open to all and easy to join - just click this link at the right time: (password 123456) and follow the prompts to download the Zoom app. You will be able to see and hear others, and be seen and heard if you wish. The present schedule is flexible so if you would some like practice on a particular topic, ask Victor or Ned and we will do our best.

Payment: Please book your seminars at the payment portal above BACS, Credit/Debit Card and Cheques accepted. Sessions cost £8pp. Any payment queries for the seminars should be directed to Victor Lesk (

If you haven't got round to paying please just join and catch up payment later.  We would rather see you than not.

Princess Alice Hospice Fundraiser - March 12th
Princess Alice Hospice Fundraiser - March 12th

Princess Alice Hospice Day Raised £5,010 – Amazing Outcome!

Our Princess Alice Hospice Day on Friday March 12th was a huge and stunning success!  With your help we smashed to smithereens even our most optimistic targets, raising a total including Gift Aid of £5,010.  Wow, just wow! Contributions came in via entry fees, entries to the prize draw, and donations via John Hughes's Richmond Friends of PAH Just Giving page. Many of you added Gift Aid, swelling the total.

The day was held in memory of John Balson, my long term bridge partner, who died at the Hospice two years ago.  I was delighted how many of you remembered him from playing in local clubs and tournaments.

After the tournaments, John Hughes's wife Marta of the Richmond Friends did the blind draw for the draw prizes and these were the winners: 

  • Vintage Port: Maxine Julius
  • Wine Hamper: Barbara Beaumont
  • Cashmere jumper: Billie Stephens
  • Fiorelli Wallet: Barbara Spratley
  • One Hundred Teddington High Street voucher: Derek Thrumble
  • Old Plough at Cobham voucher: Carol Regulski

Winners have been contacted and asked to make arrangements for collection/delivery of their prize. 

The Just Giving page will remain open for a while  – click here.  

For the background to John Balson and the Hospice read the item elsewhere on this page or click on this link.

Friendly Bridge - Informal Surroundings
Friendly Bridge - Informal Surroundings

Welcome to Bridge with Ned Paul. On these pages you will find information and results from events run by Ned Paul, not recorded on any specific club website. The following clubs all have their own websites (click links for more):

Here are some current sessions for which you will find details and results on this site:

  • Novice duplicate Monday afternoons now ae the Willoughby Arms pub, 47 Willoughby Road, Kingston KT2 6LN, start at 1.15pm.  These duplicates, originally held at Ham House, are now being taken under the wing of Kingston Bridge Club and results are also posted on that site.  Suitable for new players.
  • Intermediate duplicates on Wednesday afternoon at the same venue (Kingston United Reformed Church, Eden Street, KT1 1 HZ), start at 1.30pm.
  • Marylebone Bridge Club - gentle duplicate every Wednesday evening. We now meet in the Notttng Hill area at The Walmer Castle pub, 58 Ledbury Road, Holland Park, W11 2AJ.  Results now posted here.
  • Café Bridge - results will be posted on this site when events that I am involved in take place.
  • Other special events, e.g. Christmas Party Bridge
Cue Bidding Workshop Day - November 17th

24 players attended a recent 2-session Seminar & Practice Day on "Cue Bidding for Slam", led by Ned Paul.  This took place on  November 17th at Young Chelsea Bridge Club, Shepherds Bush..

The day started with a a presentation and discussion of  Cue Bidding, followed by a series of practice deals. The afternoon session ran as an 18-baord themed duplicate tournament, giving participants a chance to practice cue-bidding in a realistic but concentrated way. Simialr days on other topics may be held in 2019.

About Ned Paul Bridge

Ned Paul organises bridge tournaments, practice sessions and tuition at a variety of venues across London.  All are welcome at any session; single players are paired up and everyone is guaranteed a game. Enquiries are welcome: email or phone or text 07792 715517.

This page is always under construction. Please check back again soon.

Ned Paul Monday Online 12.30pm
Director: Ivan
Ned Paul Monday Online 7.30pm
Director: Ivan
Ned Paul Friday Online 12.30pm
Director: Ivan
Ned Paul Friday Online 7.30pm
Director: Ivan
Ned Paul Wednesday Online 12.30pm
Director: Ivan
Ned Paul Wednesday Online 7.30pm
Director: Ivan
Ned Paul Monday Online 12.30pm
Director: Ivan
Ned Paul Monday Online 7.30pm
Director: Ivan
16th June 2021
Ned Paul Wednesday Online 12.30pm 12.30pm
Director: Ivan
16th June 2021
Ned Paul Wednesday Online 7.30pm 7.30pm
Director: Ivan
18th June 2021
Ned Paul Friday Online 12.30pm 12.30pm
Director: Ivan
18th June 2021
Ned Paul Friday Online 7.30pm 7.30pm
Director: Ivan
21st June 2021
Ned Paul Monday Online 12.30pm 12.30pm
Director: Ivan
21st June 2021
Ned Paul Monday Online 7.30pm 7.30pm
Director: Ivan
New Website for London Tournament Events Launched

A new website for tournament events in London has been launched.  The address is  The site will list in one place 'official' county events from both London (London Metropolitan Bridge Association) and Middlesex (Middlesex County Bridge Association), and also any EBU National Events held in London.  Also included are 1-off or annual open events held by the various London clubs.  Clubs known to hold annual open events of interest include The Roehampton Club, The Hurlingham Club, the Civil Engineers Club, West London Gay Bridge Club, Pinner BC, etc and in the past New Chiswick BC, London Duplicate BC, TGRs BC, etc.  

Cafe Bridge Drives are popular in London and such events within the M25 are listed too.  Specifically excluded are events put on by clubs that are aimed exclusively or primarily at their members. And for regular weekly duplicates, check the appropriate club's own website.

Saturday Evening Informal Bridge

There is Saturday evening informal bridge available on alternate Saturdays at the Bathurst Deli, 3 Bathurst Street, London W2 2SD near Paddington. Victor Lesk is the host and you can see details at

Currently in Lockdown.

Sunday Evening Social Bridge at TGR's Club

Now meeting in person again! 

Friendly bridge available every Sunday evening at the TGRs Bridge Club, 19c Craven Road, London W2 3BP opposite Paddington station. Robin Lal-sarin is the host and you can see details at