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As already stated, this club was set up to enable beginners to understand how a duplicate bridge club functions and operates.  It attempts to prepare you to move on to any bridge club without being totally daunted at the prospect.  In the main I am happy for Members at this club to practise any systems or conventions that the partnership have expressed an interest.  Learning is encouraged.  However, the vast majority of people at this club will play basic acol or Standard English Acol (Modern Acol has not reached most bridge players...yet).


With this in mind I have set the following rules:


  • An opening 1 No Trump bid outside the range of 12-14 must be clearly announced
  • An opening 2 No Trump bid outside the range of 20-22 must be clearly announced



The following systems are not allowed:


  • Precision
  • Strong club
  • Multi 2's 
  • Cappelletti