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Play Bridge Online
Play Bridge Online

Virtual Venues - Players View

Bridge Club Live
This is a well established bridge playing service providing "rooms" with "tables". Players sit at the tables, are dealt hands, can bid and play, and see their results. Based in England, it's very well monitored and managed.

Players register with Bridge Club Live and pay a subscription. Social membership includes unlimited play in the Social Room and teaching areas. Full membership adds unlimited access to duplicate competitions.

As well as offering its own competitions, Bridge Club Live provides "rooms" for other clubs to play. Around 60 clubs hold regular competitions on Bridge Club Live. 

Bridge Base Online
Another bridge playing platform. Players register for free. There is a casual area for members to meet and play for free. The EBU and many EBU sponsored clubs run competitions in the competitive area. Players buy and use BBO$ to enter these competitions.
This is a new bridge playing service, launched only a few months ago. It features integrated audio and video and so can combined playing online with some social interaction.

Players need reasonably up to date technology and a medium sized (12inch) screen. Players do not register on RealBridge.

Clubs or other Bridge Providers hold accounts. The organisers then send links to invite players to their events. In that way it's a bit like zoom. The organiser decides whether or how to charge for their events.