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No need to alert/announce if you use this card.

A reminder...
A reminder...

If you register for a session, and do not get included when the session starts (ie you are booted), please always chat DarrenE and/or Cathey (the TDs), because if there is a half table we can add you back in. 

We cannot, however, add you back in if there is no half table.  Sorry!

The Future...
The Future...

A message from Darren - The path from Lockdown: more...


If you are affected by a connection issue, then you are expected to return.

If your partner is affected, you are expected to remain at the table until the TD confirms you may withdraw.  Thank you.  

Can you help...

as a substitute in our events? 
If so, please chat DarrenE and/or Cathey when logged in. Thank you!

Understanding the Robots

Robot's System Card

Robot's System Explained

In general, the GIB robots on BBO use the 2/1 system described in the above.
You can click on any of GIB's bids for an explanation.

Please BEWARE - When a human plays with a Robot the explanations given are
what the Robot provides and may not be what the human player intended.

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Saturday Sunday Teams
Saturday and Sunday Evening Teams

Saturday & Sunday evening Teams!

If you are interested in playing random teams matches on a Saturday and/or Sunday evening from about 7.30pm (14 boards), please email me each week (in preparation for the coming weekend) with both your and your partner's BBO names (and real names), along with the evening(s) you wish to play.  If you want to enter for all of them, just confirm.

I will then make up the matches, and provide instructions as to how to create the match (I cannot do this for you, someone has to do it for each match.  If you prefer to enter as a team (ie of two pairs), then one person please email me the details of the 4 players.

We will need an even number of teams, so entry will be on a first come first serve basis, ie if you are the last pair/team in, and I cannot make up to an even number of teams, then you will miss out, I'm afraid. 

Initially, this will be pretty low key with the matches playing different boards, etc.  However, if it proves to be popular, we will develop it further.

Remember, it is teams (IMP) scoring.  See here for an article on the difference between MPS (Match Points – usual pairs) scoring and IMPS (International Match Points) scoring:

But in brief:  Bid your games (doesn’t matter what in – ie the making one), and don’t go for 1100!