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No need to alert/announce if you use this card.

A reminder...
A reminder...

If you register for a session, and do not get included when the session starts (ie you are booted), please always chat DarrenE and LizGahan (the TDs), because if there is a half table we can add you back in. 

We cannot, however, add you back in if there is no half table.  Sorry!


If you are affected by a connection issue, then you are expected to return.

If your partner is affected, you are expected to remain at the table until the TD confirms you may withdraw.  Thank you.  

Can you help...

as a substitute in our events? 
If so, please chat DarrenE & LizGahan when logged in. Thank you!

Understanding the Robots

Robot's System Card

Robot's System Explained

In general, the GIB robots on BBO use the 2/1 system described in the above.

You can click on any of GIB's bids for an explanation.

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Do you need a Robot Partner?

We have enabled the BBO facility for players to choose to partner with a Robot from the start of the session.  We already partner players with a Robot on occasions where there is a half table (only time we can do this) and a single player is also available and we shall continue to do this if players are available and willing (thank you) to sub in. 

Robots on BBO use 5 card Majors, 15-17 NT and 2/1

The Robot’s system card is here.

Explanation of the Robot’s system is here.

If you find yourself without a partner, and have not been able to avail yourself of the partnership facilitator, Cathy, you can, for 25BBOCents (BBO’s own fee, so you will need some BBO$ on your account), register with a partner.  Simply click on ‘Play with Robot’ on the Register screen:

Do you need a Robot Partner?
*** Saturday & Sunday Evenings ***
*** Saturday & Sunday Evenings ***


Having reached out to Saturday and Sunday evening players about the future of these sessions it was agreed to open them up to other BBO players.  This will have positive, and potentially some negative, consequences so what I will do is open the sessions up at 7pm with a limit of 10 tables.  If all Circle players intending to play could be registered before then (you can register from 5.15pm) it will ensure you can get a game and limit the risk of any negative consequences occuring.  Please do chat me on the night if you have any issues connecting. DarrenE


Please bear in mind...

You cannot request an undo against Robots.  You also cannot request an undo if you are (now) dummy (ie if you pass accidentally and it makes you dummy).  Also, if you accidentally pass in 4th seat following P P P, you cannot undo this either. Should either of these situations occur, you need to call the TD immediately and tell the table you have done so.

It is not in the spirit of the Circle to allow absurd situations to arise out of a misclick - we can create those in many other ways 😊!  To that end, the TD will, subject to the below, look to restore some sense of normality by way of an artificial or adjusted score..

Please remember concerning Undo’s: An undo granted, which later looks as though it may have been a change of mind, may result in an adjusted score. This is particularly likely where the misclick may lead to an advantage that would otherwise not have been available to the player. 

The TD’s decision is any matter relating to an undo is final.

Thank you.