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!!!  G O O D    N E W S   !!!


We introduce new concepts of play

on alternate month



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Welcome to Brecon Bridge Club


Due to the CORONA VIRUS legislation

  All Brecon Bridge Club meetings & lessons

are suspended until further notice.


points to their website for further information

WBU Coronavirus guidance


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         However, in the meantime 

and to keep the club spirit alive, there is a new initiative:

please log into, become a member

and give it a try for £1 for 30 days.

Jo and Andy find it quite good

and we can all meet up again, v i r t u a l l y.

Wouldn't that be nice ?


Stay safe, stay healthy

Cadwch yn ddiogel  -   Cadwch yn iach

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31st March 2020
Club night
7th April 2020
EBU Sims
14th April 2020
Club night
21st April 2020
Club Night
28th April 2020
5th May 2020
Club night
12th May 2020
Club night
19th May 2020
Club night
26th May 2020
Club night
Claret Jug 1
Director: Ian Raynes
Scorer: Andy Fryer
Club Night
Director: Malcolm Cousins
Scorer: Andy Fryer
WBU Sims
Director: Malcolm Cousins
Scorer: Andy Fryer