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Your Directors

Don Brueggemann - - 203-415-6600

Sarah Corning - - 203-215-3963

Rick Seaburg - - 203-915-5987

Rick Townsend - - 860-249-6266

Bill Segraves - - 475-900-6797

Zero Tolerance
Zero Tolerance

"Zero Tolerance" - Players at the Branford Bridge Club are supposed to practice "Zero Tolerance" in their actions during play. I encourage everyone to "play nice". It is important that you value your partner (your partner is the only one in the room on your side) - save your analysis and lessons for the postmortem. Behavior which should not be tolerated in Branford is badgering, rudeness, intimidation, profanity, negative comments concerning opponents' or partner's play or bidding, constant and gratuitous lessons, and analysis at the table. Call the director if you encounter any of this behavior.