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Don Brueggemann - - 203-415-6600

Sarah Corning - - 203-215-3963

Rick Seaburg - - 203-915-5987

Rick Townsend - - 860-249-6266

Bill Segraves -

Welcome to Branford-Madison Bridge Club
Branford Bridge Club

Branford Bridge Club is open for "live" (Face-to-Face) play. The "Open" game is held on Monday at 12:00 NOON, and the "299'er" game is held on Friday at 12:30 PM at the Branford Community House, 46 Church Street, Branford.  Entry fee for games is $7.00 per person.





Madison Bridge Club


The Madison Bridge Club will open for "live" (Face-to-Face) play on October 18, 2022. The game will run every Tuesday except holidays and weather days. The game will be on the top floor of the Madison Memorial Town Hall. This will be an "Open" game, so all can come to play. For the remainder of 2022 every game will feature DOUBLE or TRIPLE masterpoints! Any questions contact Rick Seaburg at


How to Use the Tournament Partnership Desk on BBO

NOTE:  All games on BBO are called “tournaments”. 

  1. Click on the tournament in which you want to play, you will see 4 tabs – Registration; Details; Entries and Partnership Desk.
  2. Click on Partnership Desk
  3. Click on “I will pay only for Myself”, which will indicate that you need a partner.
  4. When you are on the Partnership Desk, the Director can “see” you and be able to communicate with you.
  5. DO NOT go offline once you are on the Partnership Desk – if you are offline, no one can communicate with you and you can miss the partnership.
  6. If a pair is needed to fill a half table after the tournament starts, the director can invite someone to play at no cost – but only if you are online. Your partner might be a robot, or another player brought in from the “lobby”.

Special Events
Special Events

Another "Royal STaC" week is coming for Face-to-Face clubs! Monday. October 10 and Friday, October 14 Branford Bridge Club will host this event.

Updated Championship Masterpoint awards for a "Royal STaC" are 25% Gold, 25% Red, 25% Silver and 25% Black.

Director's Message


There are many features available for club members on the club website at To access all the membership features a member needs to logon – the fist time you access the membership site you will be asked for a password – make up your password, then click on “Set/Reset Password” – DO NOT CLICK ON “REGISTER” that is for non-members of the club (everyone that receives my emails is a club member, your name, ACBL player number and email are on the club membership list).

Menu of Features on the website:

  • Home Page – Current News, Upcoming Games. Recent results.
  • Calendar Month – This page lists players looking for a partner with a link so that you can email them. It also has a link to results for tournaments or games played during the month.
  • Membership – (Need to login to access) “Tabs” for “Find a Partner”, ‘Messages”, “Member List” (send anyone an email from this tab), “Account” (your account where you can make changes in your profile), “Results”.
  • Find a Partner Page – this lists those looking for a partner and also lists players already registered for a game. There is a “link” that takes you to the Calendar page where you can click on “Need a Partner” for a specific game.
  • News Page – Former “Tips of the Week” archived here.
  • Information – Club information – Where & When, Local Clubs, Directors
  • Results Calendar – Full calendar of games played at the club both Face-to-Face and online.
  • Document Library.
  • Calendar – List of games for the current month, it will also shoe if there are any partner requests. To find out who needs a partner click on “Partner”.
  • Useful links.

There are several ways to find a partner on this website, and one way to register for a game.

1. The "Calendar Month" menu will show if there is any player looking for a partner in a specific event. To contact that player, click on the player’s name to send an email and set up a partnership. 

2.To list your name on the “Calendar” for a Partner or to Register for a game sign in to the “Membership” menu item.

a. To access this area, you must enter a password which you do the first time you access this site. If this is the first time that you are visiting the “Members Only” site, click “Set/Reset Password. Note – the “Register” button is for non-members that are interested in joining the club and need a special code.

b. On the site is a list of available tournaments on the schedule, and you will see 3 potential boxes (not all boxes are set for all games). The 3 boxes are PR for "Partner required"; NP for "Unavailable" (Not Playing) and PL for "Playing".  Place a check mark in a box to indicate that you need a partner or that you are registering to play in an event - in that case enter your partner's name, and this will be entered on the “Calendar”.

c. Then click the “Confirm” button – one is located at the top and bottom of the page.

d. Requests for a Partner or to place a Reservation for a game will show in the Calendar and can be removed using the same technique.

3. Another option is to click on the "Find a Partner" button in the menu. You will see a list of all the people looking for partners - sorted by game date. There is also a “link” to the Calendar where you will see who is looking for a partner and where you can enter a request for a partner for a particular game.

4. Choose your prospective partner and send an email by clicking on partner’s name.

5. Removing your “Find a Partner” or "Registration" listing. You are the only person who can remove your entry.

a. To remove the entry, log into the "Membership" area and follow the instructions above for "Posting a request".

b. Remove the checkbox you created. 

c. Click the Confirm button (at the top and bottom of the page). 

Comments? Questions? Contact

Tue October 4, 2022
Open Pairs (BBO)
Bran-Mad 1:00 PM
Director: Sarah Corning
Tue October 4, 2022
Open Pairs (BBO)
Bridge Forum 6:45 PM
Director: Rick Townsend
Wed October 5, 2022
Open Pairs (BBO)
Bridge Forum 1:00 PM
Director: Rick Townsend
Thu October 6, 2022
Open Pairs (BBO)
Bran-Mad 1:00 PM
Director: Sarah Corning
Fri October 7, 2022
Open Pairs (BBO
Bridge Forum 10:00 AM
Director: Rick Townsend
Fri October 7, 2022
299'er Pairs
Branford Bridge Club 12:30 PM
Director: Don Brueggemann & Rick Seaburg
#70214 Bran-Mad Open Pairs 1 PM
Monday Afternoon Open
Director: Don Brueggemann
Friday Afternoon 299-ER
Director: Don Brueggemann/
#47740 Bran-Mad Open Pairs 1 PM
#42957 Bran-Mad Open Pairs 1 PM
#38195 Bran-Mad Open Pairs 1 PM