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Don Brueggemann - Branford and Shoreline Bridge Clubs - - 203-415-6600

Rick Seaburg - Branford and Old Saybrook Bridge Clubs - - 203-915-5987

Margaret Macilvain - Branford and Shoreline Bridge Clubs - - 203-376-2752

Rick Townsend - The Bridge Forum - - 860-249-6266

Bill Segraves - The Bridge Forum - - 475-900-6797


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  • Convention Chart for Our Club - ACBL Basic Convention Chart
  • ACBL Alert Procedure
  • Psychic Bids
  • The "Smart Dummy"
  • How to Find a Partner

Psychic Bids
Psychic Bids

"Psyche" Bids - I was asked about a policy for Branford Bridge Club concerning "psyche" bids. The definition of a "psyche" bid is an intentionally misleading call which departs from accepted partnership agreements and is designed to confuse the opponents. The ACBL policy on psychic bidding is that if a player makes more than 2 psychic calls per session he will have the burden of proving that he is not using frivolous or unsportsmanlike bidding and can be barred from making any future "psyche" bid. Note that the partner of the "psyche" bidder must also be as "psyched" by the bid as the opponents, if the partner is not "psyched", then there will be a score adjustment. If there is an UNintentional misleading call, even if the opponents are confused by the bid, it is NOT a "psyche" bid and there will be no score adjustment. This policy was previously published by me in a handout to the club in 2017.