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Your Directors

Don Brueggemann - Branford Bridge Club - - 203-415-6600

Rick Seaburg - Branford and Old Saybrook Bridge Clubs - - 203-915-5987

Margaret Macilvain - Branford Bridge Club - - 203-376-2752

Rick Townsend - The Bridge Forum - - 860-249-6266

Bill Segraves - The Bridge Forum - - 475-900-6797

"Rain Days" during Summer Camp

Check this spot for notice of a "rain Delay"!


Documents Listed:

  • Convention Chart for Our Club - ACBL Basic Convention Chart
  • ACBL Alert Procedure
  • Psychic Bids
  • The "Smart Dummy"
  • How to Find a Partner

Welcome to Branford-Madison Bridge Club


There are many features available for club members on the club website at To access all the membership features a member needs to logon – the fist time you access the membership site you will be asked for a password – make up your password, then click on “Set/Reset Password” – DO NOT CLICK ON “REGISTER” that is for non-members of the club (everyone that receives my emails is a club member, your name, ACBL player number and email are on the club membership list).

Menu of Features on the website:

  • Home Page – Current News, Upcoming Games. Recent results.
  • Calendar Month – This page lists players looking for a partner with a link so that you can email them. It also has a link to results for tournaments or games played during the month.
  • Membership – (Need to login to access) “Tabs” for “Find a Partner”, ‘Messages”, “Member List” (send anyone an email from this tab), “Account” (your account where you can make changes in your profile), “Results”.
  • Find a Partner Page – Under construction. An extra player is always available for a "walk-in".
  • News Page – Former “Tips of the Week” archived here.
  • Information – Club information – Where & When, Local Clubs, Directors
  • Results Calendar – Full calendar of games played at the club both Face-to-Face and online.
  • Document Library.
  • Calendar – List of games for the current month, it will also show if there are any partner requests. To find out who needs a partner click on “Partner”.
  • Useful links.

Comments? Questions? Contact

Branford Bridge Club

Branford Bridge Club is open for "live" (Face-to-Face) play. The "Open" games are held on Monday and Thursday at 12:30 PM, and the "399'er" game is held on Friday at 12:30 PM. All games are held at the Branford Community House, 46 Church Street, Branford.  Entry fee for games is $10.00 per person.  Use 17 Prospect Street, Branford for GPS location, google maps is incorrect for the 46 Church Street address of the Community House.

For information or questions contact Don Brueggemann at 203-425-6600, email

ACBL membership is NOT required to play.


The Old Saybrook Bridge Club

A "social" duplicate (NO MASTERPOINTS) bridge game. Come and enjoy duplicate bridge in Old Saybrook. Located on the scenic Connecticut river, in the pavilion between the mini golf and the Saybrook. Point Inn. The game is casual and fun. Your daily results are posted as soon as play ends and will be in your email inbox before you get home.  A partner is required to play in this game. 

If you need a partner or want more information, please contact Director Rick Seaburg at, telephone 203-915-5987.  

ACBL membership is NOT required to play.

The Bridge Forum

This link will take you directly to the VACB area and to whatever games The Bridge Forum is having that will start within the next two hours of when one logs in:

Players can use this link anytime they log in to BBO; if The Bridge Forum has no game pending in the next two hours, the screen will be blank, but they can click "Back" to view the rest of the upcoming BBO games. 


Play Nice!

Say hello to everyone – You might make someone's day.

Introduce yourself to people you don't know – They may be your next good friends.

Be Punctual – If you're late, you make others late too.

Acknowledge good play by the opponents – An appreciative nod lets them know that their skill has not gone unnoticed.

Smile often – You will brighten the room considerably.

Be understanding – Everybody makes mistakes.

Be kind – You will never like everybody, but you can be cordial to all.

Nobody likes to lose – Practice grace under fire.

Respect the directors – They are here for you.

Help those with less experience – We all were beginners at some point.

Look forward to the next deal – Dwelling on the last hand wastes time.

Value your partner – They are the only one on your side.

Keep your priorities straight – Diamonds are great, but hearts are more valuable.

Grace is good – Nobody likes a boastful winner.

Save your analysis and lessons for the postmortem – It would be a shame to have nothing to talk about after the game.

Enjoy! You can't win all the time, but you can always have fun.

Special Events and Next Bridge Classes





“Introduction to the 2/1 (Two over One) Bidding System”

The Bridge Class for “Introduction to the 2/1 (Two over One) Bidding System” is scheduled to start on Monday, September 9 at 10:00 AM at the Branford Community House.

In this class we will use the book 2 Over 1 Game Force by Audrey Grant and Eric Rodwell. Class will be for 1 and ˝ hours, and last for 4 weeks. In this class you will discover the fundamentals and advantages of using 2/1 in your bidding with your partner – and understand the bidding by your opponents.

The registration fee for this class is $50.00 for Branford residents. Sign up for this class at Branford Parks & Recreation, 46 Church Street, Branford, (the Joe Trapasso Community House) 203-488-8304, the website for registration is

What is “Two over One”? This is a system of modern bidding that allows responder to establish a game force at the first bid. This gives the partners bidding room to explore distributional advantages that may lead to a slam. This system is easy to learn and use as it requires the use of only one new convention – Forcing No Trump – that is not part of “Standard American”.

The lessons will consist of a discussion of the material in the book and a set of pre-arranged hands prepared for the students to play and discuss prepared in advance based on the material covered.

Don Brueggemann, Bridge Instructor


Fri July 19, 2024
399'er Pairs (F2F)
Branford Bridge Club 12:30 PM
Director: Rick Seaburg
Mon July 22, 2024
Open Pairs (F2F)
Branford Bridge Club 12:30 PM
Director: Don Brueggemann
Thu July 25, 2024
Open Pairs (F2F)
Branford Bridge Club 12:30 PM
Director: Don Brueggemann
Fri July 26, 2024
399'er Pairs (F2F)
Branford Bridge Club 12:30 PM
Director: Rick Seaburg
Mon July 29, 2024
Open Pairs (F2F)
Branford Bridge Club 12:30 PM
Director: Don Brueggemann
Thu August 1, 2024
Open Pairs (F2F)
Branford Bridge Club 12:30 PM
Director: Don Brueggemann
Fri August 2, 2024
399'er Pairs (F2F)
Branford Bridge Club 12:30 PM
Director: Rick Seaburg
Mon August 5, 2024
Open Pairs (F2F)
Branford Bridge Club 12:30 PM
Director: Don Brueggemann
#24887 Pairs Bridge Forum Open FRI 10:00 a.m.
Friday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Don Brueggemann
Thursday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Don Brueggemann
#18302 Pairs Bridge Forum Open WED 1:00 p.m.
Tuesday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Frederick Townsn
#15584 Pairs Bridge Forum Open TUE 6:45 p.m.
Monday Afternoon Pairs
Director: M Macilvain
#97963 Pairs Bridge Forum Open FRI 10:00 a.m.