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Your Directors

Don Brueggemann - - 203-415-6600

Sarah Corning - - 203-215-3963

Rick Seaburg - - 203-915-5987

Rick Townsend - - 860-249-6266

Bill Segraves -

Welcome to Branford-Madison Bridge Club
Tournaments on Bridge Base Online


When club members click on “Competitive” and then “ACBL Virtual Clubs” they should see their tournament listed. If the screen is blank, click on “Back” and click on “All Tournaments”. When the list of tournaments is displayed, enter “bran” (no quotes) in the “Search” area – your tournament will then be displayed.

How to Use the Tournament Partnership Desk

NOTE:  All games on BBO are called “tournaments”. 

  1. Click on the tournament in which you want to play, you will see 4 tabs – Registration; Details; Entries and Partnership Desk.
  2. Click on Partnership Desk
  3. Click on “I will pay only for Myself”, which will indicate that you need a partner.
  4. When you are on the Partnership Desk, the Director can “see” you and be able to communicate with you.
  5. DO NOT go offline once you are on the Partnership Desk – if you are offline, no one can communicate with you and you can miss the partnership.
  6. If a pair is needed to fill a half table after the tournament starts, the director can invite someone to play at no cost– but only if you are online. Your partner might be a robot, or another player brought in from the “lobby”.

How to Find a Partner

There are several ways to find a partner on this website.

1. The "Calendar" menu will show any player looking for a partner in a specific event. To contact that player, click on the player’s name to send an email and set up a partnership. 

2.To list your name on the “Calendar” sign in to the “Membership” menu item.

a. To access this area, you must enter a password which you do the first time you access this site.

b. On the site is a list of available tournaments on the schedule, and you will see the "Find a Partner" tab. Place a check mark to indicate that you need a partner, and this will be entered on the “Calendar”.

c. Then click the “Confirm” button – one is located at the top and bottom of the page.

d. Requests will show in the Calendar and can be removed using the same technique.

3. Another option is to click on the "Find a Partner" button in the menu. You will see a list of all the people looking for partners - sorted by game date.

4. Choose your prospective partner and send an email by clicking on partner’s name.

5. Removing your “Find a Partner” listing. You are the only person who can remove your "Find a Partner" entry.

a. To remove the entry, log into the "Membership" area and follow the instructions above for "Posting a request".

b. Remove the checkbox you created. 

c. Click the Confirm button (at the top and bottom of the page). 

Director's Message

Your directors need your support to keep tournaments on the schedule! Not enough players registered for tournaments on Thursday evening or Saturday afternoon, so those tournaments were eliminated from the schedule. Although the first Swiss Team events seemed to be popular, the last series of Swiss tournaments had to be cancelled for lack of enough teams. Your directors try hard to keep Bridge play active while we are playing online.

Special Events
Special Events


Grass Roots Weekend, May 15 and 16 features Double Club Masterpoints (Black).

Silver Linings Week, Monday to Sunday, May 24 to 30 features Double Club Masterpoints, 100% SILVER!

Fri May 14, 2021
Open Pairs
Bridge Forum 10:00 AM
Director: Rick Townsend
Fri May 14, 2021
Invitational Pairs
Bran-Mad 1:00 PM
Director: Rick Seaburg
Mon May 17, 2021
Open Pairs
Bran-Mad 1:00 PM
Director: Don Brueggemann
Tue May 18, 2021
Invitational Pairs
Bran-Mad 10:00 AM
Director: Rick Seaburg
Tue May 18, 2021
Open Pairs
Bran-Mad 1:00 PM
Director: Sarah Corning
Tue May 18, 2021
Open Pairs
The Bridge Forum 6:45 PM
Director: Rick Townsend
#23520 Bran-Mad Invitational Pairs 1 PM
#14250 Bran-Mad Open Pairs 10 AM
Open Pairs
Director: Rick Townsend
#94431 Bran-Mad Invitational Pairs 10:00 AM
#94568 Bran-Mad Open Pairs 1 PM
#86636 Bran-Mad Open Pairs 1 PM