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Playing Bridge Online

Bradshaw’s will be running RealBridge sessions at 19.30 on Tuesday evenings from the start of January 2023.

You can join by clicking on the RealBridge link for the relevant day from 19.15 onwards (the earlier the better). Please then login using your own name and EBU number.

You will then be in the RB lobby. If your partner is already at a table, please sit opposite them. If not, then join any table where there is a missing pair.

A session will typically be for 20 boards but the Director may vary this slightly depending on the numbers of pairs participating.

RealBridge Guidelines

Click here to view RealBridgeGuide.pdf (courtesy of Kendal Bridge club)
For more information you can visit the RealBridge website.

RealBridge Technical Help

RealBridge are very happy to help with technical problems relating to RealBridge.
Email: Telephone: 0794 232 2209 or 0772 692 0784

If you have a problem during a session, please ring RealBridge at the time. This applies both to players and to directors. If you often have problems with RealBridge, please contact RealBridge for advice.

iPads with iOS 15

The latest release of iOS – version 15 – can cause problems when playing on RealBridge. The symptoms are:

  • Loss of video and/or audio.
  • Freezing, so that you can’t click anything.

The problem may occur at every table, or it may only occur against some opponents.

There is no need to suffer these problems – RealBridge have a solution which takes a few minutes to apply. Step-by-step instructions:

For all iPads with iOS 15, you should use Safari, not Google Chrome.

MacBooks and iMacs with Monterey or Safari 15

If you have a Mac that has been upgraded to macOS Monterey, and you use Safari, please see the instructions here:

If you have a Mac that has not been upgraded to macOS Monterey, but does have Safari 15, and you are experiencing freezing or loss of audio, also please see the instructions here: