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Apologies for absence

Received from Norma Allen, Angela Andrews, David Chopping, John Crook, Ethel Heyes, Ken Jones, Richard Lark, Trish Lee, Rosemary O'Donnell, Roger and Estelle Merlyn, Mel Thomas, Martina Zwieflhofer

Minutes of meeting held on 16 May 2018

The minutes were agreed by the 49 members present.  Proposed by Jan Buckley.  Seconded by Rouenna Winstanley.

Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.

Chairperson's Report

Mel Tuson thanked the members present for attending.  The past year has seen good progress made within the club.  Thanks to the previous Chairperson, Ken Jones, for promoting Best Behaviour at Bridge:  the relevant documents are posted on the noticeboard and website.  Thanks also to Lynn Solomons for help with the transition to the new Committee and thanks to John Crook and Nick Higham for maintaining the website.

The introduction of the GDPR regulations which came into force in May 2018 created hectic activity but with a lot of input from various people this has since calmed down.   

A new document outlining Roles and Responsibilities within the Club has been produced and is now available on the website in the Information Section.  This lists the 30 or so members of the Club who willingly take on responsibility for various roles.

With regard to League Team Results, Mel thanked all captains and their teams.  Unfortunately, the Team of 24 lost their annual match against Bourne End after winning it the previous year.  In the Berks and Bucks League of Eight, Team A had a good season playing in Division 2 and won 6 of their 9 matches. Sadly, Team B were not so successful and have been relegated to Division 4 - the only way is up!  In the Bracknell Bridge League, the Bradshaws team won Division 3 and will therefore be promoted to Division 2.

The Club was saddened to learn that its founder, Arnie Bradshaw, passed away on New Year's Day.  A donation in his memory was made to the McMillan Cancer Trust.  We are proud of his dedication to Bradshaws Club and will continue to progress in his memory.  Our thanks go to Roy and Pippa Mills for attending his funeral in Newport, Wales.  We also lost one of our members,  Jane Grayson, this year.  Our thoughts are with their families and also to members who have lost loved ones this past year.

The Club held two successful Christmas parties.  Thanks to Margaret Chopping and Jan Buckley for organising the Tuesday party and to Pam and Peter Wilde for organising the Wednesday event.  Thanks also to all their helpers.

The Club held a successful Winter break at The Marsham Court Hotel in Bournemouth, well organised by Jan Buckley and Pat Gordon.  Great value and good weather!  The winners of the Victor Ludorum trophy were John Crook and Norma Allen.  The Winter weekend in 2020 will be held at The Spires hotel in Oxford from 7 - 9 February.

A Directors' meeting was held on 31 October 2018 with the aim of reducing the number of  session movements available on the computer to simplify matters for Directors and Technical Directors.  Having done this, the computer was adjusted and new printed table cards were laminated and are now stored with the computer.  In the past 6 months, we have had very few problems  with bridge sessions.  Most problems occur due to members putting incorrect information into the Bridgemates and scores not being correctly checked by E/W.  Also, we have had instances of playing cards being replaced incorrectly in the boards.

Thanks for all Directors and Technical Directors for the smooth running of the bridge sessions.  Thanks also to Jill Lark and the dealing machine team who certainly like to spice up the hands which can cause a few controversial issues!

Our membership holds steady at 145.  For many years, Gail Houghton has been the Membership Secretary in addition to producing the Directors' Rota.    Gail has now stepped down as Membership Secretary and this role will be taken on by Ethel Heyes.   Annual membership fees are now due for 2019/2020.    Thank you Gail for all the work you have done for Bradshaws club over many years.

Finally, our bridge sessions would not be the same without a cup of tea and a biscuit or two and thanks go to Rouenna for supplying refreshments each week and to Jan and Margaret for providing the milk each week.

Treasurer's Report

Martin Kellaway produced the following report.

"There is a copy of the Club's accounts each of the tables for those interested in detail but, to summarise, the Club had a satisfactory year, with an excess of income over expenditure for the year of just under £1,200.  That said, this was somewhat down on the previous year, reflecting in part a drop in table money (down around 5%) as well as an increase in some of our costs (up around 4% in total over the period).

This outcome has meant that the Club's financial resources remain sound, with year-end cash at the Bank growing to some £7,700, this after having paid a deposit of £1,000 to secure the hotel for the next Club Winter Weekend in Oxford.

The Committee considers that these resources provide an adequate cushion of comfort against any nasty financial surprises, noting the need to make occasional material equipment purchases and the uncertainty over the timing of those purchases.  We also need to be mindful of the possibility of an ongoing squeeze on income from  lower table receipts and further cost pressures - for example the Council hall hire charges have increased by just over 4% this year.

That concludes my quick canter through the figures but I'm happy to take any questions, although before doing so I'd like to record the Committee's thanks once again to Richard Lark for his work as Honorary Auditor.

Any questions"  (none received).

Proposals for Discussion

Convention Cards

This is a topic which is frequently raised and Club members are once again reminded of the need to provide convention cards at all bridge sessions.  This is particularly relevant for long-standing partnerships.  A basic system card is available on the Club website (in the Information section) and the Committee is available to help players in completing a convention card.

Hilda Lilley and Margaret Biddle Trophies

For some time the Committee has been aware that the Random Teams Events played for the awarding of these trophies are not popular with all members and to this end, an email was sent to over 120 members asking for comments.  Fewer than 10 responses were received.  Following discussion at the AGM during which various points of view were expressed, a vote was held with the majority (approx 80-85% ) being in favour of continuing with Random Teams.

Appointment of Committee Members

No nominations were received for new Committee members.  The current Committee is willing to stand again.  No objections were received.    Proposed by Rouenna Winstanley.  Seconded by Anthony Collins.


Presentation of  Club Trophies 2019

Tuesday Winners

Pairs Champions (Carrington Trophy) Anthony Collins and Rouenna Winstanley

Ladies Pairs Champions (Cheadle Trophy) Gail Houghton and Jean James

Men's Pairs Champions (Stretford Trophy) John Crook and Nick Higham

Mixed Pairs Champions (Hawley Trophy) Jill and Richard Lark

Individual Champion (Fleming Trophy) John Crook

Random Teams (Margaret Biddle Trophy) Anthony Collins and Rouenna Winstanley and

Steve Reader and Chris Byron


Wednesday Winners

Pairs Champions (Egham Trophy) Pam Hansom and Ken Jones

Ladies Pairs Champions (Handforth Trophy) Trish Lee and Riona Reid

Men's Pairs Champions (Loddon Trophy) Allan Richardson and Vince Hull

Mixed Pairs Champions (Ascot Trophy) Rosa and Nigel Hague

Individual Champion (Lensbury Trophy) Rouenna Winstanley

Random Teams (Hilda Lilley Trophy) Rouenna Winstanley and Gail Houghton and

Jan Buckley and Elspeth Caldwell


Other Trophy Winners

Ascenders Trophy (Stuchbury Trophy) Mary Harvey and Lynn Lawson

Victor Ludorum Norma Allen and John Crook

Marilyn Collins Trophy Nick Higham

Chairperson's Trophy Gail Houghton


Any Other Business

Members are reminded that mobile phones should be put into silent mode or switched off during bridge sessions.   

There being no other business the meeting concluded at 7.45 pm.