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28th Sep 2021 14:30 BST
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Welcome to Boston Bridge Club
Sept 2021

It's good to be back playing face to face. We will need to maintain the high standards of hygiene until further notice but all is working well so far. The only issue  has been speed of play and hopefuly now we are getting used to having to sort cards for ourselves we can speed up.

Thank you all for coming back to support your club.

Playing Bridge Online

We hope many of our members are managing to play bridge online. There are numerous websites that you can access to play, either for free or with a subscription.

The site which most of our members use is BBO - Bridge Base Online -

Advantage of this site, it is free. Many of our players use the system and find it easy to navigate

You can register then just watch, play solitaire, join a table either on your own or with a partner, set up and play at your own table, or run a teams games of 2 tables.

There is also a practice section where you can challenge yourself on bridge master, or play on a practice table.

About 24 of our members use this site, and if you know their user name, you can see when they are online and invite them to a game. You can also send messages to each other.

All games are friendly and free to play, however if you want more of a competition there are always tournaments running, many are free and some incur a charge.

EBU run a Lockdown League which is open to all players, to enter you need a team of 4 players. Cost is £30 per team per season. You play 15 matches of 8 boards, usually 3 a week on Mon, Wed and Fri. Further details to be found on the EBU website

Lincolnshire Contract Bridge Association - r
un a weekly All Comers tournament on a Sunday afternoon, there is a cost and you play about 21 boards. Further information on their website

Closed on Bank Holidays
About Boston Bridge Club

Boston Duplicate Bridge Club has a thriving membership and regularly has 7 tables in play. The Club  meets on Wednesday and Thursday evenings starting at 7. 00 p.m., and holds a beginners and improvers session on Monday afternoons at 1.30 p.m. Visitors are most welcome to attend any of these sessions, and are asked to be present 15 minutes before play is due to begin.  On a few evenings the Club holds teams events, and visitors are advised to check in advance, to avoid disappointment. In the event of inclement weather a notice will be posted on the Home Page.

Contact Details

For information about the Club please contact a Committee member. Details on the Information Page, sub-section Committee. For email details click on name you wish to contact.

How to find Boston Bridge Club
  1. Boston Bridge Club is located within The Boston Conservative Club on Main Ridge in Boston. Please enter the Bridge Room by using the right hand passage door to the Conservative Club.
Beginners and Improvers

All are welcome on Monday afternoons normally between 1.30 p.m. and 4.00p.m.. Usually around fifteen boards will be played with advice and tuition given by Sue Gray, our resident guru. Tea and Coffee is available from the bar and single players will be found a partner. Tuition is free to members of Boston Bridge Club, non members will be charged a fee of £3-00 per session. Very informal. Discuss contracts and play as you go along. This does help improve your game. Come along and bring a friend.  Closed Bank Holiday Mondays.


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