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Archive Glaister / Tyldesley
Glaister Cup & Tyldsley Trophy 2018

Glaister Cup / Tyldesley Trophy 2018

There were 8 Tables at the Glaister Cup (NGR<6) on 17 September 2018 and 7 Tables at the Tyldesley Trophy (NGR<10) on 19 September 2018 duplicates. Congratulations to the winners Chris & Jerry Foster in the Glaister and Phil & Diana Thornley in the Tyldesley. Second places went to Andy Hitchon & Mary Carter in the Glaister, and Deb Fairweather and Heather Carr in the Tyldesley.

Glaister Cup 18 November / Tyldesley Trophy 25 November 2020 on BBO

There were 6 tables in the annual Bolton Glaister Cup competition. Congratulations to Ken Hardman and Barbara Matthews who won in style with a 69% set, Gerrard Gaffey and Sheila Wilkinson finished 2nd on 60%. There were 13 tables in the annual Tyldesley Trophy competition. Congratulations to the winners John and Sandra Dootson with a 71% set.Tony Howells and Chris Butterfield finished 2nd on 65%. Full results available as normal.

The annual Glaister Cup is open  to players with NGS 6 and below and the Tyldesley Trophy is for players NGS 10 and below. The Glaister Cup is scheduled on 18 November and the Tyldesley on 25 November both starting at 7pm on BBO. There will be a free entry to a Bolton duplicate for the winners. Please send entries to Linda Hitchen Tel 01204 494506

The Glaister Cup started around 1970 by the third president Thomas Glaister and his sister Miss Margaret Glaister who served under President Alfred Glaister on the inaugural Bolton BC committee. Thomas Glaister was a Conservative Mayor of Bolton from 1949-1950.The Glaisters were one of Bolton's most prosperous and prominent families.Thomas's father George  appears on the 1911 Census as an assistant bleacher, probably in his father’s firm, living with most of the family, a housekeeper and five servants at Breightmet Hall, Bolton. Thomas (1886-1974) lived at Quarlton Farm, Turton.

The Tyldesley Trophy started in 2012 after a bequest from a member Gwendoline Tyldesley of a substantial sum of £2000+ to Bolton BC. The decision at that time was to use the money for a Trophy and to start a competition for players of mid-ability. Gwendoline is believed to have lived at Blackrod House, Chorley Road, Bolton.

Tyldesley Trophy Wed 20 Oct At 7:30pm

The annual Tyldesley Trophy (NGS Jack and below) will be held Face To Face at the Club. The Tyldesley Trophy is on Wednesday 20 October at 7:30pm. There will be a free entry to a Bolton duplicate for the winners. The competition history is described at Glaister-Tyldesley. You do not need to specify a partner to enter this event, as we will endeavour to pair up any single players who want to enter. It will help us to know if you intend to play, so as to find partners/hosts for all players. Please either register below or ring Linda Hitchen on 01204 494506.  If registering here you can put the word "None" in the "Partners Name" box so we know you need a partner.

Glaister Cup Winners 12 Oct 2021
Glaister Cup Winners 12 Oct 2021
Congratulations to the winners of today's Glaister Cup - 🌟 Rona Egan and Joyce Truffas 🌟, and thank you to everyone who played in the event. 
Glaister Cup Winners 2022
Glaister Cup Winners 2022


Congratulations to the winners of the Glaister Cup, Jane Maxwell and Jean Howarth.