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The Pearson Rose Bowl

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The Pearson Rose Bowl

Pearson Rose Bowl

Rules for the Pearson Rose Bowl

The Pearson Rose Bowl is an annual competition based on partnership scores in the club duplicate sessions on the second Friday of each month.  Each partnership's best six scores in the competition year are added together and the trophy is awarded to the pair with the highest aggregate total. Only pairs where both partners are club members are eligible.


  • Annual competition for a partnership winner in our duplicate pairs sessions on the second Friday of each month.
  • The competition year runs from the beginning of July until the end of the following June.
  • Based on cumulative percentage scores using each partnership's best six percentage scores. 
  • Only scores achieved with players who are club members are eligible. (We will, at our discretion, re-instate scores achieved with non-members who subsequently become members during the competition year)

Under normal circumstances there should be 12 qualifying sessions, one on the second Friday of every month but circumstances may cause one or more sessions to be cancelled.  In the event that more than one session is cancelled the number of qualifying scores will be reduced as considered appropriate. For the 2019/2020 competition year the COVID-19 Pandemic caused the cancellation of three qualifying sessions so the award was made on the basis of the best five scores rather than the best six.
Former Winners of Pearson Rose Bowl
Year Winners
2020 David Edwards & Rob Roberts
2019 Robert Smith & Tony Pearson
2018 Robert Smith & Tony Pearson
2017 Robert Smith & Tony Pearson
2016 Robert Smith & Tony Pearson
2015 Robert Smith & Tony Pearson
2014 Robert Smith & Tony Pearson
2013 Patty Hearne & Gareth Thomas
2012 Ray Parkinson & Bill Carr
2011 Ray Parkinson & Bill Carr
2010 Ray Parkinson & Bill Carr
2009 Ray Parkinson & Bill Carr
2008 Ray Parkinson & Bill Carr
2007 Ray Parkinson & Bill Carr
2006 Ray Parkinson & Bill Carr
2005 Ray Parkinson & Bill Carr
2004 Ray Parkinson & Bill Carr
2003 Ray Parkinson & Bill Carr
2002 Ray Parkinson & Ron Higgins
2001 Peter Richmond & Roger Allison
2000 Dave Edwards & Peter Lloyd
1999 Ray Parkinson & Ron Higgins
1998 Ray Parkinson & Ron Higgins
1997 Ray Parkinson & Ron Higgins
1996 Dr. Manuel Mendick & John Bell
1995 Ray Parkinson & Peter Richmond
1994 Dr. Manuel Mendick & John Bell
1993 Dr. Manuel Mendick & John Bell
1992 Dr. Manuel Mendick & John Bell
1991 Jon Fjortoft & Sue Fjortoft
1990 Jon Fjortoft & Sue Fjortoft
1989 Jon Fjortoft & Sue Fjortoft
1988 Ray Parkinson & T. Main
1987 Dr. Manuel Mendick & John Bell
1986 Jon Fjortoft & Sue Fjortoft
1985 Jon Fjortoft & Sue Fjortoft
1984 Dorothy Beach & Sheila Grey
1983 E. Caldwell & Brenda Mackay
1982 Leslie Webster & J. Sumner
1981 Leslie Webster & M. Brittain
1980 R.J. Caldwell & E. Caldwell
1979 R.J. Caldwell & E. Caldwell
1978 M. Brown & Dr. Manuel Mendick
1977 M. Brown & Dr. Manuel Mendick
1976 Dr. Manuel Mendick & M. Falk
1975 Dr. Manuel Mendick & M. Falk
1974 Leslie Webster & M. Brittain
1973 P.R. Papworth & E. Hill
1972 D.V. Pearson & Q. Felton
1971 W.G. Williamson & M. Williamson
1970 Dr. Manuel Mendick & M. Falk
1969 Dr. Manuel Mendick & M. Falk