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Scent Free

Reminder: Both the LTC and our club have a Scent Free Policy. Please respect those who suffer from this sensitivity


Ruth Eidt

705 293 1503

705 888 9211


Christine Blake 

Board of Directors

President: Michael Hebbert

1st VP: Wayne Eaves

2nd VP and Membership: Marie Melnichuk 

Treasurer: Jerry Boychuk

Secretary: Christine Blake

Webmaster: Ruth Eidt

Director: Mary Ellen Aitchison

Director: Eleanor Swan

Welcome to Blue Mountain Duplicate Bridge Club

Interested in Becoming a Member?

If you are new to the area and have been looking to play bridge

regularly and even join our Club, you’ll be pleased to know

there is no membership fee involved. Due to COVID 19 however,

you will have noted that there have been no physical face to face

games since the middle of March. It’s still an unknown as to when

the Club will be able to open. BUT please join us in our Virtual Games.

Read on below for instructions and if you’re a  1st time player in our

Club, please pre-register with Christine at 705-446-9592 or email

me at 

Silver Linings Week Double Silver Points January 18, 19, 20
Congratulations (70% Game) 2021

Paul and Marg MacFarlane 72.22% December 30th

Dave Hammill and Wendy Morris 71.59% December 28th

Cathy Macdonald and Sandra Garcia  73.61% December 22nd

Patricia and Verne McKay 72.40% October 28th

Paul and Marg MacFarlane 70.24% October 5th

Hamish McGregor and Wendy Morris 76.98% September 30th

Steve Roberts and Will Sutherland 70.28% September 23rd

Cathy Macdonald and Sandra Garcia 75.00% August 4th

Wendy Morris and Maria Moore 70.50% July 7th

Sandy Ivison and Andy Potovzsky 70.28% May 25th

Maria Moore and Marti Cowie 73.41% May 18th

Judith Gessner and Dave Hammill 72.40% February 25th

Simon Bramson and Howard Binsky 72.71% February 11th

ACBL Rank Promotions 2021

Silver Life Master (1000 masterpoints) - Steve Roberts

Ruby Life Master (1500 masterpoints) - Sandra Garcia

Bronze Life Master (500 masterpoints) - Colleen Caron

Congratulations (70% Game) 2020

Donna Reimer and Mary Van Patter 70.66% December 8th

Cathy MacDonald and Sandra Garcia 72.22% July 29th

Michael Hebbert and Leo McBride 71.36% February 12th

Paul and Marg MacFarlane 70.63% January 15th



Christine Blake has trained as an online director and will be holding Blue Mountain Bridge Club games online 3 times a week. Here’s how to take part.
Go to
Click on the big red button PLAY BRIDGE NOW
At the log in screen either log in, or register if you haven’t yet. Make up an ID (moniker) and a password (write these down just in case!) ENTER YOUR ACBL# and NAME.
You will need to put some money in your BBO account. Click on the top right BB $ sign and use credit card or paypal to put some money in your account. This will be in US funds, each game will cost $3 US. Most of this money will come back to our club, via ACBL. To start with all games will be open games of 18-20 boards, three boards a round.
Tuesday 1.10pm
Wednesday 7:10pm
Thursday 1.10pm
To find our club game click on Virtual Clubs from the main page. Each club has its own number, ours is Blue Mountain BC VACB159665. There is a search button in the upper right. Just enter vacb15. Games will be posted up to two hours before the start time. You may register for the game by selecting it in the table, put your partner’s name in the blue box and click on ‘invite’ to invite them to play with you. You and partner must both be online when you register, so that your partner sees and accepts the invitation. So, to be helpful to the director please log in and register at least 15 mins before game time, longer if possible. You can register in the game (no sooner than 2 hrs. before game time) then go off line to make coffee or whatever and your registration will still be there when you come back to play. ONCE REGISTERED YOU DON’T NEED TO DO ANYTHING ELSE, THE SYSTEM WILL MOVE YOU INTO THE GAME ONCE IT STARTS AND MOVE YOU TO A NEW TABLE EVERY THREE BOARDS. There will also be a space somewhere to put in your ACBL number. (If you are not an ACBL member you will need to let Christine know your name and BBO ID.) You may invite anyone from our area clubs to play. (except Barrie) There will also be a ‘partnership desk’. This you may click on if you don’t have a partner and either add your name to the list or choose someone already there and invite them to play with you. (Anyone left on the partnership desk when the game starts might be asked to stay around as a ‘spare’ in the event of a player losing their connection.) IF you prefer, you may call Ruth Eidt for a partner, however the BBO method will guarantee a partner.

If you need help feel free to contact: Christine at 705-446-9592

Here is a link to a tutorial that Sagamore bridge club made (narrated by Silvana) for their players just joining BBO for the first time, you might like to watch this. It is especially useful for learning how to ‘follow’ and ‘friend’ people and how to put money into your account. Silvana also talks about convention cards. For our games, at least to start with, I would suggest don’t bother with convention cards, which she mentions in this tutorial, keep it simple.

Please take the time to watch these excellent videos.

Your results are instantly submitted to ACBL Live and will be in your In Box before you know it.

Hope to see you at a game soon.


Collingwood, Ontario

Welcome to Blue Mountain Duplicate Bridge Club. We are an ACBL sanctioned Open Club located at the Collingwood Leisure Time Club, 100 Minnesota Street, Collingwood, Ontario. The Leisure Time Club is a seniors' recreational club with membership restricted to 50 and older. There are no age restrictions for guests.

ACBL Rank Promotions 2020

Gold Life Master (2500 masterpoints) - Paul MacFarlane


Thank You Michael and Howard for your perseverance and hard work.

This is a Happy Day for our Club

There will be no BMDBC membership fee for 2020.
The LTC membership fee - $35 April 1, 2020 - March 31, 2021
Guests (anyone without a paid-up LTC membership) will be charged $7 instead of $5 for each game. There are no age restrictions for guests.
ACBL Rank Promotions 2019

Ruby Life Master (1500 masterpoints) - Will Sutherland

Advanced NABC Master (300 masterpoints) - David Verdun

Sapphire Life Master (3500 masterpoints) - Maria Moore

Gold Life Master (2500 masterpoints) - Howard Binsky

Silver Life Master (1000 masterpoints) - Helen Dixon

Bronze Life Master (500 masterpoints) - Marie Melnichuk

Congratulations (70 % Game) 2019

James McGregor and Michael Schneider 75% October 29th

Maria Moore and James McGregor 71.73% October 17th

Janice and Michael Hebbert 73.26% October 15th

Czeslaw Kepa and Ruth Eidt 72.34% October 1st

Howard Binsky and Simon Bramson 71.73% September 26th

Sandy Ivison and Andy Potovszky 71.26% September 17th

Paul and Marg MacFarlane 76.55% August 1st

Czeslaw Kepa and James McGregor 71.18% July 4th

Maria Moore and Dave Hammill 70.24% May 16th

Will Sutherland and Steve Roberts 70.24% March 12th

Howard Binsky and Simon Bramson 74.76% February 27th

Howard Binsky and Simon Bramson 73.01% January 30th

Marian Kaminski and Vern Beacock 72.54% January 10th

ACBL Rank Promotions 2018

Silver Life Master (1000 masterpoints) - Sandy Ivison

Silver Life Master (1000 masterpoints) - Ruth Eidt

Silver Life Master (1000 masterpoints) - Janice Hebbert

Life Master (300 masterpoints) - Heather O'Connor

Silver Life Master (1000 masterpoints) - Will Sutherland

Ruby Life Master (1500 masterpoints) - Hamish McGregor

Silver Life Master (1000 masterpoints) - Vern Beacock

Ruby Life Master (1500 masterpoints) - Malkin Howes

Congratulations (70% Game) 2018

Hamish McGregor and Howard Binsky 77.73% December 27th

Michael and Janice Hebbert 70.45% December 13th

Paul and Marg MacFarlane 70.00% November 15th

Paul and Marg MacFarlane 70.30% November 13th

Michael and Janice Hebbert 75.81% November 1st

Ron Hartlen and Simon Bramson 72.41% October 30th

Hamish McGregor and Michael Schneider 70.45% October 2nd

David Verdun and Ruth Eidt 71.73% August 22nd

Paul and Marg MacFarlane 70.91% July 4th

Maria Moore and Hamish McGregor 71.13% June 13th

Howard Binsky and Simon Bramson 71.36% June 6th

Paul and Marg MacFarlane 75.57% May 15th

Carolyn Lazenby and Jane Smith 71.24% March 13th

Howard Binsky and Simon Bramson 72.27% January 24th

Paul and Marg MacFarlane 74.80% January 9th

To view your masterpoints, go to MyACBL on the ACBL website. You will need to supply an extensive password. Masterpoints for the previous month are posted at the end of day on the 6th of each month. Points for the previous month will show as pending until that time. To see details of your masterpoints, select Masterpoints on the left. To view historical details of all your masterpoints, select Masterpoint History. To view the races, select District/Unit Races.
At the beginning of each year ACBL starts several masterpoint races based on the number of points held at January 1. Collingwood is unit 246 but Clarksburg and west are unit 249, so our members should check both races. We are all District 2. The Ace of Clubs race is based on black points which are earned at the club level. Online points are not counted. The Mini-McKenney race includes coloured points which are earned in special games and at tournaments.
Several of our members can be seen in these races.
ACBL changed the rank requirements in 2010. To view the requirements for each rank, please click on this link. This can be found at the bottom of ACBL home page.
Congratulations (70% Game) 2017

Ron Deschamps and Jerry Boychuk 71.43% December 6th

Michael and Janice Hebbert 71.02% November 7th

Sandy Ivison and Sam Scala 70.64% October 19th

Dave Hammill and Phyllis Burgan 76.40% September 21st

Dave Hammill and Malkin Howes 70.34% August 15th

Dave Hammill and Malkin Howes 72.16% August 1st

Hamish McGregor and Michael Schneider 71.35% June 6th

Maria Moore and Hamish McGregor 72.74% May 24th

Leo McBride and Ruth Eidt 72.05% May 4th

Paul and Marg MacFarlane 71.48% May 2nd

Hamish McGregor and Helen Dixon 72.02% April 13th

Michael and Janice Hebbert 74.08% March 29th

Hamish McGregor and Steve Roberts 70.79% March 22nd

Marg and Paul MacFarlane 72.92% March 2nd

Michael Schneider and Phyllis Burgan 70.54% March 2nd

Michael Schneider and Phyllis Burgan 70.02% February 16th

Todd Reynolds and Helen Dixon 76.36% January 10th

Find a Partner is now working

To register please get the code from Ruth Eidt or any board member. Click on (partner?) to see who is looking for a partner.

Congratulations (70% Game) 2016

Michael Schneider and Hamish McGregor 70.55% November 1st

Hamish McGregor and Helen Dixon 72.39% October 20th

Maria Moore and Hamish McGregor 71.73% September 28th

Michael Schneider and Hamish McGregor 75.91% September 13th

Willow Vaughan and John Hillier 70.54% August 17th

Phyllis Burgan and Steve Roberts 70.46% July 13th

Maria Moore and Dave Hammill 77.32% July 7th

Helen Dixon and Hamish McGregor 74.55% May 5th

Maria Moore and Hamish McGregor 76.79% April 27th

Michael and Janice Hebbert 70.05% April 21st

Ron Hartlen and Phyllis Burgan 70.83% April 6th

Hamish McGregor and Helen Dixon 71.32% March 31st

Cathy MacDonald and Jean Thomson 72.33% March 16th

Hamish McGregor and Helen Dixon 76.51% March 3rd

Michael and Janice Hebbert 71.76% January 27th

Michael and Janice Hebbert 74.75% January 5th

Zero Tolerance Policy

Please click on "Zero Tolerance" tab on the left.

25th January 2022
Tue pairs BBO online 1:10pm
26th January 2022
Wed pairsBBO online 7:10pm
27th January 2022
Thu pairs BBO online 1:10pm
Thu pairs BBO online double Silver
Wed pairsBBO online double Silver
Tue pairs BBO online double Silver