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21st Sep 2023 10:08 BST
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The "Bridge"  Whatsapp group is a very useful way to find a partner for your next game of bridge.  If you are not already a member of this group and would like to join it, ask Connie, Nicole or Fionnuala to add you to the group.  Don't forget we also have a standby every evening except during the summer



Deirdre Gill,

Vice President

Connie Collins,

Hon. Secretary

 Nicole Kennan,

Hon. Treasurer:


Hon. Tournament Director:

Oliver Rye,

Hon Membership Secretary 

Fionnuala Duddy,

Committee Members: 

Philip O Dwyer,

Ursula O'Connell, 

Adrienne O'Reilly, 

Joan Valkenburg,

Mary Sheerin,

Simon Burrell


Sarann Doyle,

Nicola Power,

Moira McGettrick,

Memorial Trophies

This year's Memorial Trophies will take place on Thursday October 5th.  In order to play in this tournament you must be a paid-up member of the club for the 2023/2024 season.  Please note that subs are now due. 

Welcome to Blackrock College Bridge Club
Player of The Year 2023
Player of The Year 2023

Congratulations to Eoin Hodkinson 

Player of the year 2023

Handicap Pairs Winners 2023
Handicap Pairs Winners 2023

Congrats to Phil Mc Mahon and Kathleen O’Connor 




Ladies Pairs Winners 2023 Dorothy Collins & Yvonne Sheerin
Ladies Pairs Winners 2023 Dorothy Collins & Yvonne Sheerin








Window Section
Director: Jason Doyle
Scorer: Jason Doyle
Bar Section
Director: Jason Doyle
Scorer: Jason Doyle
Thursday game
Director: Jason Doyle
Scorer: Phiip 0'Dwyer
Presidents Prize winners 2023
Presidents Prize winners 2023

Congratulations to Kay Falkner Sheridan and Marie Wrixon.

Presidents Prize Winners 2023

All Competitions commence at 7.30 pm. Sharp.  For Teams competitions it is essential to be seated by 7.15 pm.

To be eligible to win a prize in a major Competition members must have played on 4 club nights prior to that event, during the current club year


Interesting facts

The origin of playing cards: 

The origin of playing cards was in China and dates back to around the year 1120.  

Originally, cards were used for fortune telling and gambling. 
Cards were introduced into Italy and Spain around 1370, probably coming from Egypt. 
Tarot cards, used for fortune telling, were introduced in Italy in 1440.

The origin of Bridge: 

The origin of Bridge can be traced back to a card game 1st played in the 16th century, what was the name of that game? 

= "Whist" - The 1st entirely devoted to Whist was written by Edmund Hoyle in 1742