Our Club Mobile Phone has had to be upgraded and as a result the telephone number has changed.   it is

07957 281481. 

Please make a note of it and use it if you need to let us know that you are definitely coming but will be late, or to give us any other message.   Thank you.

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20th Jun 2019 08:09 BST
Welcome to The Birches Bridge Club

The English Bridge Union has sent out a warning that members of a number of bridge clubs have been targeted with Fraudulent emails purporting to come from either a known member of the club or from the Treasurer asking for help towards payment of a bill incurred by the club. 

Please contact the Club Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer should you have received such an email.

Last updated : 12th Jun 2019 23:11 BST
Welcome to the Birches Bridge Club

Marches Bridge For All ClubWelcome to the Birches Bridge Club web site.

The Birches Bridge Club was formed in 2000 in order to enable a couple of teachers in the area to help provide students a venue to play outside their classes.   It meets three times a week, Monday evenings, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.   Precision or any other complicated systems are not encourged or played.

Scoring is electronic and boards with printouts of the hands are used on all three days.  Results are available at the end of each session but in any event are posted onto the website within 24 hours.

The club is affiliated to the EBU.

We have a full competitions programme for all three sessions, some of which are limited to members only. We welcome new members and visitors, but please contact our Secretary to make sure there are no restrictions on play at the session in question.

Click on the menu options on the left of this message to access other pages in the website.

Last updated : 13th Mar 2018 09:21 GMT
Members Only Area
Members Only Area

The Members Only area of this website is open to all members of the club.  To sign in to it, click on Members Area in the menu on the left, enter your email address and click on "Forgotten Password".  Then check your email (including your Junk mail folder, just in case it has gone there) and enter the password in the email from Birches Bridge Club.  And hey presto, you should be in the Members Area.
If something goes wrong, send an email to and

I will help sort it out.   Sally

Last updated : 20th Mar 2019 18:49 GMT
Accessing Previous Results

The three most recent results are shown directly below the Current Winners of the week box under "Results".   The three upcoming events are listed to the right under "Calendar".

To see earlier results:

1.    First Click on "Latest Result" - Top Right

2.    Then Click on the "Calendar" icon.

3.    The results for the current month will be displayed in chronological order.  Double click on the result you wish to review

4.    To see the results for the previous month, click on the arrow pointing left just above "Monday".

Last updated : 20th Mar 2019 18:52 GMT

Just a reminder that in 2019 all players must display a matching convention card with their partner.

Last updated : 20th Mar 2019 18:53 GMT
Important Information

News of Building Works at Much Birch Community Hall

Phase 1 of the extension to the Hall is still in progress.

Fire Escape routes

1.  The Arthur Harris entrance/exit door.

2.  Through the rear fire door of the Hall and proceed along the path to the left of the building as you leave the Hall.

3.  From the kitchen, rear lobby or first floor should exit the building through the door at the bottom of the stairs and proceed as above. 

 There are still fewer parking places in the car park and  the  overspill space  in the Court Farm area is still available. A torch would be useful after dark as the overspill is unlit.

If you have any questions  please contact Jane Russell (Chairman)  at home 01981 540749 or Sam Hardy (Community Hall contact) at home 01989 730684.

Last updated : 12th Mar 2018 19:03 GMT
GM Trophy

Wednesday 26th is the 2nd round of this event where members need to play with a different partner for each of four do record your partners in the space provided on your programme.


Monday 17th June - Summer Handicap 2

Christine Barnes & Barbara Johnson - 71.48%

Wednesday 19th June - Summer Handicap 4

Eileen Richards & Anne Jordan - 59.72%

Summer Handicap 4
Director: SH
Scorer: SH
Summer Handicap 2
Director: pw
Scorer: sm
GM Trophy
Director: ED
Scorer: JUM
Mon 24th Jun 2019
Summer Handicap 3
Director: PJ
Scorer: SH
Wed 26th Jun 2019
GM Trophy
Director: JR
Scorer: MC
Mon 1st Jul 2019
Summer Handicap 4
Director: PW
Scorer: SD