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Club Handicap Trophy - Results for Round1 (of 4)
Club Handicap Trophy - Results for Round1 (of 4)

The first round of the club handicap competition 2024/25 was played on Thursday 16th May 2024.

Congratulations to the winners, Ian Argyle and David Halford.

They were closely followed by Ian Darch / Richard Lichfield  and Chad Chadwick / Philip Morgan.

Here are the adjusted results.

The winner of the Club Handicap Trophy is decided after four rounds - the winning partnership must have competed together in at least three of the four rounds.  The next round is on Thursday 15th August.

Swiss Teams tonight?

We are hoping that we will have sufficient table numbers for this Thursday evening to allow us to play a Swiss Teams event.  We probably need 8 full tables to make this viable.  If table numbers are a little lower we might switch to playing Swiss Pairs.

In order to play a Swiss event we cannot accommodate a half table due to the long wait associated with four board rounds.  We are grateful to Jane and Flick who have offered to act as host pair.

Any teams will not be pre-formed so we would ask members to form teams on entering RealBridge.  Please form your team by joining your partner at the lowest available table and you will form your team at that table.  Please try to avoid forming "super teams" as we want everyone to have a good chance of winning the event.

We will play a Swiss movement with 5 x 4 Board Rounds.

The event is open to all club members, regardless of the subscription paid and regardless of the sessions in the week in which a member normally plays.

Swiss is a superb form of bridge and we look forward to you playing in the event.  For the avoidance of all doubt, players of all experience levels are welcome to play.

Simultaneous Pairs Results
Simultaneous Pairs Results

Delighted to see some superb results in the recent SIMS.  

In the Monday afternoon session, Chad and Eileen finished 3rd nationally, out of 384 pairs playing in 26 clubs (69%).  

Steven and David finished 9th in the same session (65%).

Many congratulations.

David Halford.


Membership Subscription April-Sept 2024
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Club reserves are strong and remain available to support either unexpected capital expenditure or to support development of new initiatives or opportunities should they emerge.  We are delighted to be in a position to offer reduced subscription rates for the next six months.

As with previous six month periods you are invited to make a single subscription payment which will cover all bridge to which you have subscribed. ..........

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