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Draft AGM Minutes
Draft Berkhamsted Bridge Club AGM Minutes 24th Sept 2019
  • 2019 Prize giving
  • 2019 Prize giving
  • 2019 Prize giving
  • 2019 Prize giving
  • 2019 Prize giving

Apologies:  Chris Kaye, Gail Webster, David Stimson, Roger Lennard, Pat Jacobs, Chris Eveleigh, Debbie West, Pat Henry.


Minutes of the last year’s AGM:  No matters arising. Proposed by Jane Farndon seconded by Tom Banks


Chairman’s Report: Our bridge club has enjoyed another year of Tuesday evening bridge, which has been played in a cordial and courteous manner. Thankfully we do not seem to have any incidents of friction at our club, and the Director is hardly ever needed to sort out mistakes in the play.


That is how it should be, but nevertheless, please give yourselves a pat on the back for being such a friendly and competent bunch.


Unfortunately, our numbers are still dropping, and now we usually get between 6 and 8 tables on a regular basis, rarely more, and sometimes less.... The club’s membership now stands at just over 50 (including Life Members). Of course, a few more players on a regular basis would be most welcome, so do invite others to try us out when you can. To assist that process, and to help members who don’t have a partner on any week, we have been running a “Standby” system for 3 months, and that has worked well, and helped a few people who would not otherwise get a game. The downside is that sometimes the standby person must go home without a game.


The falling number of tables has had a negative effect on our finances, but we are in the fortunate position of having funds in the bank to tide us over the lean times. Jane Mann will elaborate on this when she presents the Accounts. But there are no current plans to increase our charges.


The club’s thanks are due to the following members who during that last year have done so much to keep the club running smoothly. In no particular order they are:


Roger Lennard for the regular collection of boards from the EBU, and for keeping track of the trophies.


Jane Farndon for doing most of the scoring, and for providing a service to pair up any players in need of a partner, so please give her a call if you ever do need a partner.


Jane Mann for collecting the table money, paying our suppliers and keeping the accounts.


Maggie Steven for organising our competitions, for finding external Directors when needed, and for preparing the trophies for this AGM.


John Wareham for his duties as Club Secretary, and for planning the Calendar, Directors, and Standby rota.


Jane Lucas for keeping us supplied with drinks and tasty biscuits.


Stuart Tarrant for keeping the membership records and collecting subscriptions.


Chris Kaye for updating the website.


All our Club Directors, who plan the movements and who help us when things go wrong in the play – so please ask the Director to help if you think there may be a problem.


We could not play bridge here without the help of all these volunteers. And can I ask if the fitter members of the club would carry the boxes of equipment out to the cupboard at the end of play, rather than leaving it to our more senior citizens.


If you have done well in our club competitions, you will have won a trophy, or at least been mentioned in the leading scores list. Well done for those successes. We are aware that our members also do well elsewhere, and we congratulate them on those wins too, although we don’t always hear in time to mention them on a weekly basis.


Our Committee members during the last year have been: Jane Farndon, John Wareham, Jane Mann, Maggie Steven, Roger Lennard, Chris Kaye, Stuart Tarrant. Thanks to them for the time they put into the running of the club. Elections for next year’s Committee will take place later in this meeting.


Finally, thank you for supporting me as Chairman this past year. I seem to have become a bit of a fixture in the post, which was never my intention. I believe in sharing these things around. So if you would like to offer yourself as a new Chair-person, please do so.


Treasurer’s Report: We have again run at a loss which has increased from last year up from £587 to £869. We still have a healthy bank balance and as a result the Committee are not proposing any increases to either membership or table money. The Treasurer confirmed that Tom Banks was prepared to continue as Auditor.


Adoption of accounts and appointment of auditor: Proposed by Susie Bond and seconded by Pat Hobson


Committee: The Committee have agreed to stand again and Mike Minting proposed seconded by Barbara Neal that they be re-elected on block.


AOB The Chairman raised several points for discussion


Use of paid directors –  there was a general debate about the pros and cons of saving money vs use of paid directors. After a general discussion the AGM voted to continue with paid directors for competitions and to increase the table money for those evenings


Swiss pairs; In order to increase table money and to help advertise the club it was agreed to make this an open competition and players from other local clubs would be invited to play. A suitable prize would be made available for non members and the Diana Savill retained within the club.


60 Years – next year will be our 60th anniversary and the committee will consider how we can mark this occasion


The meeting closed at 7.30 pm.


Tom Banks presented the Trophies to this year’s winners.