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Last updated : 14th Oct 2023 15:50 BST
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Forthcoming Events

All Hertfordshire events will be staged on RealBridge unless otherwise stated.

Senior Teams:  Sunday12th May at 11:00am  
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 for details.
Seven-high Pairs: Sunday 19th May 2024 at 3:00pm 
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 for details.
Green-Pointed Swiss Pairs: Sunday 28th July 2024 F2F at Jersey Farm Community Centre, St Albans 

County Events

Cambs & Hunts Blue-pointed Jack-high Pairs Sunday 2nd June on RealBridge.

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Last updated : 2nd May 2024 18:54 BST
Competition Rules

NOTE: For Pairs Competitions - if any pair turns up, and does not qualify under the rules of the competition, they will be allowed to play without standing,

In some competitions in order to assess the level of interest in any competition we may use pre entry forms but these are only to assess numbers not a prerequisite for entry to the competition.

  1. This is a mixed pair's event - for club members only.
  1. These are separate events for men’s and ladies’ pairs - for club members only.
  2. Ladies Cup.
    this will be run with only the Ladies competing (no non-competing mixed pairs or visitors). Most likely a Howell movement playing as many of the other pairs as possible.- final decision is with the Director of the evening.
  3. Mens Cup – this is subject to a decision by the Committee
  1. This is the Club Championship - for club members only.
  2. If the numbers of pairs on the night are in excess of 30, a final will be played on a pre-set date, which will be in the Club Calendar.
  3. The leading available seven N/S and seven E/W pairs from the preliminary round shall qualify for the final.
  4. The final shall be played as a 7 table full Howell movement.
  5. The final shall be held at least 2 weeks after the preliminary round, and comprise a minimum of twenty-two boards.
  6. The winners and runners-up shall be invited to represent the club in the County ‘Club Winners’ Cup event.
  1. This is a team-of-four event - for club members only.
  2. The winners shall be the team with the highest net IMP’s.
  3. Should two teams finish equal in net IMP’s, then the team which won their individual match shall be the winners.
  4. If the match resulted in a draw, then the team with the highest number of winning matches shall be the winners.  
  1. This is a married couple’s pair’s competition - for club members only.
  2. The competition will be incorporated within the Ranwell Cup a mixed pairs competition with the most appropriate movement - to be decided by the Chairman and Director on the night.
  3. The Ranwell Cup is the main event, Toten Cup is subsidiary to it. The winning Mixed Pair (married to each other or not) will win the Ranwell Cup, and the next highest placed Married Couple will win the Toten Cup. You cannot win both on the same night.
  1. This is a pairs competition, which will be incorporated within a normal club evening.
  2. Dudley Edmonds Shield: Entry is restricted to club members who have an EBU ranking of not higher than 'Advanced Master' i.e. 7,500 or less.  Entrants shall not be current winners of a closed club competition held during the previous season.
  3. Cadet Pairs Qualifier: All entrants must be HBA members with P2P - this is now automatic providing they belong to an affiliated club.  Entrants must have an EBU ranking below the rank of Master i.e. less than 5,000 points.
  4. The Director of the evening shall endeavour to ensure that all entrants sit the same way i.e. all N/S or all E/W.
  1. This is a pairs event, played as a Swiss Pairs competition - for club members only.
  2. The winners shall be the pair with the highest VP’s.
  3. Should two pairs finish equal in VP’s, then the pair winning the most matches will be the winners.
  4. If they are still equal, then the pair winning their individual match shall be the winners.
  1. The current season’s Chairman has the privilege of establishing the type/format/rules of this competition. 
  1. This is a bi-annually awarded ladder event for club members who must have attended at least 70% of the eligible club evenings. These will include pairs results including pairs competitions where it is a single evening event but would exclude the evenings when we run the Dane Cup, Flitch, Dudley Edmunds Shield and the Diana Savill Swiss Pairs, Team Events or when fewer than 9 pairs have played on a club evening.
  2. The two six month periods shall run from the 1st of February and the 1st of August.
  3. The winner shall be the player who has the highest average percentage during each period.
  1. This shall be awarded to the Club Player who gains the most ‘local master points’ at the Club on normal club evenings and pairs competition evenings where it is a single evening event – excluding Dane Cup, Flitch, Dudley Edmunds Shield and the Diana Savill Swiss Pairs, Team Events, and any points awarded by the EBU or other body awarding points as part of a simultaneous pair’s event
  2. The qualifying period shall be the twelve months from 1st August to 31st  July.