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Tea Breaks Return

The committee has decided to reinstate 10-minute Tea Breaks into our regular Club sessions - on a 3-month trial basis - commencing Monday 25th September.  Please note that in order to ensure that sessions finish in a reasonable time, our directors will be more strictly enforcing the Round Timer clock. 

Martin Willcox Workshops at Ballarat BC

Ballarat BC are hosting a second series of Martin Willcox workshops, with the aim of fostering player advancement and social contact between clubs. The workshops are free. BYO lunch.

Where: Ballarat Bridge Club, 1001 Eyre Street, BALLARAT 3350

When & What:

Tuesday, October 3, 10:00 AM: Playing the hand
Tuesday, November 14, 10:00 AM: Playing Defence
Tuesday, December 5, 10:00 AM: TBA

2023 Australia-wide Open Pairs (Corrected)

(Apologies to Wendy & Glenda - their results were better than originally reported.)

The final results of the 2023 AWOP event are in. Congratulations to our best performed pair, Wendy Bodey & Glenda Burt (107/1477 pairs). Wendy & Glenda also managed a very creditable 41st place in the Under-300 MSP section. 

To view the results in full, click on this link: 2023 AWOP Results

Players: click your name to view your personalised results booklet

2023 Club Championship Teams

Get your teams together and register your entries for this year's Monday and Friday Club Team Championships which will take place on* (Mondays) 9th and 16th October and (Fridays) 6th and 13th October. These are red point events. Team Captains, please read the Conditions of Play document (click on the links in the Calendar) before submitting your entry. Entries will be restricted to 12 teams per event.

*Please note that these dates differ from the dates published in the 2023 Member's Handbook.

Ballarat Congress 2023

The Ballarat Congress is coming up on 9 & 10 September. Entries via Bridge Unlimited. Click on this link for details: Ballarat Congress 2023 Flyer

Lego Room Heating (Back on)

The heating in the Lego Room seems to be fixed. However, if you are sensitive to temperature variations, please wear layers so that you can adjust your clothing to keep yourself warm and comfortable.

Bridge Workshops 2023

The Education Sub-committee has organised a series of 8 workshops, aimed at Improving and Intermediate players. The workshops will be hosted by Kerry Delcourt at LGCC on Tuesday afternoons from 8 August to 26 September. Click on Education (above) for full details. 

Bridge Victoria

A link to the August BV bulletin can be found in the Bridge Musings panel below (scroll down). Includes a pic of Seb and his victorious Victorian Youth Team-mates.

Monthly Nosh & Natter

Our MN&N social dinners will resume in September.  These Thursday evening get-togethers are informal social events - a chance for members (and their spouses / partners) to have a friendly natter about... anything really, over some good pub food and drink. 

Need more details? Contact Eamon Dempsey on 0428 380 180.

2023 Ashes - Ballarat Win

The Ashes were contested for the 25th time on Saturday 22 April at Ballarat BC. Unfortunately (for us) the hosts were runaway winners and retained the trophy but congratulations to our best-performed Bendigo pair (with 3rd place overall) Ron Wescott & Barb Evans. Thank you to all our pairs that took part and a big thank you to our gracious and generous hosts. Full results are available on the Bridge Unlimited website in the Results > Victorian Congress Events section.

2022 Club Awards & Trophies

The winners of our various awards, trophies and prizes were announced at the Xmas Social. To view a full list of the winners, in the Menu sidebar (above) click on 'Membership & Bookings' then click on 'Club Competitions', then scroll down to '2022 Honour Board'. Congratulations to all our winners! 



As at Oct 2023, Covid-19 is still prevalent in the community. To keep your fellow members safe from infection, please…

  • Do not come to play if you have any symptoms, go and get tested.
  • Wear a mask when playing. A supply of disposable masks will be available.
  • Sanitise between rounds
  • Wear layers for comfort and warmth – where weather conditions allow we will be opening windows and doors to facilitate natural ventilation.
  • Stay vaccinated – 2023 booster shots are available for most of our members.
  • If you are at high risk of getting very sick with COVID-19, apply for access to anti-viral medicines that can help you stay well, or treat the symptoms if you contract COVID-19.

For further information, please visit the DHSS Coronavirus Victoria website.

Contact Our Librarian

If you would like to contact our club Librarian (Kaye Parker), enter your message in the form below and click [Send]

Or send a personal email to

Recommended Titles

What is available? For a list of the books and other resources currently available, listed by topic, click on this link - Library Book Register by Topic July 2023

Over the coming months, new books will be reviewed and added to the library for your pleasure, so keep an eye on this section.

Delve Deeper - July 2022

Ready to explore further this evolving game of Bridge?  Some texts recommended or requested by our members – happy reading.

Features -

  • Improve Your Bridge Memory (Klinger)
  • 25 Steps to Learning 2/1 (Thurston)   x 2 copies
  • Playing 2/1:  Rest of the Story (Thurston)
  • Multi Two’s Pamphlet (Browne)  x  5
  • Roman Keycard Blackwood (Seagram)  x  2 copies
  • The Big Payoff:  Slam Bidding at Bridge  (Treble)
  • Barbara’s Bridge Tips (Seagram)
  • Counting at Bridge (Aves)
  • Play it Safe (Seagram)

Click on this link for more details... Delve Deeper July 2022

Delve Deeper - May 2022


  • Planning the Play of a Bridge Hand by Barbara Seagram and David Bird
  • Planning the Play – the Next Level by Barbara Seagram and David Bird
  • To Bid or Not to Bid – The Law of Total Tricks by Larry Cohen
  • 25 Ways to Take More Tricks as Declarer by Barbara Seagram and David Bird

Click on this link for more details... Delve Deeper - May 2022

Delve Deeper - December 2021


  • Card Play Technique or The Art of Being Lucky
  • The Power of Pass by Ron Klinger and Harold Schogger

  • Playing Doubled Contracts by Ron Klinger

Click on this link for more details... Delve Deeper - December 2021

Delve Deeper - November 2021

"It's not the handling of difficult hands that makes the winning player... It's the ability to avoid messing up the easy ones."
-S. J. Simon  

Eddie Kantar's Introduction to Delarer Play can help you with that.

Click on this link for details November Delve Deeper 

Eddie Kantar says "If you are good at defending, at least half of your opponent's contracts can be defeated..."

Want to know more? Click on this link: Introduction to Defence

Delve Deeper – June 2021

Let’s Delve Deeper – June 2021
Some exciting reading ahead!  We have purchased 5 digital Pocket Guides from the Bridge Shop.  They are in PDF form and can be  emailed to you so you can read them at your leisure. We have
*  The Pocket Guide to Bridge
*  The Pocket Guide to Bridge Conventions You Should Know
*  The Pocket Guide to Even More Bridge Conventions
*  The Pocket Guide to Defensive Play at Bridge
*  The Pocket Guide to Declarer Play at Bridge
If you wish to take advantage of this opportunity, please email me via the Contact Our Librarian panel, above.
Kaye Parker, Librarian
Delve Deeper Mar 21

Let’s Delve Deeper – Bridge Base Online   March 2021

March has me looking at BBO.  After chatting with some novice players at the table, I mentioned how helpful the Practice button on BBO has been to me, especially for practice during Covid.  The good news is it caters for Beginner right through to World Class.  The bidding is done for you; you play the hand. Easy!  What I like is as soon as I stall and cannot make the contract, there is a Show Solution button. You can play the hands as many times as you wish and very soon you are transferring skills learned to the face-to-face Bridge table.

Because I have an account to play with BBO, there is no charge. Otherwise, you will have to create a BBO number and pay whatever you wish as there is a small charge.

The sequence is Log in, Practice tab, Bridge Master, and play

                           Happy Exploring - Kaye Parker

Delve Deeper Feb 21

Delve Deeper is a new addition to our library files.  The aim is to bring attention to a website or a book in our library.  We have a wealth of varying levels of knowledge in our own club, and it is hoped you will share your expertise in this section. It is important to cater for everyone, and my experience is more as a beginner/improver.  In this month’s delving deeper I have chosen to explore our own  Australian Bridge Federation website

Click on the Education button and then scroll down to the bottom to click on "Classroom Resources"

Here you will find different Learner Guided Paths:

Rebids, Judgement, Novices, Improvers, Videos


Happy exploring from your library team

Kaye Parker