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The June Monthly Medal Awards have landed!

Click on 'Membership & Bookings', then click on 'Monthly Medal' to find the list of winners and to view the monthly medal reports. Check out the reports - you may find that you and your partner have scored some bonus masterpoints.

Bill Hughes International Simultaneous Pairs event cancelled

On the advice of the organisers, this event has been cancelled. The Monday 4th July session will revert to being a Club Pairs event.

Yarrawonga Congress 22-24 July

The Yarrawonga Congress flyer has landed - click on this link: 2022 Yarrawonga Bridge Congress Flyer. Please support this event if you can.

Tuesday evening sessions

From 7th June our Tuesday evening sessions transitioned from ‘Mentored Play’ to ‘Supervised Play’. Sessions are open to all club members. If you wish to play, please click on this link to read important ‘Conditions of Play’ information.

News from the VBA

The June VBA bulletin has landed.  You can find it in the Bridge Musings panel below. Our very own Seb Wright cops a mention - as do our congress results. 

2022 Congress

Our first congress since 2019 took place over the weekend (28-29 May) at The Conservatory, All Seasons Resort. Not surprisingly, numbers were down from pre-Covid times but with 46 entries for the Pairs event and 15 for the Teams, we had plenty of lively competition.

Congratulations to Pairs winners Leo Saoud & Gus Ghali. Best performed Bendigo pair (with a very respectable 4th place) were Barb Evans & Ron Wescott – doubly respectable because Ron was playing through the pain of a recent knee replacement.

The Teams event was won by Doug Newlands, Richard Laurie and Gavin and Kirsten Bailey. Best performed Bendigo team was Yvonne Forrest (playing her first congress), Kaye Parker, Janet Rogers & Rosemary Monotti – well done them.

Full results are available on the Bridge Unlimited website – click on the link on our Useful Links web page then click on Results > Victorian Congress Events.

The congress doesn’t just happen - many people contributed their time and energy to make it a success. Special mentions go to Janet R, Cathie S, the Goddards and Rosemary M for their work in planning, organising and setting up and tearing down the event. (It would be appreciated if more club members would volunteer to help with next year’s congress). Special thanks to Ken S and Adrian D for making themselves available at very short notice as an emergency pair; and (No show without Punch) to our director, Martin Willcox – authoritative and entertaining as ever. And finally, a shout-out to the management and staff of All Seasons for the delicious food and their behind-the-scenes work to make sure the event went smoothly.


Contact Our Librarian

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Recommended Titles

What is available? For a list of the books and other resources currently available, click on this link - Library Book Register May 2022

Over the coming months, new books will be reviewed and added to the library for your pleasure, so keep an eye on this section.

Delve Deeper - May 2022


  • Planning the Play of a Bridge Hand by Barbara Seagram and David Bird
  • Planning the Play – the Next Level by Barbara Seagram and David Bird
  • To Bid or Not to Bid – The Law of Total Tricks by Larry Cohen
  • 25 Ways to Take More Tricks as Declarer by Barbara Seagram and David Bird

Click on this link for more details... Delve Deeper - May 2022

Delve Deeper - December 2021


  • Card Play Technique or The Art of Being Lucky
  • The Power of Pass by Ron Klinger and Harold Schogger

  • Playing Doubled Contracts by Ron Klinger

Click on this link for more details... Delve Deeper - December 2021

Delve Deeper - November 2021

"It's not the handling of difficult hands that makes the winning player... It's the ability to avoid messing up the easy ones."
-S. J. Simon  

Eddie Kantar's Introduction to Delarer Play can help you with that.

Click on this link for details November Delve Deeper 

Eddie Kantar says "If you are good at defending, at least half of your opponent's contracts can be defeated..."

Want to know more? Click on this link: Introduction to Defence

Delve Deeper June 2021

Let’s Delve Deeper – June 2021
Some exciting reading ahead!  We have purchased 5 digital Pocket Guides from the Bridge Shop.  They are in PDF form and can be  emailed to you so you can read them at your leisure. We have
*  The Pocket Guide to Bridge
*  The Pocket Guide to Bridge Conventions You Should Know
*  The Pocket Guide to Even More Bridge Conventions
*  The Pocket Guide to Defensive Play at Bridge
*  The Pocket Guide to Declarer Play at Bridge
If you wish to take advantage of this opportunity, please email me via the Contact Our Librarian panel, above.
Kaye Parker, Librarian
Delve Deeper Mar 21

Let’s Delve Deeper – Bridge Base Online   March 2021

March has me looking at BBO.  After chatting with some novice players at the table, I mentioned how helpful the Practice button on BBO has been to me, especially for practice during Covid.  The good news is it caters for Beginner right through to World Class.  The bidding is done for you; you play the hand. Easy!  What I like is as soon as I stall and cannot make the contract, there is a Show Solution button. You can play the hands as many times as you wish and very soon you are transferring skills learned to the face-to-face Bridge table.

Because I have an account to play with BBO, there is no charge. Otherwise, you will have to create a BBO number and pay whatever you wish as there is a small charge.

The sequence is Log in, Practice tab, Bridge Master, and play

                           Happy Exploring - Kaye Parker

Delve Deeper Feb 21

Delve Deeper is a new addition to our library files.  The aim is to bring attention to a website or a book in our library.  We have a wealth of varying levels of knowledge in our own club, and it is hoped you will share your expertise in this section. It is important to cater for everyone, and my experience is more as a beginner/improver.  In this month’s delving deeper I have chosen to explore our own  Australian Bridge Federation website

Click on the Education button and then scroll down to the bottom to click on "Classroom Resources"

Here you will find different Learner Guided Paths:

Rebids, Judgement, Novices, Improvers, Videos


Happy exploring from your library team

Kaye Parker