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There is an important change to our F2F Covid-safety rules.


All our other Covid-safe playing rules remain in place. Please read our amended Covid-safe F2F Play Instructions - 210327 for full details.

Book a COVID vaccination


Tuesday Evening Bridge Returns!

Dear all,

Tuesday evening competition starts this Tuesday, 23rd March (and Wednesday afternoon relaxed play returns two weeks later on 7th April)!

Some notes about Tuesday (this first session in particular):

  • I’ll be directing ... at least, I hope so. I have a new hip, doing well so I certainly expect to BE there, but it’s possible it will be Peter who’s doing the work!  If it’s me, well, it will be the first time for a year ...
  • A few of us have done a phone-around to the people who haven’t played at our club in the flesh this year, and there are quite a few who'd like to come, but have hardly played at all for a year ...

So it may be slightly different from usual!  Here are a few notes:

Registering - you need to do this in advance on the Club website...

  • Select "Calendar" at the top
  • Select the session
  • Choose: 
    • "Booking" to book for yourself and your partner, or 
    • "Partner required" if you need one, 

and enter the details required. That is now the regular procedure for all competition sessions, to ensure our numbers stay below the room's COVID capacity.

Masterpoints - Tuesdays should be a normal competition (24 boards), but in view of the circumstances I think it may be best to schedule fewer boards on that night for the first few weeks.  That will lower the MP values, but seems preferable to cutting the competition short (fraught with issues regarding a fair result!), or playing on to the bitter end so you can't wake up on Wednesday morning.  We want Tuesday night bridge to be drama-free and to fit comfortably in your lives.

Play is scheduled to start at 7 (and at LGCC, not at Chum St as previously).  PLEASE arrive BEFORE 6.45 - we have COVID protocols to observe as well as getting into a routine.  Sadly, we are still (as of today) playing in masks, but figure caution is still preferable to comfort given the demographic of our members.

There will be no formal tea-break, as the kitchen is closed, so please bring your own flasks of tea/coffee/whatever (note LGCC has an alcohol-free policy).

The future - This might seem to be a silly time to expand our offerings, given that we had to cancel last Wednesday evening because you can't have a competition with one and a half tables!  But it was St Patrick's Day ...

Anyhow, we're trying it partly because we know some people prefer Tuesdays, and partly because at last we have acquired our normal venue for this session.  The Match Committee and Club Committee will be monitoring attendances and making long-term decisions.

We hope to see you there - and in your sunniest, most tolerant frame of mind :)

If you have any questions or difficulties, or suggestions, please phone me on my mobile number listed below.

Kind regards,


Jennifer Goddard, 0413 745 415

Wednesday Evening Club Pairs in danger

Low player numbers led to the Wednesday 17 March session being cancelled.

If members wish Wednesday Evening Club Pairs to remain as part of our club calendar they are encouraged to book for future sessions.

To book a COVID vaccination


Anyone in the phase 1a or phase 1b should now consider booking a vaccination

Find a vaccination centre near you and make a booking

Phase 1b starts Monday 22 March 2021 for all Australians over 70 and anyone who is immuno-compromised.  Apparently there are 6 million Australians in this category so the moral is to register early, or enjoy a long wait.


It's time to love bridge again!
It's time to love bridge again!

Janet invites everyone back for face to face (F2F) bridge at LGCC.  

Friday, Monday (afternoon) and Wednesday (evening) club pairs have commenced.

Tuesday evening commencing 23rd March!

Wednesday afternoon relaxed play is expected to commence early in April (watch for the actual date).

Until further notice, F2F bridge will be for members only and with tables limited to 12, or 24 pairs. Members may book in to play with another club member or a guest player who is not currently a member of Bendigo Bridge Club.
Members can make a booking without a password through the [Booking Required] icon in [Calendar] , or using the [Find a Partner] tab found in [Membership & Bookings]).

ABF launches MyABF
ABF launches MyABF

The ABF has launched a new service to members.

MyABF is the new technology platform for the ABF.  It will become your primary access to all your bridge information across Australia.

Go to the website and sign up today click MYABF

Create your own member password

To access the [Member Only] area, you need to create your own password.

If you are unable to do this, please use the [Contact Us] page under the [About Us] menu to request the web administrator to create a password for you.

Members can book a F2F session or request a partner in [Calendar] without a password. (toggle the Partner icon  to access the booking and partner icons  More...

Club Pairs
Long Gully 1:30PM
Director: Peter Goddard
Club Pairs
Long Gully 7 PM
Director: Peter Goddard
Club Pairs
Long Gully 7 PM
Director: Jennifer Goddard
12th April 2021
Club Pairs
Long Gully 1:30 PM
Director: Paul O'Hare
13th April 2021
Club Pairs
Long Gully 7 PM
Director: Jennifer Goddard
14th April 2021
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