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New Code of Good Conduct published

The club has adopted a new Code of Good Conduct that members and guests will be expected to follow. For further information, see the new 'Code of Good Conduct' news item, on the right-hand side of this page.

Afternoon Tea with the Guv (+ Report)

Every Victorian bridge club received an invitation from the Governor of Victoria to send two members (a pair) to a special Afternoon Tea and Bridge event, to be held on Wednesday, 15 November at Government House.
Your committee unanimously agreed to nominate the Goddards as our representatives.
They weren't the only BBC members attending. Our neighbours, Maine BC, nominated Ron Wescott & Louise Griffin; the Victorian Youth Team nominated Seb Wright; and  Sandhurst Bridge Acadamy nominated Denis Upsall & Faye Symons.  All five are also members of our club.
Congratulations to all - we hope you had a wonderful day! Click here to read Jennifer's entertaining match report.

Library News

Our Librarian has been busy adding interesting new titles to the bookshelves. Check out menu Education > Library to find the latest available titles.

Tea Breaks Return

The committee has decided to reinstate 10-minute Tea Breaks into our regular Club sessions - on a 3-month trial basis - commencing Monday 25th September.  Please note that in order to ensure that sessions finish in a reasonable time, our directors will be more strictly enforcing the Round Timer clock. 

Martin Willcox Workshops at Ballarat BC

Ballarat BC are hosting a second series of Martin Willcox workshops, with the aim of fostering player advancement and social contact between clubs. The workshops are free. BYO lunch.

Where: Ballarat Bridge Club, 1001 Eyre Street, BALLARAT 3350

When & What:

Tuesday, October 3, 10:00 AM: Playing the hand
Tuesday, November 14, 10:00 AM: Playing Defence
Tuesday, December 5, 10:00 AM: TBA

Lego Room Cooling 'fixed'

The cooling system in the Lego Room seems to be fixed. However, the control panel seems a bit wonky and, when the system is on, there are warmer and colder areas in the room, depending on the location of tables vis-a-vis the cooling vents. If you are sensitive to temperature variations, please wear layers so that you can adjust your clothing to keep yourself comfortable.

Bridge Victoria

A link to the BV website can be found on our 'Useful Links' page. 

Monthly Nosh & Natter

Our MN&N social dinners will resume in September.  These Thursday evening get-togethers are informal social events - a chance for members (and their spouses / partners) to have a friendly natter about... anything really, over some good pub food and drink. 

Need more details? Contact Eamon Dempsey on 0408 467 599.

2022 Club Awards & Trophies

The winners of our various awards, trophies and prizes were announced at the Xmas Social. To view a full list of the winners, in the Menu sidebar (above) click on 'Membership & Bookings' then click on 'Club Competitions', then scroll down to '2022 Honour Board'. Congratulations to all our winners! 



As at Oct 2023, Covid-19 is still prevalent in the community. To keep your fellow members safe from infection, please…

  • Do not come to play if you have any symptoms, go and get tested.
  • Wear a mask when playing. A supply of disposable masks will be available.
  • Sanitise between rounds
  • Wear layers for comfort and warmth – where weather conditions allow we will be opening windows and doors to facilitate natural ventilation.
  • Stay vaccinated – 2023 booster shots are available for most of our members.
  • If you are at high risk of getting very sick with COVID-19, apply for access to anti-viral medicines that can help you stay well, or treat the symptoms if you contract COVID-19.

For further information, please visit the DHSS Coronavirus Victoria website.

Bridge Musings

Bridge Musing will no longer be updated with links to BV Bulletins. Instead, please

  • Click on the Bridge Victoria link in our Useful Links page, then
  • Click on the 'Bulletins' tab on the BV Home page, then
  • Click on the bulletin you wish to read. 

BV Bulletin 2308

BV Bulletin 2307

BV Bulletin 2306

BV Bulletin 2305

BV Bulletin 2304

BV Bulletin 2303

BV Bulletin 2302

VBA Bulletin Dec 2022

VBA Bulletin Nov 2022

VBA Bulletin July 2022

VBA Bulletin June 2022


2023 Christmas Lunch

ABF Promotions

Congratulations to the following Club Members on gaining promotions in their ABF Rankings

Promotions for month of November 2023

  • Jacob Eapen  - promoted to Graduate Master with 2.06 Masterpoints
  • Veronica Parker  - promoted to Club Master with 5.38 Masterpoints
  • Rosemary Phelps  - promoted to Local Master with 15.09 Masterpoints
  • David Smith - promoted to Bronze Local Master with 25.56 Masterpoints
  • Glenis Roberts - promoted to State Master with 62.6 Masterpoints
  • Vicki Banko - promoted to National Master with 219.99 Masterpoints
  • Faye Searle - promoted to Bronze National Master with 277.12 Masterpoints
  • Barb Evans - promoted to Bronze Life Master with 523.79 Masterpoints

Well done all - with special congratulations to Barb on her outstanding achievement!

Seb's World Youth Championship Teams Report

Back home from Veldhoven in the Netherlands, after competing in the 18th World Youth Championships for the Australian U26 team. So, how did we do?

Well, after a long, challenging round-robin competition, we finished with 8/23 wins which landed us in 19th place.

The teams we managed to win against (the matches I played in are marked with an asterisk) were:

  • England* - they finished 18th 
  • Greece* - they finished 6th but got knocked out in the Quarterfinals 
  • Canada* - they finished 17th  
  • Germany* - they finished 14th 
  • Barbados - Finished 24th 
  • Estonia - Finished 22nd 
  • Croatia* - they finished 11th  
  • Chinese Taipei* - they finished 15th 

But we also lost narrowly to the two top teams: by -9 Imps to USA1 and by -8 Imps to the Netherlands, which was a great effort.

So, overall, we think we played well and did better than expected.

My favourite board from the event? Well, there were rather too many to choose from but I think I've got two, both listed below. If you open the link and then hover over the contract you will be able to see the auction.

We played our match against the Netherlands (the home team and eventual winners of the final) on Vugraph. It was recorded and streamed by v8mama (Vanessa Brown) with commentary from the renowned Australian teacher, Will Jenner O'shea and the great Ron Klinger. Here is a link to the stream:

BBC Congress 2023

Our 2023 Congress took place at the All Seasons Resort's Conservatory over the weekend of 27-28 May. We had 50 entries for the Pairs event and 16 entries for the Teams - slightly up on last year.

Leo Saoud & Bob Geyer from Moonee Valley BC won the Pairs event. Leo and Bob (along with teammates Ben Kingham & Sylvia Gluck) backed that up with a win in the Teams event.

Best Bendigo Pair, in a very creditable 10th place, were Graeme (El Presidente) Hegarty and (a credit to his mother) Scott Jackman. The Best Bendigo Pair under 50 MP prize was taken out by Glenda Burt & Wendy Bodey, and the Encouragement Award for Best Placed pair with less than 10 MP went to Veronica Parker and Tania Angove.

The Best Bendigo Team award was won by Kaye Parker, Yvonne Forrest, Rosemary Monotti & Janet Rogers.

Congratulations to all!

Full results can be found on the Bridge Unlimited website (click on the link in our 'Useful Links' menu, then Results > Victorian Congress Events).

At the invitation of our President, the Mayor of Greater Bendigo, Cr Andrea Metcalf popped in to see for herself how our congress benefits not just the players but also businesses in the Greater Bendigo area.

The congress doesn't just magically happen - many people contribute their talents and energies to bring it all together. Big thanks are due to...

Barb Evans - for venue wrangling, volunteer recruitment and coordination, and for organising the Saturday dinner at the Reservoir Hotel - which proved to be very (almost, too) popular.

Laureen Jinks and Glenis Roberts:- financial affairs, player registration and fee collection (and for filling in for a no-show pair).

David Smith - haulage; and our 'roadies' - David Conley, Eamon Dempsey, et al.

Rosemary Monotti and Janet Rogers - Logistical support

Merlyn Pritchard - Prize wrangling

Seb Wright - Congress Recorder.

Martin Willcox, who directed in his usual inimitable and entertaining style.

The management and staff of All Seasons Resort, for the excellent food and their quietly efficient service.

And to all our members who came along to play. We hope you enjoyed yourselves, regardless of results!


ABF launches MyABF
ABF launches MyABF

The ABF has launched a new service to members.

MyABF is the new technology platform for the ABF.  It will become your primary access to all your bridge information across Australia.

Go to the website and sign up today click MYABF

Create your own member password

To access the [Member Only] area, you need to create your own password.

If you are unable to do this, please use the [Contact Us] page under the [About Us] menu to request the web administrator to create a password for you.

Members can book a F2F session or request a partner in [Calendar] without a password. (toggle the Partner icon  to access the booking and partner icons.

Code of Good Conduct

At the Management Committee meeting held on 20th November 2023, your Committee unanimously agreed to the publication and distribution of a new ‘Code of Good Conduct’ for the Club.

This document aims to promote practices and behaviours that are aligned with and support the purpose of the Club, ie

  • To provide a congenial, fair, competitive, and ethical environment conducive to participation in, achieving excellence at, and enjoyment of Bridge at all levels.
  • To ensure members and visitors are received with friendly hospitality by extending respectful, courteous behaviour to all.

The Club expects all members to be familiar with the Code and to conform to its requirements when attending Club events.

Click on this link to access the Code of Good Conduct document.

If you are unable to access the document via the link, please ask the Secretary for a printed copy.

Name Badges

Members are encouraged to wear their name badges at every session. This is a simple courtesy and especially important as we often have new members joining the club.

If you would like to buy a name badge please contact Dianne Dunlop (0437 040 222).

Cost will be approximately $18, depending on number being ordered.

2023 Victorian Congresses & Special Events

Click on this link to see 2023 Victorian Congress Dates

Local club congress dates will be included in our club calendar.

Other special events are listed here: 2023 Special Events

At time of writing (Dec 2022) Covid is still active in Victoria. Check out the host club's web site for the latest information on dates, venues and playing conditions.

Club Pairs
Long Gully Community Centre 7pm
Director: Seb Wright
Club Pairs
Long Gully 1:30 PM
Director: Paul O'Hare
Nationwide Pairs
Long Gully 1:30PM
Director: Peter Goddard
8th December 2023
Club Pairs
Long Gully 1:30PM
Last Friday Club Pairs for 2023. Next Friday: Xmas Social. Friday Club Pairs resume 12 January 2024.
Director: Peter Goddard
11th December 2023
Nationwide Pairs
Long Gully 1:30 PM
Last Monday Pairs for 2023. Monday Club Pairs resume 8 January 2024.
Director: Jennifer Goddard
12th December 2023
Club Pairs
Long Gully Community Centre 7pm
Last Tuesday Club Pairs for 2023. Tuesday Club Pairs resume 9 January 2024.
Director: Seb Wright