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Key Messages

Relaxed Pairs in 2023

Relaxed Pairs (social bridge) will resume on Wednesday 8th February. Sessions will run from 12 noon until 3pm.  All welcome, bookings not required.
Contact Janet Rogers for further information - 0499 775 735.

2022 Club Awards & Trophies

The winners of our various awards, trophies and prizes were announced at the Xmas Social. To view a full list of the winners, in the Menu sidebar (above) click on 'Membership & Bookings' then click on 'Club Competitions', then scroll down to '2022 Honour Board'. Congratulations to all our winners! 


Covid-19 Cases on the Rise

Covid 19 cases are again on the rise in Victoria and, concerningly, several members have recently reported testing positive for the virus.

To keep your fellow members safe from infection, please…

  • Do not come to play if you have any symptoms, go and get tested.
  • Wear a mask when playing. A supply of disposable masks will be available.
  • Sanitise between rounds
  • Wear layers for comfort and warmth – where weather conditions allow we will be opening windows and doors to facilitate natural ventilation.
  • Get vaccinated – 4th doses are available for eligible persons over 50.
  • If you are at high risk of getting very sick with COVID-19, apply for access to anti-viral medicines that can help you stay well, or treat the symptoms if you contract COVID-19.

For further information, please visit the DHSS Coronavirus Victoria website.

Monthly Nosh & Natter

MN&N will resume in February. Date, time and venue will be advised after the Xmas break.

News from the VBA

 A link to the December VBA bulletin can be found in the Bridge Musings panel below

Members should be aware that the VBA is relocating and restructuring. On 21 December 2022 they issued the following update...

Move from Poath Road to Dendy Park

... the VBA will be moving to Dendy Park in January.  The new club brings together members of the VBA and the Dendy Park Bridge Club into a united club under a new name. We recently invited members of both clubs to provide input into naming the new entity.  The club will be known as the Victorian Bridge Centre.  We look forward to welcoming you to our new facility soon. 

As part of this change, the group responsible for all state operations will now operate as Bridge Victoria. In the new year, the VBA website will transform into the Bridge Victoria website and will be the first stop for affiliate clubs seeking information and support. 

The process of selling the Poath Road site has commenced, and we will keep you informed as this progresses.

ABF Promotions

Congratulations to the following Club Members on gaining promotions in their ABF Rankings

Promotions for month of December 2022... 

  • Lorraine Ferguson - promoted to Bronze Local Master with 25.08 Masterpoints
  • Danny Murphy - promoted to Bronze Local Master with 25.52 Masterpoints
  • Wendy Harris - promoted to Bronze State Master with 212.67 Masterpoints
Well done all!

Tell your friends!

ABF launches MyABF
ABF launches MyABF

The ABF has launched a new service to members.

MyABF is the new technology platform for the ABF.  It will become your primary access to all your bridge information across Australia.

Go to the website and sign up today click MYABF

Create your own member password

To access the [Member Only] area, you need to create your own password.

If you are unable to do this, please use the [Contact Us] page under the [About Us] menu to request the web administrator to create a password for you.

Members can book a F2F session or request a partner in [Calendar] without a password. (toggle the Partner icon  to access the booking and partner icons.

Name Badges

Members are encouraged to wear their name badges at every session. This is a simple courtesy and especially important as we often have new members joining the club.

If you would like to buy a name badge please contact our Treasurer, Laureen Jinks (0439 113 089), who will be placing an order soon.

Cost is approximately $18, depending on number ordered.

2023 Victorian Congresses & Special Events

Click on this link to see 2023 Victorian Congress Dates

Local club congress dates will be included in our club calendar.

Other special events are listed here: 2023 Special Events

At time of writing (Dec 2022) Covid is still active in Victoria. Check out the host club's web site for the latest information on dates, venues and playing conditions.

Club Pairs
Long Gully Community Centre 7pm
Director: Jenny Ranson/Seb Wright
Nationwide Pairs
Long Gully 1:30 PM
Director: Jennifer Goddard
Club Pairs
Long Gully 1:30PM
Director: Ron Wescott
3rd February 2023
Club Pairs
Long Gully 1:30PM
Director: Peter Goddard
6th February 2023
Club Pairs
Long Gully 1:30 PM
Director: Paul O'Hare
7th February 2023
Club Pairs
Long Gully Community Centre 7pm
Director: Jenny Ranson/Seb Wright