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F2F Bridge - You must be double-vaccinated!

We have been advised by LGCC Committee that City of Bendigo now requires all users of its community facilities to be double vaccinated. This means that unvaccinated persons will be denied entry to LGCC even if they hold a valid medical vaccination exemption certificate.

Please read our updated Covid-safe Conditions of Play Summary - 18 Jan 2022 here.

New date for 2021 AGM

We have a new date for the much postponed 2021 AGM - Monday, 7 February 2022 at 11am. See calendar for details. 

Christmas Lunch and Awards

This years Christmas Lunch and Awards event was held on Thursday 16 December in the Sky Lounge at Bendigo Stadium. It was a very enjoyable day. Congratulations and thanks to Janet Rogers, Cathie Shearer, Kaye Parker and Yvonne Forrest who organised things and to the venue staff and kitchen for providing such a delicious Xmas lunch. Highlights included...

  • A group sing-along led by the Goddards: "What Shall We Do" - an all too clear-eyed view of the story arc of the life of a bridge player, sung rousingly by all to the tune of "What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor?" 
  • A poem recital: "The 12 Days of Turkey" (the bird, not the country). Narrated by MaryAnn Andrea in the best tradition of bush poetry, the poem provided an all too clear-eyed view of the story arc of a Xmas Turkey, from oven to bin.
  • The Annual Club Awards and Prizegiving. The 2021 Honour Board can be found at the Membership Club Competitions page or (until this news item is deleted) by clicking on this link 2021 CLUB AWARDS
  •  The traditional chaotic individual bridge event, organised (and I use that word loosely) by Peter and Jennifer. I'm joking, of course. It was hugely enjoyable and provided a suitably light-hearted end to what has been, at times, a grim bridge year.

A Merry Christmas to all our members! See you back at bridge in 2022.


No more Wednesday Evening Club Pairs  

Due to lack of player interest, Wednesday Evening Club Pairs has been removed from the Club Calendar.



Book a COVID vaccination



Bridge Lessons 2022
Bridge Lessons 2022

Bridge lessons are starting up again in February. Tell your friends!

Barefoot Bowls Invitation
Barefoot Bowls Invitation

Want another fun pastime in addition to bridge? How about giving lawn bowls a try?

Mask Wearing Instructions
Mask Wearing Instructions
The Lighter Side of Bridge

Dinosaurs didn't play bridge.

Dinosaurs are now extinct.

Coincidence? We think not!

ABF Promotions

Congratulations to the following Club Members on achieving promotions in their ABF Rankings

Promotions for month of July 2021 

  • John Brown - promoted to Graduate Master with total 2.61 Mpt
No updates for the 'Victoria's Top 50 Most Improved' table.

Well done John!

To book a COVID vaccination


Anyone in the phase 1a or phase 1b should now consider booking a vaccination

Find a vaccination centre near you and make a booking

Phase 1b starts Monday 22 March 2021 for all Australians over 70 and anyone who is immuno-compromised.  Apparently there are 6 million Australians in this category so the moral is to register early, or enjoy a long wait.


ABF launches MyABF
ABF launches MyABF

The ABF has launched a new service to members.

MyABF is the new technology platform for the ABF.  It will become your primary access to all your bridge information across Australia.

Go to the website and sign up today click MYABF

Create your own member password

To access the [Member Only] area, you need to create your own password.

If you are unable to do this, please use the [Contact Us] page under the [About Us] menu to request the web administrator to create a password for you.

Members can book a F2F session or request a partner in [Calendar] without a password. (toggle the Partner icon  to access the booking and partner icons.

2022 Victorian Congresses & Special Events

Click on this link 2022 Victorian Congresses for a list of Victorian club congress dates.

Local club congress dates will be included in our club calendar.

Other special events are listed here: 2022 Special Events

At time of writing (Dec 2021) Covid is still active in Victoria. Check the host club's web site for the latest information on dates, venues and playing conditions.

Club Pairs
Long Gully 1:30PM
Director: Peter Goddard
Club Pairs
Long Gully 1:30 PM
Director: Paul O'Hare
Nationwide Pairs
Long Gully 1:30PM
Director: Peter Goddard
21st January 2022
Club Pairs
Long Gully 1:30PM
Director: Peter Goddard
24th January 2022
Club Pairs
Long Gully 1:30 PM
Director: Paul O'Hare
26th January 2022
Relaxed Pairs - TBA
Long Gully 1.30 PM