Wednesday afternoon virtual bridge starts at 2.00 pm, 8 minutes a hand, usually around 18 boards played

Friday evenings virtual bridge starts at 6.30 pm, 7 minutes a hand, usually 24-27 boards played



EMBA are hoping to raise funds for maintaining the building in Spondon, they have no income at the moment and with funds running low, they are concerned about the fact that they may have to sell the building.

They have come up with a 50/50 monthly prize draw.  Please look at the DCBA web site and possibly purchase 50/50 numbers.

For further information look on DCBA website or contact Jim Parker: jimparker@totalise.co.uk


The Committee has reviewed the present situation concerning the Covid-19 restrictions and concluded that for the time being there can be no change to the present arrangements



In view of the current Coronavirus situation all face to face bridge sessions at Belper Bridge Club are suspended until further notice.

Keep checking the website for further development.


Collection of Annual Subscription

After discussion, Belper Bridge Club Committee has decided to postpone the collection of subscriptions until such time when we could return to “normal” bridge and hold our AGM. The situation will be reviewed periodically.

The Committee has also decided that anyone who was a member of Belper Bridge Club in April 2020 will remain a member until an AGM can be held.

Natasha Romaine

Belper Bridge Club Chair

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Welcome to Belper Bridge Club



At last week’s Committee meeting it was decided to hold the overdue Annual General Meeting by Zoom on Wednesday 28 April at 7.00 pm.

There are some vacancies on the Committee so if you are interested in joining the Committee please contact Alan Bullock (alan.bullock2@btinternet.comNominations have to be submitted one week before the meeting. If you are interested or have any other questions please contact Alan. Please ensure that nominees are willing to be nominated and that there is a seconder for the nomination.

Watch this space for further information.

Natasha Romaine

Belper Bridge Club Chair


Congratulations to John and Kathryn our first heat winners and qualifiers

A new Bronze star will be awarded to the runners up Phil and Natasha with the possibility of qualifying for the final.

See under Competitions.



Belper Bridge Club runs two sessions of virtual bridge on Bridge Base Online

Stepping Stones Sessions Wednesday afternoons at 2.00 pm and Friday evenings at 6.30 pm

All welcome

To register please let us have your EBU number and BBO user name

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions concerning logging in to BBO or purchasing BB$

Lynda Jetten: lyndajetten@gmail.com

Natasha : natasha.romaine@btinternet.com


Do you agree with my thinking on this hand.

The 6NT bid was not just hogging the contract.

With 19 points opposite an opening bid we are clearly in slam territory.

We play 5 card majors.

Even if Natasha is sub minimum for her bid she probably has a 6th spade which may give us 5 tricks.

I am hoping for a lead into one of my red suits which may create the extra trick.

Had Natasha 2 key cards would I have been brave enough to go 7? We will never know.

As the cards lie I need to drop or find KS onside. Slightly better than 50/50. And the same applies if we are in the spade slam.

It would have been easier with a 4th club or diamond in either hand giving extra chances.

Fortune favours the bold?

Or should it not be bid?

What do you think?






NB referring to a completed Convention card or summarising your system at the beginning of the round does not free you from the obligation to Alert where necessary

The person who makes an alertable bid, alerts her/his bid. That is he/she clicks the alert button before making the bid. Her/his partner does not see the alert, whilst the opposition do, hence no unauthorised information is passed on. The opposition can now click on the explain box to find out the meaning of the bid from the bidder again unseen by his/her partner.

See links below for self-alerting these are very clear as to alerting action we should take when playing bridge online.





BeauRepaire Heat
Scorer: Eddie
Stepping Stones Session
Normal pairs
Scorer: Eddie
21st Apr 2021
Stepping Stones Session
23rd Apr 2021
Moss Trophy
6.30 pm
28th Apr 2021
Stepping Stones Session