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Show up with or without a partner; the director is always available to play.


Debbie Bennett achieved the highest rank in ACBL when she became a Grand Life Master. Congratulations to Debbie on this sparkling achievement. A Grand Life Master has won more than 10,000 master points and won a national championship. In 2012, she was a member of the Canadian Women's Championship team.

When I asked her for some bridge memories, Debbie recalled two involving world champions. She and partner Hans Jacobs arrived in Gatlinburg for the regional in 1997 and found two expert players to partner with. As they compared scores at the half, one of the other pair said, "I hope you don't mind. We've added another pair." As Debbie looked over her shoulder, she saw Jeff Meckstroth standing there, watching the comparison. Jeff calmly said, “We’ll play the second half of sets as long as we survive. Keep us in the match and we’ll take care of the rest”. They went on to win the event.

At a regional in Indianapolis, Debbie played against Meckstroth's famous partner Eric Rodwell. In a team match, Debbie reached a contract that Rodwell thought he could defeat. He doubled. He was wrong; Debbie was right. And a lifetime memory had been created.

Debbie was quick to thank all the partners over the years who had helped her reach this goal. Congratulations, Debbie, on an amazing bridge achievement.

A Blast From the Past

A Blast From the Past
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Peterborough/Belleville/Cobourg Virtual Bridge Club

                                STARDUST WEEK.  200% REGULAR CLUB RATING MPS

                                                    25% GOLD, 75% BLACK.  


July 26-July 30

Monday, July 26



Monday, July 26



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Friday, July 30



To find your results through the Peterborough web site, click on this link:

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Face-to-face bridge

Thank you to the more than 50 club members who responded to the email about face-to-bridge.  Most of the respondents (90+%) were prepared for face-to-face bridge sometime in the future.  Just when that future will occur is not clear.  All respondents recognized that public health and government regulations must be met before we can consider playing face-to-face.  The vast majority of players were dissatisfied with the lack of air flow, poor ventilation, and paucity of windows at our previous site although they were pleased with the location and the parking.  Some members commented favourably on the possibility of combining online and face-to-face play by introducing tablets at the club.  All-in-all there is definitely a lot to think about and a lot still to be done before we can consider restarting face-to-face bridge.  We will keep you up to date on our progress as we move forward in this direction.  In the meantime, any and all suggestions are welcome at any time.  Contact Harold or Malcolm or any other member of the executive.  Email addresses are available on this web site.


UPDATE #1 (July 10)

On Monday, July 12, Harold and Malcolm will look at properties at the Bayview Mall.  We'll keep you informed via the web site of our findings.

UPDATE #2 (July 17)

The Bayview Mall did not have any property that looked appropriate for our needs.  On Wednesday, July 21, Harold and some members of the BDBC executive will meet with the steward of Emmanuel United Church in Foxboro to discuss the use of that site as a location for the club. Stay tuned.

UPDATE #3 (July 25)

The executive is continuing to weigh its options regarding a new location.  At a meeting on July 21, the executive made the following decisions regarding Face-to-Face bridge.

1.  In order to play at the club, you must be double vaccinated.
2.  Until the end of the year, games will be held starting at 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
3.  Tuesday and Thursday games will be open; Wednesday will be limited to non-life masters.
4.  Hand sanitizers will be available on each table.

Larry McMaster


Larry McMaster passed away on Thursday evening, July 1, after a long struggle with cancer.

Obituary: copy this link to read the inspiring story of Larry's life -

Celebration of life: A Celebration of Life will be held on September 18, 2021. For more information contact:


Belleville Duplicate Bridge Club Address




♣  Game Fee: $5 per game ♣ 

Weekly Games Monday to Friday

Non-Life Master @ Monday: 6:30 pm 

Open Pairs @ Tuesday: 1:00 pm  

Handicap Pairs @ Wednesday: 1:00 pm 

0-299 @ Thursday: 1:00 pm 

Open Pairs @ Friday: 11:00 am

Team Games

Last Tuesday evening of each month (Under discussion)

Mon 26th July 2021
NLM Pairs
6:30 PM
Tue 27th July 2021
Handicap Pairs
1:00 PM
Tue 27th July 2021
Handicap Team Game (Tentative)
7:00 PM
Open Pairs
Director: Lynda Tarle
299ers Pairs
Director: Jeanne Webster
Open Pairs-Handicap Game
Director: Fran Beckingham