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Board News

Lifting our mask and vaccination restrictions. All Covid restrictions are lifted.  No more vaccination checks.  Masks are optional. Everyone must bring a mask. If a player at your table requests you wear a mask while at their table please do so. This is the same protocol that many clubs and tournaments have introduced and the board feels comfortable doing this. We have been diligent throughout this pandemic and hopefully this will open the doors for players who are not comfortable wearing a mask while still protecting those are not ready to drop the mask.

Face-to-Face Partners

Looking for a partner for Wednesday face-to-face games?

Write to:

Celebrating Canada Day

    Friday is Canada Day and to celebrate we will award free plays to all who bid and make a red ( or  ) slam in our virtual game. Club, spade and Notrump slams do not cut it. No limit on the free plays!!!!     

Welcome to The Bridge Centre
Sad News
Sad News
It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that I tell you of the death of Kevin Loughlin on June 28, 2022.  Kevin, a strong and enthusiastic player, also directed at our club.  He loved going to  tournaments with Kay, his favourite partner in life and bridge. He was upbeat and positive, studying the hands and the bids, always trying to improve his game.

As Kay mentioned, Kevin woke up that morning went out to play a round of golf, came home feeling fine and requested a double scoop of ice cream.  He had a heart attack which took him quickly.

We will miss Kevin so much. He was a strong supporter of our face-to-face games, never joining in our virtual games. He valued the presence of being at a table with friends. The Loughlins provided our members will the best cakes in town as they shared special moments with us.

If you send your memories or notes of Kevin they will be added to this post.

I saw Kevin at our golf course on Monday.  He was so excited that he was going to the National in Providence, RI.  It is a shock to lose him.  He had won a lot of health battles. This is probably the best exit for him with his tummy full of ice cream and the love of his life with him. We will surely miss him. Carol (Harries)

Sad news for sure and so young by today's standards. Always enjoyed his table when playing bridge. His accomplishments were many and he never made anyone feel less than him.  A true gentleman.  God rest his soul. Gayle Sawyer

Dates and information about the wake and service:

Here are some pics collected through the years: (pic #4 is John Gerretsen presenting Kevin with the annual Christmas trophy won by Kevin and Rod Lindsay in 2016.)

BridgeWhiz SignUp

    BridgeWhiz SignUp starts August 1 2022    

Free lessons for children in grades 4 through 12

Learning to play bridge will nurture your child’s team and individual competitive spirit. Build social skills. And enhance deductive reasoning and math abilities.

Moreinfo at

Twenty 90-minute online classes with class sizes of 20-40 in all time zones


ACBL "Back to the Club" Games
ACBL is helping clubs get back face-to-face.  They have reduced the number of masterpoints you can earn online and they are offering extra masterpoints for face-to-face play. From June 27 to July 10 all face-to-face games will be run as Upgraded Club Championships with 81.8% sectional rated black points.
North American Pairs (NAP) Club Level Qualifying Games

KDBC will be holding NAP qualifying events at the club level throughout June, July and August both in online and face-to-face games.  Check our calendar for the scheduled dates. 

Strats, set by the ACBL are: C-NLM<500/B<2500/A-unlimited.

Awards are 2X points, 50% red/black.

Note: Robots are not allowed as partners in the online NAP games.  The directors may include robots to fill a half table.

We will offer B/C Flighted NAP games on Friday afternoons when our Open NAP games are scheduled.

NAP Instructions from the ACBL.pdf


Please note Covid-19 protocols for our face-to-face games.

KDBC Covid-19 Protocols updated April 2022.pdf

Players must present proof of vaccination -  2 vaccinations plus a booster.

Masks must be worn.  If you wear a shield you must also wear a mask. 


New Ranks May 2022
Elaine McDougall Bronze Life Master May
Hamish Taylor Bronze Life Master May
Kay Loughlin Bronze Life Master May
Bill Valliquette Club Master May
    Congratulations to all our members moving up the ranks!     
Game Schedule


Face to Face games are held at the RCAFA Hall at the airport. All games $8. Extra points! Games will usually alternate between Club Championships and Nap Games. Upgraded club championship games on Wednesday June 29, July 6. No extra charge!

Wednesday Open Pairs 1:00 Don



KDBC Virtual Games on BBO. Regular games $4BBO Special games $5BBO

Monday Open Games 1:15 Jock
Tuesday Limited 0-750 Game 1:05 Don
Tuesday Open Game 1:15 Don
Wednesday Evening Open Game 7:00 Jock
Thursday Open Game 10:15am Brian
Thursday, July 7 Monthly Open Mentor Game 6:30 Brian
Friday Limited 0-750 Game ( where scheduled - B/C flighted NAP games 0-2500) 1:05 Brian
Friday Open Game 1:15 Brian
Sunday Open Game 7:00 Don


70% and ABC Champions 2022
ABC and 70% Winners
There have been no qualifying 70% open winners since March 23,  however Jack Cooper and Kathy McDonald have changed that! On June 7 they scored 70.16%
Mary Reid and Judy Prince also score a big game! On June 13 they win with 70% in the I/N game.
Diana Macauley and Mike Cox place first overall for a place on our ABC chart with 59.72%
Keep up the good work   ♣ ♠ !
updated June 20


Free 4 Month ACBL Guest Memberships

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The American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) has just launched a FREE Guest Membership option,

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Please remember to add our club as your recruiter when you register: 134494

Guest Memberships last for 120 days and are only available to brand new members, not previous or existing members.

Sign up today! Once you’re a Guest Member, you can truly see all that the bridge world has to offer.

Kingston Duplicate Bridge Club Inc. ACBL 134494

KDBC offers Wednesday F2F games at 1pm at the RCAFA 416 Wing at the airport. 200 Hampton Gray Gate, Kingston, Ontario K7M 4M1 

Our BBO virtual online games will continue,

Phone: Club Manager Terry Demers 613-770-3566 or John Gerretsen 613-542-4205

5th July 2022
Tuesday Virtual Club Game
1:15 pm
Director: Don Kersey
6th July 2022
Wednesday F2F Upgraded Club Championship $8
RCAFA Hall 1:00 pm
81.8% sectional rated black points.
Director: Don Kersey
6th July 2022
Wednesday NAP Virtual Club Game $5
7:00 pm
2X pts, 50% red/black
Director: Jock Devonshire
Monday Nap Virtual Club Game $5
Director: Jock Devonshire
Sunday Virtual Club Game
Director: Don Kersey
Friday Open Virtual NAP Game
Director: Brian Moorby