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Board News

Next Board Meeting Tuesday, March 21, 5:00 on Zoom.

Face-to-Face Partners

Looking for a partner for Wednesday face-to-face games in either of our sections - open or I/N? To play in the I/N section you must have under 750 points.

 Write to:


KDBC Sunshine Connection

Bob Fowkes is our Sunshine Connection.  Give us the name of someone you would like us to send a card to and Bob will get it done.   

Welcome to The Bridge Centre
Royal STaC Week

Royal STaC Week

April 3 - 9   F2F only

25% Gold 25% Red 25% Silver 25% Black

Regular games:

Monday 1pm @ Conservatory Pond

Wednesday 1pm @ RCAFA

EXTRA GAME is a GO!  Thursday April 6 @ 10am @ RCAFA

It's best to pre-register for F2F games:


Save the Date

KDBC welcomes Jerry Helms

Sunday May 28 2023

1 - 2 pm


Have your questions ready!

ACBL- Wide Seniors Pairs Results

KDBC placed well in the ACBL-Wide Senior Pairs event on March 6.

Congrats to Don Kersey and Paddy Allan who placed 2nd overall with 75.79% 15 MP (first place was 81.37%, imagine that!)

KDBC had 3 pairs in the District Rankings:

1st  Don Kersey and Paddy Allan 75.79% 15MP

3rd  Doris Waddell and Julie Plante 67.46  5.63 MP

5th Charlie Waddell and June Leach 61.90%  3.16 MP

Congrats to all and Way to Go KDBC!

Special Games Coming up


Royal STaC: April 3 - 9  F2F only.
Monday, April 3, 1:00 pm Conservatory Pond Residence
Wednesday, April 5, 1:00 pm RCAFA Hall.
Thursday, April 6, 10 am RCAFA Hall - Extra Game
25% Gold, 25% Red, 25% Silver, 25% Black

Special new game at new time:  The CBF Helen Shields Rookie Master game is scheduled for Thursday, April 13 at 1:00 at the RCAFA Hall. Our new players pair up with a more experienced players and compete with other pairs across Canada. Let us know if you are available to play in this event.

Silver Linings Week is April 24 to 30. Silver points in virtual onine games only.

Dennis Johnson Team Game Sunday April 30 at 10am at Walnut Grove. 
Tea, coffee and muffins. 
Only room for one more team! Sign up now!


New Ranks
John Dundas NABC Master January
Bob Fowkes Gold Life Master February
Anne Lamarche Regional Master February
    Congratulations to all our members moving up the ranks!     
Game Schedule


Face to Face games are held on Mondays and Wednesdays.
All games $8.

Remember, it really helps us if you let us know you're coming - even if you have found your own partner -

Monday Open Pairs - Conservatory Pond Retirement Residence
1499 Stoneridge Dr, Kingston, ON K7M 9H9 
Please arrive at least 15 minutes before game time.

1:00 Kathy

Wednesday Open Pairs - RCAFA 416 Wing at the airport
 200 Hampton Gray Gate, Kingston, Ontario K7M 4M1 
Please arrive at least 15 minutes before game time.

1:00 Don

Extra Thursday Morning Royal STaC Game - April 6th
Open Pairs - RCAFA 416 Wing at the airport

 200 Hampton Gray Gate, Kingston, Ontario K7M 4M1 
Please arrive at least 15 minutes before game time.

10:00am Kathy/Jock

Novice Game (0-300) - last Saturday of the month Apr 29 - then summer break
Senior Centre 56 Francis St.
Please arrive at least 20 minutes before game time.
Email if you would like to play.

9:30 Kathy

Extra Game - Helen Shields Rookie Master
Thursday April 13 - RCAFA  416 Wing

200 Hampton Gray Gate, Kingston, Ontario K7M 4M1 
Please arrive at least 15 minutes before game time.

Email if you would like to play.

1:00 Kathy



KDBC Virtual Games on BBO.  Games $4BBO  

Monday Open Game  7:00 Kathy/Chris/Jock
Monday Intermediate Mentor Game - April 17th 6:50 Jock
Tuesday Open Game 1:15 Don
Wednesday Evening Open Game 7:00 Jock
Thursday Open Game - Cancelled April 6 for ONE week only 9:30 Kathy/Chris
Thursday Open Mentor Game April 6th 6:30 Chris
Friday Limited 0-750  1:05 Jock
Friday Open Game 1:15 Jock
Sunday Open Game 7:00 Don


70% and ABC Champions 2023
ABC and 70% Winners
Rita Menninga and Wanda Slawinski win overall in AB&C on January 30 with 64.97%.
On January 30 they have a 72.83% game.  They're not slowing down out of the gate.
Diana Macauley and Mike Cox win overall with 64.58% placing first in A,B and C on February 9.
Don Kersey and Greg McKellar score 78.57% on Jan 11.
And then Don does it again with Chris Caswell on the same day, Jan 11 with 71.43%.
Pat Briggs and Marvin Baer score big with 71.14% on January 27.
Greg and Don score again on January 30 with 72.83%.
Paddy Allan and Don Kersey make the 70% chart on February 20 with 70.75%. 
Paddy Allan and Don Kersey reach the stars with a 75.79% game in the ACBL Senior Pairs event on March 6.
Elaine McDougall and Hamish Taylor had an ABC win on Tuesday March 7 with 65.38%
Paddy Allan and Terry Demers scored 73.72% on Wednesday March 8.
Terry Demers and Paddy Allan played a 70.64% game in the STaC on Monday March 13 and placed first overall!
John Bantock and Kathy McDonald scored 70.83% in the STaC on Wednesday March 15 and placed second overall.
Congrats to George Yon and Sybil Forbes on their ABC win on March 20 with 62.00%
Don Kersey and Greg McKellar did it again with 72.22% on Monday March 27. That's 6 times Don hit over 70% this year.
Well done everyone!


Free 4 Month ACBL Guest Memberships

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The American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) has just launched a FREE Guest Membership option,

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Kingston Duplicate Bridge Club Inc. ACBL 134494

KDBC offers:

Monday F2F games at 1pm at Conservatory Pond Retirement Residence at  1499 Stoneridge Dr, Kingston, ON K7M 9H9

Wednesday F2F games at 1pm at the RCAFA 416 Wing at the airport. 200 Hampton Gray Gate, Kingston, Ontario K7M 4M1 


Our BBO virtual online games will continue,

Phone: Club Manager Terry Demers 613-770-3566 or John Gerretsen 613-542-4205

29th March 2023
Wednesday Afternoon F2F Game
RCAFA 1:00 pm
Director: Don Kersey
29th March 2023
Wednesday Evening Virtual Club Game
7:00 pm
Director: Jock Devonshire
30th March 2023
Thursday Morning Virtual Open Pairs
9:30 am
Director: Kathy McDonald
Tuesday Afternoon Virtual Club Game
Director: Don Kersey
Monday Evening Virtual Open Game
Director: Kathy McDonald
Monday Afternoon F2F Open Game
Director: Kathy McDonald