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25 members attended  the Zoom meeting discussing BBO issues.  Thank you for your suggestions and input.  The Board will announce some changes we will be putting in place after the next Board meeting on October 19.




Welcome to The Bridge Centre
Virtual Games on BBO $4BB, Special Games $5BB
Monday Open Game 1:15 Jock  
Tuesday Limited Game (0-300) 1:05  Don   
Tuesday Open Game 1:15 Don   
Wednesday Limited Game (0-300) cancelled for now      
Wednesday Open Game 7:00 Jock  
Thursday Open Game 10:15am Brian  
Thursday Limited (0-300) Game 2nd & 4th Thursdays 10:05am



Thursday Mentor Game November 4,  maximum 500 masterpoints for mentees, Zoom discussion after the game, cost is $3

6:30pm Brian   
Friday Open Game  1:15 Brian   
Saturday, October 16, Open Game (Club Championship Week/dble pts) 7:00 Brian  
Sunday Open Game 7:00 Don  


ABC and 70% Winners! updated September 21
September starts off strong with 2 pairs reaching the 70% club in the first week.
Chris Caswell and Jock have a great game on September 5 scoring 71.53%
Barry Wilson and Glenn Torrie did everthing right on September 8 leaving the field behind with an amazing 77.95%
Mary Stewart Ross and Mary Reid soar high on August 21 winning overall and landing a place on the ABC list with 61.46%.
Tammy Gauvin and Glenn Torrie win overall on July 6th with 59.84 to garner a place on the ABC chart.
Well done everyone!     


ACBL Rank changes

  Congratulations to our members who have reached a new ACBL Rank   

Marg Beck NABC Master August
Pat Lennie Regional Life Master August
Pat Mackay  Bronze Life Master July
Conrad Debarros Club Master June
Bill Mitchell Ruby Life Master June




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Bridge Centre

The Bridge Centre is closed. Join us on Bridge Base Online in KDBC Virtual Club Games. 

Phone: Club Manager Terry Demers 613-770-3566 or John Gerretsen 613-542-4205

ACBL cheques received (before expenses). Net income in financial reports (Board documents). Table counts in right column. 260 268 players have joined in our virtual games: members, Seaway friends and guests. Thank you!

July $4261.43US 348
August $4152.84US 338

2020 Income from BBO Virtual Games 

2021 Income from BBO Virtual Games

24th October 2021
Sunday Virtual Club Game
7:00 pm
Director: Don Kersey
25th October 2021
Monday Virtual Club Game
1:15 pm
Director: Jock Devonshire
26th October 2021
Tuesday Virtual Club Game
1:15 pm
Director: Don Kersey
Friday Virtual Club Game
Director: Brian Moorby
Thursday Virtual Club Game
Director: Brian Moorby
Wednesday Virtual Club Game
Director: Jock Devonshire