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Top Virtual Table Count

A great start to 2021 - 25 Tables on January 5 and again on February 16.

Our Biggest Virtual Game in 2020 was 22 tables.



ACBL Milestones

2020 Milestones.pdf

Welcome to The Bridge Centre

We have 2 new members in our club.  Judy (JVYD on BBO) and Bill (WallyYD) Valiquette have recently moved to Kingston.  Give them a big Kingston welcome when they arrive at your table. smiley

Eight is Enough Team Game - April 17
We had a great turnout with 18 tables for our 8 in enough charity team game.  $1 from each entry  is going to support our local charity "Loving Spoonful". Peggy Hutchison and Vicki Lynn Macauley teamed up  with Helen Johston and James Carroll and won overall with a great score of 66 victory points, collecting 3.0 masterpoints. Thank you to Don Kersey for directing and to all the players who participated.
It was a fun event.




Upcoming BBO Special Events

April 12-18 - Charity Week: 2X regular black points,  $5 charge.  

Saturday, April 17 at 6:30 - Eight is Enough Team Game. 

Grass Roots Weekend May 15-16 Dble Black masterpoints $5

Silver Linings Week May 24-30 Double points all Silver. $5


Virtual Club Games on BBO now $4BB for regular games


Monday Open Game 1:15 Jock
Tuesday Limited Game (0-300) 1:05  Don 
Tuesday Open Game 1:15 Don 
Wednesday Limited Evening (0-299) 6:45 Jock 

Wednesday Open Game 

7:00pm Jock 
Thursday Open Game 10:15am Brian 

Thursday Mentor Game April 1,  maximum 500 masterpoints for mentees, Zoom dicussion after the game, cost is $3

6:30pm Brian 
Friday Limited Game (0-299) is cancelled as of April 1st.     
Friday Open Game  1:15 Brian 
Saturday Eight is Enough Team Game April 17 6:30 Don
Sunday Open Game 7:00 Don


ABC and 70% Winners! 3/30
 Gayle Seto and Linda Tindall scored 63.65% on April 16 to win overall and a place on our ABC list. Good job!
Anne Lamarche and Margery West left the field behind in their dust when they won overall on Friday, March 19 in a 21 table game with 63.25%. Very well done!
Paddy Allan and Jack Cooper had a great game on March 7 scoring a high 74.31%.
 Marvin Baer and Mikey Fobert squeezed in a 70.13% game on March 5 (check last week-Mike had his first 70% game of   the year).

Well done everyone!     

To see last year winners or winners from prevoius months this year check the 70% tab in the left side box.

NB* The qualifications for ABC recipients has changed. "Each players must have fewer than 750 masterpoints to qualify" has been added to the requirements.

ACBL Rank changes

Congratulations to our members and friends who have reached a new ACBL Rank

Susan Blay Junior Master March
Glenn Torrie Bronze Life Master March
Mike Fobert Ruby Life Master March
Shona Donovan Sapphire Life Master March

Well done. ♣   ♠ 

Convention Card information for BBO online games
BBO and the ACBL require each partnership to have a convention card filled in and available for the opponents to access during a virtual online game. You may be blocked from entry into a game without a convention card. 

For information and help go to or email the club at


Free 4 Month ACBL Guest Memberships

Subject: Join as a Guest Member!

The American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) has just launched a FREE Guest Membership option,

Click here to see all the benefits you’ll get for free and then sign up at this link:

Please remember to add our club as your recruiter when you register: 134494

Guest Memberships last for 120 days and are only available to brand new members, not previous or existing members.

Sign up today! Once you’re a Guest Member, you can truly see all that the bridge world has to offer.

Bridge Centre

The Bridge Centre is closed. Join us on Bridge Base Online to play in KDBC Virtual Club Games. 

Mailing address: Kingston DBC, Centennial PO, Box 8, 100-2437 Princess St., Kingston, Ontario. K7M 0C2

Phone: club manager Terry Demers 613-770-3566 or John Gerretsen: 613-542-4205

ACBL cheque received for online games in 2021 (before expenses). For net income see financial reports in Board documents.

January $5848.28US
February $4953.94US

2020 Income from BBO Virtual Games 

Table Counts for Virtual Games


January 2021 416
February 410

2020 Table Counts

Wednesday Virtual Club Game
Director: Jock Devonshire
Tuesday 0-300 I/N Virtual Club Game
Director: Don Kersey
Tuesday Virtual Club Game
Director: Don Kersey