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Joe Ferrone owner of the Ottawa Valley DBC is supporting us by playing in our Friday games and advertising our club to his members.  He has started a new Sunday 1:00 afternoon game. To find the game go to Virtual Games/North America/All games and look for OVDBC (Ottawa Valley) VACB 265959.

Welcome to The Bridge Centre
Special events in September


Stardust Week: Gold Points and Beyond.Win gold at the Club!  Monday-Sunday, Sept. 21-27.
All games will award double regular club rating masterpoints®, and awards will be ¼ gold, ¾ black
Participation in Stardust Week is automatic; all Virtual Club games will be part of the special event.

Virtual Club Games on BBO


Monday 1:15pm Jock Devonshire 
New! Tuesday Limited Game (0-300) 1:05 pm Don Kersey
Tuesday Open Game 1:15pm Don Kersey 
Wednesday 6:30pm Jock Devonshire
Thursday 10:15am Brian Moorby
New Friday Limited Game (0-500) 1:05 Brian Moorby
Friday 1:15pm Brian Moorby
Saturday 1:15pm Jock Devonshire
Special Sunday Stardust Game Sept 27 1:15pm Brian Moorby


Survey for BBO Virtual Games.

All our virtual game players have been sent a survey with questions about scheduling online games. We value your input. If you know someone who was missed please email the club and I will get a survey out to them. Check your junk mail.  It may be there.

One new suggestion is the addition of a monthly imp game:

IMP Pairs. How does it work?

The game runs exactly as a normal Pairs game  - only the scoring method is different. On each board, the scores are added up and averaged (generally the top 10% and the bottom 10% are excluded in order to lessen the impact of a few outlandish results) to produce a "datum" for the board. Then each pair's scores are compared to the datum, using the usual IMP scale (some interpolation is done, since the datum will usually not be a whole number). The pairs are than ranked according to the total of all their IMP scores.

What is the right strategy for playing IMP Pairs?

Here is a list of tips:
- Stretch to bid game, especially when vulnerable.
- If you are declarer, do your best to make your contract; don't worry about overtricks.
- If you are defending, do your best to defeat the contract; again, don't worry about overtricks.
- Don't make shaky overcalls.
- Avoid doubling the opponents in a partscore.
- Bid a small slam if you are more likely than not to make it; but don't bid a grand slam unless you can count 13 tricks.

We would like to add a monthly mentor game.  Mentors would sign up in the partnership desk and mentees (0-300) are invited to choose a partner. Charlie, our education chair is planning a special follow-up after the game.  Stay tuned for more information.

Saturday's have never been popular so we are discontinuing them in October.  The survey will dictate whether or not we restart the game.

I will post the results on the website. There is a time restriction on the survey so please fill out your reply within the next few days.


Best wishes for a speedy recovery

Anne Sherlock is home and doing well after her quadruple bypass.  

Rick Marsden will soon be having the stitches removed after his hip replacement.  Ouch! 

Assunta also had a hip replacement recently and she passes on the word that her recovery is going well.




New ACBL Ranks

Elaine McDougall and Hamish are our newest Life Masters.

Tammy has reached the adv NABC level.

Don Gardner is now a NABC master.

Congratulations to everyone.  Well done! ♣   ♠ 

How to use the Partnership Desk

As you may know there are two limited Club games on BBO now. One on Tuesday for those with 0-300 masterpoints and one on Friday for those with 0-500 points. 

Some of you may have difficulty finding a partner for these or any of our games. This is a reminder that you can always try using the Partnership Desk on BBO.  

I have attached some instructions to clarify this process.

Partnership Desk Instructions.pdf

New Limited Games for our I/N's

We are now holding two limited games each week for our I/N players.smiley

The Tuesday game is going well but we wanted to include our 0-500 players so we have added a second game.

Tuesdays: 1:05 start time for players with 0-300 masterpoints.

Fridays: 1.05 start time for players with 0-500 masterpoints.

A big thank you to John Dundas and Claudine Lallemand who have agreed to be spares for all the Tuesday I/N games and to Suzanne Ryan and Gonny Moncur for the Friday I/N games. A big thank you to Marilyn Brown and Tammy for being spares in the first Friday limited game. Good luck to all.  It is nice to see our great I/N section back together!  


2020 ABC and 70% Club for September

Mike Fobert and Marvin made the 70% list right on the dot on Wednesday September 16 with exactly 70%.

Vicki Lynn Macauley and Peggy Hutchison had a great game on Monday, September 14 with 63.64% overall and a spot on the ABC chart.

Elaine McDougall and Hamish Taylor won overall iin September 8 earning a spot on the ABC award chart with 62.20%.

Anne Herfst and Maureen Rush reached the top on Thursday September 3 winning a place on the ABC chart by coming first overall in all strats (ABC) with 61.59%

Well done everyone!smiley  

A big welcome to our friends at the Seaway Bridge Club in Cornwall who have joined our virtual club games on BBO.   

Bridge Centre

Kingston Duplicate Bridge Club

Due to the Coronavirus The Bridge Centre is closed. Join us at Bridge Base Online (link below) to play in KDBC Virtual Club Games and in Support Your Club” games.

Mail address: Kingston DBC, Centennial PO, Box 36008, 100-2437 Princess St., Kingston, Ontario. K7M 0C2



ACBL cheque received for Online Games (before expenses)

April $2573.27US
May $5182.05US
June $4607.68US
July $4987.68US
August $4,303.60US


Table Counts for Virtual Games

Thank you to all our members who are supporting our club in the Virtual Club Games on BBO.Here are the table counts.

May 298
June 297
July  316
August 280


A big thank you to all our players  volunteering as spares. With spares our games are easier to set up and run smoother.  We all want to play but spares are willing to be available and waiting at game time with the possibility of not playing in the game. It's all about teamwork!

Monday Gold Championship Virtual Club Game
Director: Jock Devonshire
Saturday Virtual Club Game
Director: Don Kersey
Friday 0-500 I/N Virtual Club Game
Director: Brian Moorby