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Please be registered and signed into your Virtual game at least 5 minutes before game time.  This is a very busy time for the directors and it helps when everyone is set up and waiting.  Make sure you open and read the notice to the right about being registered and getting booted out.  It has happened to a few of our members.
Welcome to The Bridge Centre
New Ranks playing in the Virtual Games

Mary Reid and Mary Stewart Ross have reached Club Master status.

Peggy Hutchison is our new NABC Master.

Congratulations everyone!   


Virtual Club Games on BBO


Monday 1:15pm Jock Devonshire 
Tuesday 1:15pm Don Kersey 
Wednesday 7:15pm Jock Devonshire
Thursday 10:15am Brian Moorby
Friday 1:15pm Brian Moorby
Saturday 1:15pm Don Kersey


Registration for Virtual Games

To help our virtual games start on time and to avoid confusion and frustration we have decided to close registration 5 minutes before game start time.  If the game starts at 1:15 you and your partner must be registered by 1:10.

2020 ABC and 70% Club

Chris Caswell and Don Kersey start the month off well with a 72.62% on Canada Day, July 1st.  They also made the list last month.  Well done gentlemen. ♠ ♠ ♠ 

A big welcome to our friends at the Seaway Bridge Club in Cornwall who have joined our virtual club games on BBO.   

Table Count for May Virtual Games

Thank you to all our members who are supporting our club in the Virtual Club Games on BBO.Here are the table counts.

May 298
June 297


Bridge Centre

Kingston Duplicate Bridge Club

Due to the Coronavirus The Bridge Centre is closed. Join us at Bridge Base Online (link below) to play in KDBC Virtual Club Games and in Support Your Club” games. 



ACBL cheque received for Online Games (before expenses)

April $2573.27US
May $5182.05US
June $4607.68US


A big thank you to all our players  volunteering as spares. With spares our games are easier to set up and run smoother.  We all want to play but spares are willing to be available and waiting at game time with the possibility of not playing in the game. It's all about teamwork!

Saturday Virtual Club Game
Director: Jock Devonshire
Friday Virtual Club Game
Director: Brian Moorby
Thursday Virtual Club Game
Director: Brian Moorby