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Show up with or without a partner; the director is always available to play.

A Blast From the Past

A Blast From the Past
Member Log in Issues

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Peterborough/Belleville/Cobourg Virtual Bridge Club

Below is the schedule for online games.


Date Format Time
Monday, September 20 Open 12:45
Monday, September 20 0-99 1:00
Thursday, September 23 Open 12:45


Belleville club members are cordially invited to participate in the face-to-face games.  Proof of double vaccination and masks are requirements for playing.  You can Google the club's location at 184 Marina Drive, Peterborough.  Check the club schedule at their web site:


To find your results through the Peterborough web site, click on this link:

To find your results directly from ACBL Live, click here:

Seeking your opinion results

What an amazing response from our members!  Thank you sincerely to all who responded.  Many took the time to write detailed responses and the executive thanks you for your considered input.

We heard from 81 club members.  Here's the breakdown:

In favour of returning to f2f - 58

Happy with our previous location - 43

Would return if improvements were made - 15

Not returning to f2f - 13

uncertain about timing of return - 7

not prepared to be double vaccinated and/or masked - 3

Doing the math, you will see that a bit more than 70% of those who responded plan to return to face-to-face bridge.

Once again, many thanks to those who responded, helping the executive make decisions on your behalf.  These responses helped our negotiations with Joan Wheatley (see below).

Update - September 17

A lot of positive communication has occurred between the executive, represented by Kathy Shortall, and Joan Wheatley, our previous landlady.

Basically, Joan has agreed that the flooring needs to be replaced, that the unit needs a fresh coat of paint, and that the kitchen area needs attention. After the executive meeting on September 8, Kathy apprised Joan of the members' concerns about the ventilation system and the water pressure. Joan indicated that these concerns would "all be taken care of to the best of our ability."

Kathy replied that "Once we receive your confirmation we will be in a position to sign a lease contingent on the completion of the work detailed.  The lease will commence on January 1, 2022 or when Covid will allow."  Joan responded that, "The space will be made available to your organization with a 'Welcoming Warm Reception' and [I] am confident you will be pleased with the results."

We will keep you posted when we learn more. Renovations are likely to take a couple of months according to Joan.

A huge thank you to Kathy for undertaking these negotiations.

Communication with HPED Health Unit

On behalf of the executive, Lynda Tarle contacted the Hastings and Prince Edward Health Unit to determine our status. Lynda reported that the health inspector checked into our status and deemed we were a "social gathering" not an "organized group".  This meant that we were limited to 25 people indoors and would have to follow some strict safety guidelines.  As an "organized group" we would be allowed to have up to 50% capacity with less strict guidelines.  Since we are not envisioning starting until the new year, we will wait and see what stage the province has reached by that time.  Thanks to Lynda for making this contact on the club's behalf.

Belleville Duplicate Bridge Club Address




♣  Game Fee: $5 per game ♣ 

Weekly Games Monday to Friday

Non-Life Master @ Monday: 6:30 pm 

Open Pairs @ Tuesday: 1:00 pm  

Handicap Pairs @ Wednesday: 1:00 pm 

0-299 @ Thursday: 1:00 pm 

Open Pairs @ Friday: 11:00 am

Team Games

Last Tuesday evening of each month (Under discussion)

Fri 17th September 2021
Open Pairs
11:00 AM
Mon 20th September 2021
NLM Pairs
6:30 PM
Tue 21st September 2021
Handicap Pairs
1:00 PM
Open Pairs
Director: Lynda Tarle
299ers Pairs
Director: Jeanne Webster
Open Pairs-Handicap Game
Director: Fran Beckingham