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22nd May 2023 07:37 BST

Minutes for the Annual General Meeting held on the 27 October 2022 now published under Information

IMPORTANT - Please arrive 10 minutes before the start of any session.
Sunday evening

Please note: there will be no Bridge session on Sunday 28 May at Biddenham

Bridge Venues and Session Times

Our sessions are:

  • Wednesday night at St Marks Church, weekly from19:00-21:00
  • Thursday morning at Church Lane Community Centre, weekly 10:00-13:00
  • Friday morning at St Marks Church, weekly from 10:00-13-00
  • Friday afternoon at Biddenham Village Hall, weekly 14:30-17:30
  • Sunday evening Biddenham Village Hall, weekly 18:00-21:00

Subs will be £2 for each session (£3 for non-members).

Please note that the Friday afternoon and Sunday evening sessions will now be held in the Village Hall (MK40 4BJ) and not the Church Barn. This is a much bigger building with good car parking and a better playing environment.

The Thursday and Friday afternoon sessions are ‘hosted’, so anyone turning up is ‘guaranteed’ a game. If you’d like to play at the other sessions, or play with a regular partner, please ask Peter (Wed evening), Sue/Peter (Thursday morning), David (Friday morning), Bernard (Friday afternoon) and Bernard/Peter (Sunday evening) and they will try and match-make.

We will be opening all the unlocked windows to provide maximum ventilation. However, please be aware that there are still restrictions in place regarding the opening of fire doors.

We will provide hand sanitiser and will ask everyone to use it upon entering the room; and at each table to be used regularly throughout the sessions.

We will be providing tea, coffee and sealed packets of biscuits. If you wish to have tea or coffee, please bring your own mug with you and take it home to wash it up.

Bridge Sessions at St. Marks - Refreshments

Friday Morning

  1. Attendees must sign in and out. This is a LA rule as there are pre school children here and they are in a school bubble.
  2. Coffee/tea/milk and individual wrapped biscuits will be provided. Hot water is available from the kitchen
  3. St Marks mugs may be used but must be left in the dishwasher
  4. Church hall must be cleared and everything tidy or in the cupboard.

Wednesday Evening

  1. Coffee/Tea/milk and biscuits (individually wrapped of course) will be provided but you must bring your own mug. The St.Marks ones are not to be used under any circumstances as they are all cleaned by the church dishwasher and we have been told not to use them. The church kitchen will provide hot water from the urn (not the kettle).
  2. The kitchen must be left tidy with any spillages cleared up.
  3. It would be helpful if we could have a couple of regular player volunteers who are happy to bring the drinks, milk and biscuits. They will be refunded on the night from the table money and they do need to provide a bill as all our expenditure is accounted by an external auditor.
    If you are willing to do this task please let me or Peter Cullum ( know. Ideally we would like one or two people to cover this. A team rota gets too confusing.
  4. Church hall must be cleared and everything tidy or in the cupboard
Contact Information

Sue Ford            email -       Phone - 01234 300218

Bernard Henry  email -      Phone - 07866 456769

Peter Cullum     email -       Phone - 07545 508185

Sarah Garner    email -   Phone - 07774 898499

David Israel        email -   Phone - 07816 668578


Sunday Evening
Friday Morning
Friday afternoon
Club Pairs
Bunyan Bridge
7th Jun 2023
Bunyan Bridge
8th Jun 2023
Club Pairs
Host: Nick Quinn
9th Jun 2023
Friday Morning
9th Jun 2023
Friday afternoon
11th Jun 2023
Sunday Evening