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Ladies and Mens Pairs

Congratulations to Jenny Kirby and Reggy Tarrab, winners of the the Ladies Pairs with a score of 60%, and to John Erdos and Colin Game, winners of the Mens Pairs,  also with a score of 60%

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The club will hold heats for the Larsky Cup competition on

Monday 2 December

Wednesday 8 January

For information about the Larsky Cup see the Kent Contract Bridge Association website.

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Variety Pairs

A change has been made to the rules for this competition: the 8 best scores will count instead of 9 as in previous years.

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Welcome to Beckenham Bridge Club
  Welcome to Beckenham Bridge Club
Welcome to Beckenham Bridge Club
Beckenham Bridge Club meets on Mondays and Wednesdays at the Public Halls, Bromley Road, Beckenham BR3 5JE (next to 'Ask').

There is wheelchair access and a lift. Parking is available in adjacent streets and there is a car park in St George's Road.

We operate a host system and aim to find visitors a partner, though to avoid disappointment it is advisable to contact a committee member.

Players are asked to be seated by 7.25 pm so that play can commence promptly at 7.30 pm and end at 10.30 pm.

Table money - which includes tea, coffee, cold drinks and biscuits, is £3.00 for members, students £2.00, visitors £4.00

Membership fees are £12 per annum.

  Beginners Information

We started a new Beginners class on 16 September.  

The class runs on Mondays from 4.30pm to 6.30pm.


This class is now full. If you are interested in future classes please contact me. 

More information is under the Beginners tab. 

Please contact me via , or telephone Barbara Noble (020 8658 4825).



  Improvers Information

Friendly Duplicate

Starting on September 19 and continuing on Thursdays until Christmas, we are running sessions of Friendly Duplicate from 4.00 to 6.30 in the downstairs hall of the Beckenham Public Halls.  The aim is to introduce improvers who might hope to join the club to bridge played at a speed and standard approaching that of normal club play.  

If you are interested in joining any of these sessions and you have not been through our classes, please contact

John Erdos on 0208 325 3633 or email

Please note that Improvers are welcome to join the main bridge club sessions,

provided that:

a) you can play 24 boards in 3 hours

b) there is no competition.

Please check on the Calendar page of the website. 



  Ladder Competition 2019/20

The Ladder Competition is normally held on the fourth Wednesday each month and runs from September through to July.

There are no changes to the rules and scoring for this year.

The Handicapped Ladder Competition is played concurrently with the Ladder using EBU NGS handicaps, which are updated each month.

If you want a bridge partner in advance for a particular evening, or more regularly, please contact Janet Prior.  Janet will email members with your email address and telephone number so anyone interested can contact you directly.

Important:  Please put 'Partner Wanted' as the email subject.  

Click here to send an email: Janet Prior   Telephone: 020 8650 4037or 07855 409045 (Mobile)

  Handicapped results


A new Handicapped Variety Pairs competition started in January 2017. We hope this will encourage members to play with a wider variety of partners in this popular competition.  The Handicapped Ladder continues in parallel with the main ladder. In both handicapped competitions, the points are awarded as in the normal competition, but using the handicapped result.

Handicaps are calculated from the gradings of the players on the English Bridge Union National Grading Scheme (NGS).  In order to have a handicap, each player must be on the club database and have an NGS grade.  The handicap is 50 minus the average of the NGS grades of the pair and the original percentage is modified by this amount.  From now on, the results of all pairs events will include the handicapped scores.  

The handicapped scores may be accessed from the "Handicap” button when calling up a result on the web.  The handicapped results will also be printed out at the end of each session.  The intention is to give everyone an equal chance based on their results in the recent past.  The clearest beneficiaries will be the players whose bridge skills are increasing.  It is hoped that improvers will be encouraged by this to enter more competitions and to reap success.

23rd October 2019
Ladder (2)
Director: Colin Game
Host: (No host)
24th October 2019
Friendly Duplicate
Director: Nick Kanaar
28th October 2019
Director: David Hudson
Host: Jalil Bhuia
30th October 2019
Director: Nick Kanaar
Host: David Martin-Sperry
Director: Ali Imam
Friendly Duplicate
Director: Nick Kanaar
Director: Ron Vogt
Variety Pairs
Director: Chris Lamb