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Important Information
Important Information
Play Bridge!

The time has come for an overdue AGM for the merged club. It will take place at BVC on Tuesday 2nd November at 6.30pm prior to the evening's duplicate. Below are the Agenda - reports - and nominations form for the meeting.


1 Chair’s Report - AGM Nov 2nd 2021 Chairs Report.pdf

2 Treasurer’s Report - Treasurers Report

3 Election of Officers:  Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Secretary and Tournament Director. Form for Nominations click HERE . Nominations should be proposed and seconded no later than Tuesday October 26th.

4 Election of other Committee Members

5 Moving forward - plans for the coming months

6 Any other business

Regards Alec

Children In Need


Together, we can … that’s the message from Children in Need once again this year

Together we can … help raise funds to change young lives. 
And last year we all came together, playing online, and raised an incredible £59,045 which given the circumstances was way beyond anything we dared hope for.

And now – maybe some of us will be back playing face to face, others won’t. But we really hope that you will be playing in some fashion and will join us once again to raise funds for this wonderful Charity.

Monday 8th November on RealBridge @ 7:30pm and Tuesday 9th of November Face to Face at the Bridge Centre @ 7:30pm, we will play in support of Children in Need. 


To read up on what they do, follow this link:


We ask for a minimum donation of £5 ALL of which will go to  Children in Need.

To make your donation follow the instructions HERE. Please use the reference: B&CHBC.


The events will be both MP'ed and NGS'ed and B&CHBC will pay RealBridge charges and the ECATS entry fees. 


We hope to see many of you at either or both events!


Over To You



Thanks for all the subscriptions. We have now managed to update our membership database. If you want to check the information or at any point need to change it or your preferences, this can be done under the “Membership” tab on the menu to the left on our website.

It is your data and we hope we have managed to get all your preferences right. And as we live in different times, we excpect woman to do their duty too! If you need a helping hand regarding how to get access to the Membership Area this Video might be of help: HERE

Espen Gisvold


Thank you everyone who has paid their membership subscription (161 of you). We appreciate your support of B&CHBC and look forward to seeing you at Bramhall and on-line throughout the year. You can still register HERE

What Would You Bid
What Would You Bid?

Following last year's success, we will continue our 'What Would You Bid?' bidding competition for our members. Each challenge, starting October 1st, will present you with 6 bidding problems. You will have 1 month to consider and return your solutions. The problems will be posted on this website and an e-mail will be sent showing the problems and a link to the page where you can send in your answers! After two months, the answers will be published together with the next set of problems.
Our Expert Panel - we are fortunate to have a large pool of expert talent in the club - will make their bids and the scores will be set in accordance with their answers. We will publish the reasoning for their bids and the scores, together with the next set of problems. 
The System used is Standard English Modern Acol - Look under 'Documents' to see the full system description. If any other systems are used, they will be explained in the problems. 
Most problems will not be of a Systemic nature, more a question of evaluation and judgment. It will be great to see the agreements and disagreements amongst the Experts together with their thoughts and comments.
For every set of problems the best competitor will win one period of free bridge in the club’s events. At present worth £10.  
You have to send in answers to 4 sets of problems to compete for an overall prize of a ‘voucher’ capped at  £25 for bridge books of the winner’s choice.
If you send in 5 answers, the 4 best months will count. The Terms of Competition are on the club website.
Good Luck
Espen Gisvold
Newsletter September 2021

F2F and On-Line    Those members who have returned to face-to-face bridge have enjoyed seeing friends for bridge, chat and coffee.…we look forward to welcoming others when you feel comfortable to do so.  Our numbers for RealBridge on Monday are continuing to be good, but not so many for BBO - if you haven’t played on Thursday BBO then please consider doing so. 

Membership   Nearly 150 of you have paid membership subscriptions, due September 1st for the year to August 2022 and filled in their membership form. A few more are still to do so. We have lost a few long- time members and will miss them, but already have attracted some new players to the centre.

Manchester League  This will be starting soon, running as ‘normal’ with one set of matches during October to April- with the default platform being on-line BBO. Matches may be played F2F if both teams agree. Quite a number of our members are entered - not too late yet to enter – if you are a pair or a team then contact Adam Wseberg at

NICKO   The National Inter-Club Knock Out Competition is due to start again soon for 2021-2022. The first 2 rounds may be played on-line, but it is planned for later rounds to be face-to-face. If you wish to enter a team then please contact Steve at

Diary Dates

Bramhall Village Club AGM will be held in the Rhodes Room on Thursday September 30th pm: all welcome.   

MCBA Intermediate Pairs is scheduled to be held in the Rhodes Room on Sunday 7th November; further details to follow.

Children in Need Simultaneous Pairs. Again, we will be holding 2 sessions: Monday 8th November on RealBridge and Tuesday 9th November F2F. Last year we raised nearly £2,000 – can we match this? The centre will pay the entry fees so 100% of your donations will go to C.I.N.

B&CHBC Annual General Meeting    Our first AGM will be held on Tuesday November 2nd in the Rhodes Room at 6.30pm – prior to the duplicate. An agenda will be sent in due course: discussion topics welcome – please let us know.

What Would You Bid Competition 2021-2022   We are planning to start this in October with 5 bidding challenges over 10 months- with a prize for each challenge.

Marie and Ron Appleby   The Applebys joined us for RealBridge during the last year: they welcomed the opportunity and enjoyed meeting members of the centre and send their best wishes to all. 


Alec and Steve

Grand Master


Congratulations to member, Rodney Lighton, who has achieved the notable ranking of Grand Master and joins 12 other members of the Centre who have reached this milestone. Gary Hyett, Jeffrey Smith, John Holland, Michael Byrne, Rhona Goldenfield, Raymond Semp, Irving & Joy Blakey, Pauline Lang, Ian Pendlebury, Joyce White and John Roberts.

BBO Registration Form

To be able to play in our BBO on-line club events you have to register once here. 

There is no need to register here for our Monday Evening RealBridge Events

Visitors are welcome both nights, but after 2 visits will be expected to pay a £20 on-line membership fee.

Online Duplicates

Online Bridge - We plan to continuing with online bridge for members, with the club paying UMS to the EBU, and the hosting fees. Visitors are welcome to play, and if they plan to visit again they will be asked to pay a one-off fee of £20 for on-line membership of the club.

RealBridge - Monday and Friday evenings at 7.30pm. You do not need to register, just click on the appropriate link in the "Login RealBridge" on the right of our home page.

BBO - Tuesday evening at 7.30pm. Remember you only have to register once and then you are OK for any Tuesday. 

Results - The results are all on this website together with the ‘leader boards’ to be found under Competitions in the Menu.

TD's - Our TDs are all volunteers: Espen, Victor, Mary, Alec, Paul & Steve

Welcome Message

Welcome to Bramhall and Cheadle Hulme Bridge Centre. We are based at Bramhall Village Club and online. We look forward to your support of our on-line duplicates in the coming weeks and to seeing you for face-to-face bridge before too long.

The interim committee is Julia Bannister, David Barton, Barbara Lewis, Steve Mattinson, David McNeillie, Anne Thornton, Ross Worthington and myself - thanks for all the contributions.

There is also another side to a modern bridge club - all the technology required to run, score and upload online duplicates and administer the website. I wish to thank all the contributions from the "Tec Group" of Espen Gisvold, Victor Ridding, Mary Green, Richard Sinton, Anne Whitehead and myself. Also on a personal note Adam Wiseberg for his invaluable contributions.

Regards Alec Smalley - Chair & Steve Mattinson - Vice Chair

Weekly Schedule
   Monday Mid Day 1:30pm F2F David, Steve, Alec
   Monday MP Pairs 7:30pm RB Espen, Paul
   Tuesday MP Pairs 7:30pm F2F
David, Steve, Mary, Alec
   Tuesday MP Pairs 7:30 BBO Alec, Victor
   Friday MP Pairs 7:30pm F2F Mary,Victor, Alec
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BBO log on problems

Some people are having problems logging on to BBO today.  Here is a message from BBO:


"Hello everyone - just to reiterate, BBO is working fine, even though some of you are experiencing problems accessing the site. We know it’s frustrating but it’s out of our control.

There was a DNS issue at IBM yesterday, which was resolved, but some internet service providers are slow to pick up the changes that were made. Eventually everyone will be OK, there isn't anything we can do on our side to speed up the process.

You can speed things up at your end though by trying these workarounds a) if you have more than one internet provider, try the other one b) reset device c) reset router d) try a different browser or device.

If all else fails, you need to refresh your DNS. Here’s a page that shows you how it’s done



26th October 2021
Tuesday MP Pairs
F2F 7:30pm
28th October 2021
Thursday MP Pairs
BBO 7:30pm
Director: Victor
Scorer: Victor
29th October 2021
Friday MP Pairs
F2F 7:30pm
Director: Mary, Paul
1st November 2021
Monday Afternoon Pairs
F2F 1:30pm
Director: DM
1st November 2021
Monday Evening Pairs
RB 7:30pm
Director: Espen, Paul
Monday Afternoon Pairs
Director: DM
Scorer: DM
Monday Evening Pairs
Director: Paul
Friday MP Pairs
Director: AS
Scorer: MG
Thursday MP Pairs
Director: Victor
Scorer: Victor
Tuesday MP Pairs
Director: AS
Scorer: MG