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Important Information
Important Information
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Bridge from July 19th

Please see new weekly schedule on the right and arrangements for face to face bridge in the menu to the left.

What Would You Bid

July Solutions

We have now completed our 10 Month “What Would You Bid” competition. I hope that you as competitors have enjoyed taking part, and as a reader have enjoyed the panelists’ reasoning, and that everyone might have picked up a trick or two!


I would like to give a huge thank you to all the panelists for taking time to answer and share their expertise with us.


Also, special thanks to Alec Smalley and Michael Byrne - without them this would have been a horribly bad effort - they have kept me on the straight and narrow - a feat not achieved by many!


Also, a special thanks to Barbara Lewis - without her sub editing, it would have been hard work for you to get anything sensible out of what I put to paper.


The biggest thanks go to you, the competitors. Most of you have not only sent in answers, but also your reasoning. In the course of the competition, more than 70 members of the club have sent in answers.


This month’s problems, at least for the panelists, offered up few options, and all but one of the problems had a great majority bid in the panel. The competitors had much more imagination and on problem 4 managed to come up with no fewer than 10 different bids.


This month’s competition was won by Victor Ridding with a perfect 40, with a 3-way tie for 2nd place between Dhun Daji, Peter Foster and Mary Green on 39.


The winner of our overall competition is Peter Foster with 252 points from his 7 best results, followed in second place by Victor Ridding on 250. In third place we have Dhun Daji (241) and in fourth Mary Green (238). A small comfort for Victor might be that over the 10 results he managed to gather 348 points against Peter Foster’s 338. Congratulations to all of them.


Amongst the Panelists in July, we had a four-way tie on 40 - Rodney Lighton, Alan Jones, Raymond Semp and Alec Smalley.


The solutions can be found in the menu to the left or by clicking HERE. Enjoy a good summer!

Espen Gisvold



Return of Face to Face Bridge

Face to Face Bridge

The first session of Face to Face bridge, not only in our new club in our new venue, but the first Face to Face bridge session organised by any club in the county was successfully arranged today by Bramhall and Cheadle Hulme Bridge Centre. The winners of the session were Steve Mattinson & Howard Stubbings. The full results can be seen HERE



Congratulations to the team of Royce Alexander, John Currie, Peter Foster and John Roberts on their 5th round win in the National Inter-Club Knock Out Competition to reach the last eight. A splendid result. We wish them all the best for the quarter finals.

Diary Dates

The next couple of weeks promises to be busy:

♠ ♥ ♦ ♣  Monday July 19th at 1.30pm: launch of face-to-face bridge at B&CHBC at Bramhall Village Club - our long awaited opening following the merger of Bramhall and Cheadle Hulme Bridge Clubs. Details will be sent this week in an extended e-mail newsletter. ♠ ♥ ♦ ♣ 

Sunday August 1st: MCBA's Swiss Teams is being held face-to-face at Bramhall Village Club.  Details and entry form may be found at GREEN TEAMS  This is limited to 16 tables and is filling up: so please consider supporting this event - if you are a pair looking for team-mates then please let me know.

Thursday July 15th at 7pm on ZOOM: AGM of MCBA.The Zoom link is AGM Please come along to see what your county bridge association does for you and how you might contribute. If you wish to read the reports before the meeting ask me and I will forward them.



News Update

1) Congratulations

Well done to Steve Mattinson and Pauline Lang who were in the winning (Swiss) team at the on-line Yorkshire Congress on June 13th

2)   News Update

Unfortunately, we have had the news that we can not re-open the Bridge Centre on Monday 21st June. It is not quite clear when we will be allowed to open but 19th July seems most likely now. This is a big disappointment to us as we are all missing social F2F bridge.
We will therefore be continuing to run on-line bridge as per the usual schedule

Mondays – 7.30pm – RealBridge

Tuesdays – 7.30pm – BBO

Fridays – 7.30pm – RealBridge

As there is no Manchester League after June 24th  we will announce a 'Thursday Special'  for early July, probably Teams/Imped based.

Regards Alec and Steve

June Newsletter

We hope that everyone is keeping well and that you are now getting out and about and enjoying time with family and friends.

The B&CHBC Committee met again last week to discuss our plans for return to face-to-face bridge.  We believe that real bridge is face-to-face bridge and, also taking on board feedback from members, we plan to run 3 or 4 duplicates each week at Bramhall Village Club together with one on-line duplicate each week.

Start date? We are still hoping for June 21st but of course will delay if there is change to the road map for complete unlocking. We will write with further details after June 14th


Alec and Steve


As you will know, we are planning for the return of face-to-face bridge at B&CHBC, as soon as it is legal and safe to do so – hopefully on June 21st.   We have quite a lot of members who have not played on-line, some keeping in touch to say how much they have missed bridge, and we look forward to seeing all our members again soon. Our committee is meeting next weekend: if you have any comments for them, please let me have them.

Our on-line members have participated and enjoyed success in many local and national competitions from the MCBA and EBU leagues and competitions, Garden Cities, NICKO, events organised by other counties – no travelling involved: both on BBO and RealBridge.

Several of you participated in the MCBA charity duplicates including April 28th, raising £900 for Motor Neurone Disease Association in memory of Lesley Johnson.

What Would You Bid Competition. This 10-month bidding challenge is nearing completion. Thanks are due to our expert panel for their bids and discussion – we are fortunate to have them as members, our competitors and especially to Espen for his tireless running of the competition.

Not wishing to be EBU members, Tuesday morning Easy Bridge at Bramhall Village Club is no longer part of B&CHBC.  This very successful session for non-experts and improvers is now being run independently by Julia and Steve (J.U.S.T. Bridge), who also have an exciting bridge holiday planned for October in Llangollen. All the details may be found on

Our activities are made possible thanks to the contributions of our committee, all our TDs – especially Victor who organises all the on-line developments, and webmaster.  But more help will be appreciated when we return to F2F:  for example, for dealing boards, scoring, teaching and supervised play, and other ‘jobs’ in the club.  Please let me know if you would like to be involved in the running of the centre.


Alec and Steve

Garden Cities

The B&CHBC team that won the county's Gazette Trophy in February, won the Northern heat of the EBU's inter-club teams of eight competition on 8th May. Congratulations to all the team: they now play in the Garden Cities National final in June. Detailed results are on the EBU website: HERE

Online Duplicates

Online Bridge - We plan to continuing with online bridge for members, with the club paying UMS to the EBU, and the hosting fees. Visitors are welcome to play, and if they plan to visit again they will be asked to pay a one-off fee of £20 for on-line membership of the club.

RealBridge - Monday and Friday evenings at 7.30pm. You do not need to register, just click on the appropriate link in the "Login RealBridge" on the right of our home page.

BBO - Tuesday evening at 7.30pm. Remember you only have to register once and then you are OK for any Tuesday. 

Results - The results are all on this website together with the ‘leader boards’ to be found under Competitions in the Menu.

TD's - Our TDs are all volunteers: Espen, Victor, Mary, Alec, Paul & Steve


B&CHBC has now been running on-line bridge since August 2020 for the benefit of our members to include some new on-line members who we have been pleased to welcome to the centre.

We have not been charging players but have been paying UMS to the EBU each time we play and since November fees to RealBridge. Now, following recent experience on BBO, we are changing to a vEBU BBO arrangement for Tuesdays whereby the centre – not the players - will be paying $BBO each time we play: this is managed via the EBU.

So, the time has come after 5 months of free bridge that we will begin charging players.  We will be contacting all of you who play in our on-line duplicates to ask you for £10 which will cover all your games throughout February, March and April (39 duplicates).

Visitors are always welcome .and after one visit they will be invited to join the centre for on-line membership - £10 to end of August 2021 plus £10 for all games Feb-April. 

BBO Registration Form

To be able to play in our BBO on-line club events you have to register once here. 

There is no need to register here for our Monday Evening RealBridge Events

Visitors are welcome both nights, but after 2 visits will be expected to pay a £20 on-line membership fee.

Welcome Message

Welcome to Bramhall and Cheadle Hulme Bridge Centre. We are based at Bramhall Village Club and online. We look forward to your support of our on-line duplicates in the coming weeks and to seeing you for face-to-face bridge before too long.

The interim committee is Julia Bannister, David Barton, Barbara Lewis, Steve Mattinson, David McNeillie, Anne Thornton, Ross Worthington and myself - thanks for all the contributions.

There is also another side to a modern bridge club - all the technology required to run, score and upload online duplicates and administer the website. I wish to thank all the contributions from the "Tec Group" of Espen Gisvold, Victor Ridding, Mary Green, Richard Sinton, Anne Whitehead and myself. Also on a personal note Adam Wiseberg for his invaluable contributions.

Regards Alec Smalley - Chair & Steve Mattinson - Vice Chair

Weekly Schedule
     Monday Mid Day 1:30pm F2F David, Steve, Alec        
     Monday MP Pairs 7:30pm RealBridge Espen, Paul        
     Tuesday MP Pairs 7:30pm F2F
David, Steve, Mary, Alec
     Tuesday MP Pairs 7:30 BBO Alec, Victor        
     Friday MP Pairs 7:30pm F2F Mary,Victor, Alec
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30th July 2021
Friday evening
Bramhall Village Club 7.30pm
2nd August 2021
Monday Afternoon
Bramhall Village Club 1.30pm
Director: DavidM/Steve
2nd August 2021
Monday Evening
RealBridge 7.30pm
Director: Paul
Thursday evening
Director: Victor
Scorer: Victor Ridding
Tuesday Evening
Director: DavidM/Steve
Scorer: Alec Smalley
Monday Afternoon F2F
Director: DM
Scorer: VR