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Bedfordshire League Entry Form
Bedfordshire League 2021/2 Entry Form

The aim is to raise two or three divisions for matches played on the RealBridge platform.

Division 1 will be run as on previous BBA teams of four league and knockout. Results will be submitted to the EBU for master pointing as with previous years.

Division 1 matches will be played as 24 board matches on a home and away basis. Knockout semi finals will be over 32 boards and the final over 48 boards.

Divisions 2 and 3 will be 'just for fun' divisions. Matches will be 18 boards by default or 24 boards by agreement. Teams when entering please elect which division they wish to join. There will be a fixed match event night plus the option to play matches as and when ageed. Fixed match nights will be one or two thursday evenings a month between September and March.