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League and Knockout Entry Form
Teams of 4 League & Knockout 2020-21 Entry Form

Format: The format will be determined when the number of teams is known. The league is expected to comprise a single division with every team playing a match of approx 18 boards against every other team. The top four eligible teams in the league will qualify for the knockout 

Where: Matches will be played online until face-to-face bridge becomes possible. The default platform is BBO but captains may choose a different platform by mutual agreement

When: The league runs from August 2020 to January/February 2021, followed by the knockout in February/March to April 2021. A draw will be made to determine fixtures and captains will be responsible for agreeing match dates within a given window

Teams: Teams may represent a club or be independent. Captains may register up to six players. A player can play for more than one team but transfers are not permitted by a player who has already played more than once for a team in the 2020-21 season.

Masterpoints: Blue points will be awarded for each win/drawn in the league, plus final ranking points. Green points will be awarded for knockout wins 

Cost: Free

Prizes: The leading team in the league will win a cash prize.The knockout winners will be awarded the Knockout Cup and qualify to represent Bedfordshire in the Pachabo Cup (if held in 2021).

Affiliation: Dual members and players not affiliated to Bedfordshire may play in the league, but only full Bedfordshire members are eligible to compete for the Knockout Cup.

Registration: Team captains should complete the form below by 4 August 2020 to register a team. The names of all members of the team are not essential at this stage