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Membership Benefits
Benefits for Bridge Clubs

Bridge Clubs affiliated to BBA and the EBU:

  • Can take part in Inter Club Team Events organised by the County and the EBU, the Garden Cities Trophy and the National Inter Club Knock Out (NICKO)
  • Can Award EBU Master Points for their events
  • Receive English Bridge and the Bedfordshire Bridge Bulletin
  • Receive through the EBU favourable Insurance arrangements for the Club
  • Receive 10% discount on goods obtained from the EBU.
  • Receive Technical Support Services from the EBU.
  • Bedfordshire Bridge Association (BBA) welcomes the membership of Clubs in promoting the game of Duplicate Bridge, and represents the views of its members and Clubs to the EBU nationally.
Last updated : 23rd Jun 2006 09:35 GMT
Benefits of Joining the English Bridge Union

Members of the English Bridge Union (EBU):

  • Receive six issues per year of the quality magazine English Bridge (2.50 to non-members)
  • Receive a free diary with EBU information and events
  • Receive Master Points of the EBU and a Player Ranking
  • Receive 10% discount on goods available from the EBU
  • Can take part in national competitions held by the EBU
  • Receive 20% discount on Master Bridge and Batsford Books
  • Receive 10% discount on bridge fees with Bridge Overseas holidays
Last updated : 12th Sep 2006 20:48 GMT
Details of what BBA offers its members

Full Members of the Bedfordshire Bridge Association:

  • Receive the Bedfordshire Bridge Association Bulletin
  • Receive calendar of competition events
  • Can take part in competitions held in the County
  • Enter a team in the Bedfordshire Bridge League and Knock-Out competition
  • Represent the county when selected or through qualifying events.
  • Dual members, who have another County as their principal membership of the EBU and county of allegiance, are welcomed and gain all the above except that they are not eligible to play in the County Knock-Out Competition, or to be selected to represent Bedfordshire.
Last updated : 24th Oct 2010 21:54 GMT