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Master Points
  Extended County Events
County Leagues. There are awards for each match won or drawn, depending on the division concerned. There are also ranking awards for winners and runners up in each league (provided players have played at least three matches).

County Knockout. This is the other County Major Championship, and attracts a special green point scale for match winners, increasing with each passing round. In 2005/06 the winners received 4 green points each, and overall 32 players shared 38 greens.

Eastern Counties League. There are green and black awards for each match won. There are also ranking awards for winners and runners up in each league, again provided players have played at least three times for the relevant team.

As well as the trophies that are presented at the AGM and any prizes presented on the day, the leading players in all County Events will also receive EBU Master Points. The scale for these awards varies from event to event. A bulk submission of all Master Points won in County events during the season is made in December each year (i.e. at the end of the 'MP Year').

The details below explain the principles for such master point awards. In general, County events attract master points on the County scale (which is twice the Club scale), but there are exceptions. For some events our scoring program cannot calculate the correct award for example, when the calculation reflects the entries in qualifying heats, as well as those in the semi-final or final round. Efforts will be made to avoid misleading information being shown when results are published, and a full review is carried out before the bulk registration in any case.
  Single Session County Events
For most of these County events, master points are awarded on the County Scale to the top one third of the field, the top award depending on the number of pairs or teams in the competition. This applies to:
Opening Pairs, Inter-Club Teams of Four, Men's Pairs, Ladies' Pairs, Inter-Club teams of Eight, Mixed Pairs, Seniors Pairs, Seniors' Teams, County Plate and the AGM Simultaneous Pairs (for which large numbers of master points can also be won based on performance nationally).

The 1 Star Pairs attracts District master points.

As a stage of one of the County's 2 permitted major championships, the County Pairs Semi-Final attracts Regional points (three times the Club level). The top award (and the number of awards) depends on the number of pairs playing with standing in the earlier club heats, but in 2005/06 the top award was 540 points with points down to 28th place. A special Green Point scale follows for those who qualify for, and do well in, the second session of the County Pairs final. Those who do not qualify for the second session are eligible for the County Plate.

The awards for the Champions' Trophy (formerly Restricted Pairs) are at County Scale and are related to the large number of tables in play to produce the finalists. The top award will be 600 points with constant reductions across the field (however many pairs turn up).

  Multiple County Session Events

The Swiss Pairs will attract points (at the appropriate County rate) for each match won, together with ranking points to the top quarter of the field. (No longer played)

For the County Pairs, Black points are awarded in the Semi-Final using the Regional scale. The awards depend on the number of pairs playing in the qualifying club heats. For example, in 2006/07, based on an original entry of over 100 pairs, the winners received 540 points and awards went down to 25th place.

Green points are awarded to a fraction of the field in the County Pairs Final, based on the number of pairs playing in the Semi-Final. For example, in 2006/07, the awards ranged from 3.75 for the winners down to 0.25 for those in 8th place.