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  3. Trust your opponents   Richard Samter underestimates the opposition.
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Feedback   Q&A 2: An opportunity to shine

Richard Samter writes:

The hand is interesting and the analysis accurate, but I think you missed a further reason to play the
A. It doesn't matter if West's K is singleton, as long as he has a second club. If K doesn't fall, you can return to dummy with K and then cash the last two spades, discarding diamonds. Declarer's hand is now high except for K.
Also, I don't like the lead. If East has
A or K,  declarer will (or should) be able to count the hand. A and another spade is less revealing, and might even give partner a ruff.

Richard Samter further writes:
I wrote the above a week or two ago, and it showed up a couple of interesting points.
The first is that I cannot count to three. I was in fact aware of this, but it's only fair to warn prospective partners of the fact. My suggested line only sets up two diamond discards, leaving a loser in each suit if the
K doesn't drop. The best line in that case is to play a low diamond to dummy and hope the J is allowed to hold. Two discards will then be enough to make the contract.
The second point is less clear-cut. Only one person (Phil) pointed out my error. This could be for a number of reasons:

Nobody looks at the website
   Those who do are too polite (or lazy) to comment on my counting ability
They can't count either.