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 Friendly pairs for improving players – this is an NGS & Masterpoint free session.

Boards: 15-16.       Cost: £2.50

Playing on RealBridge is great fun and ALL improvers are welcome.

 Signup below

No partner? No problem!
No partner? No problem!

If you don't have a partner, make your way to table 6, where you will be able to pair up with another partnerless player.

Logging in for a RealBridge session
Logging in for a RealBridge session

♣   About 15 minutes before kickoff, click on the relevant RealBridge link below. This takes you to the event log-in page (left)

   Enter your full name (as in your EBU membership) with the correct CaPitAlisaTion, and your EBU number (without any initial zeroes) and log in.

   You will now be in the lobby. If you see your partner already sitting at a table, join him/her. If not, sit at a table and wait for your partner to arrive.

♠   Once at a table, you can see and chat to others seated at the table while waiting for the game to begin.

You can use the same link and login procedure during the week after the event to view the results of the session.