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Teaching Seminars 2023
Teaching seminars for Social/Open players

We're delighted to announce our first two seminars for more experienced players, to be given by Terry Butler. The dates and topics are:

Tuesday 24 October Defence against 3NT

Thursday 31 October Defence against suit contract games

The seminars last approximately 2 hours and start at 2.00 pm.

Table money of 5 pp is payable in cash on the day.

If you'd like to attend one or both of the October seminars, please sign up below.

Seminar 2 pm Tuesday 24 October 2023

Defence against 3NT

An exercise in counting, preference and memory

Please sign up below.

Seminar 2 pm Thursday 31 October 2023

Defence against suit contract games

When to be passive and aggressive, with lots of signals

Please sign up below