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Garden Cities 2022
Garden Cities Trophy 2022
Garden Cities Trophy 2022

As in previous years, Wiltshire will be holding a heat of the Garden Cities Trophy. We will be playing on Sunday 20th March at 2:00 pm using RealBridge. Depending on the number of entries, we are aiming to have a complete round robin of about 36-42 boards. There will be a halfway break so we expect to finish by 8. It will cost £8 per player for the county heat.

The winners will go through to the regional final on 8th May and the top two in the region will go through to the national final on 18th June. The regional final will also be on RealBridge and the national will probably be face-to-face somewhere in the Midlands. Further information is available at Please note that all players must be bona fide members of the club. We are allowed to change the team between rounds, so please enter even if you will be unavailable for the regional or national finals.

Each affiliated club will be allowed to enter at least one team. If there are fewer than 14, the county will allow multiple entries per club up to a maximum of 14. If there are too many additional teams, they will be allocated in the following order:

1.       Entries per club, e.g. no third team will be accepted until all second teams have been

2.       The team’s average NGS (taken immediately after entries close).


We hope that Bath will be able to enter 2 or 3 teams. If you are interested in playing, please let me know the names and EBU numbers of both players. I am unable to offer a matching service and will only accept applications from a partnership. However, I am happy to take requests along the lines of “I would prefer to play with x but, if she is unavailable, will happily partner y”

It will take some time to make the selections and then to allocate places among the clubs, so please reply by 6th March if interested.

Best wishes,

Richard Samter