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1.                 NAME




The club shall be called BASSINGHAM BRIDGE CLUB


2.                 OBJECTS


The object of the Club shall be to provide facilities for its membersfor less experienced players to learn and play Contract Bridge in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.


3.                 MEMBERSHIP


3.1             Membership shall be open to all bridge players willing to play only systems and conventions as agreed by the committee

3.2             Any person may attend the club as a visitor for up to three weeks, but must join the club if they wish to continue playing

3.3             The Committee reserves the right to decline an application for membership


4.                 OFFICERS


4.1.           The Officers of the club shall be the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer

4.2.           Each of the Officers of the Club shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Club, and shall retire annually at the ensuing Annual General meeting but

                 shall be eligible for re-election

4.3.           Nominations in writing for Officers of the Club must be handed to theSecretary no later than the 31st March. Nominations should include signatures of the proposer,

                 seconder and nominee. In the event of no nomination being received in time, nominations may be made from the floor.

4.4.           In the event of a vacancy arising during the year in the office of any Officer of the Club the Committee, shall choose one of their number to fillsuch vacancy until the 

                 ensuing Annual General Meeting


5.                 COMMITTEE


5.1.           The Committee of the Club shall consist of the Officers of the Club,together with not more than two other members of the Club who shall be electedat the Annual 

                 General Meeting of the Club, and shall retire annually at the ensuing Annual General Meeting, but shall be eligible for re-election

5.2.           The Committee may from time to time co-opt further members of the clubt o serve on the committee until the ensuing Annual General Meeting, whether to fill a

                 vacancy arising, or as an additional member, except that the totalnumber of members of the Committee (including Officers) shall at no time exceed six

5.3.           A quorum at meetings of the Committee shall be three members of the Committee, including at least one of the Officers

5.4.           The Committee shall make a report to each Annual General Meeting of theClub concerning the affairs of the Club since the previous Annual GeneralMeeting


6.                 MANAGEMENT


6.1.           The affairs of the Club shall be managed by the Committee, and the Committee shall have the power to determine any issue arising in connection with the affairs of

                 the Club which is not specifically provided for in this Constitution

6.2.           The Committee may from time to time formulate and publish such rules as it thinks expedient for the efficient and harmonious running of the Club (but in the case of

                  any conflict between such rules and this Constitution, the Constitution shall prevail)

6.3.           Any issue of policy determined by the Committee or any rules publishedby the Committee may be varied by a resolution of members at a General Meeting of the

                 Club, provided that such resolution is not in conflict with this Constitution and is not retrospective in application


7.                 GENERAL MEETINGS


7.1.           An Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held in each year no later than three months after the end of the financial year

7.2.           A Special General Meeting of the Club shall be convened by the Committee if a request for such a meeting signed by at least ten members of the Club is delivered to

                 the Secretary, stating the reason for the meeting, and such meeting shall take place within one month of the receipt of such request

7.3.           A Special General Meeting of the Club may be convened by the Committee on its own initiative at any time

7.4.           The Chairman, if present, shall chair all General Meetings of the Club, and in his absence the Vice-Chairman or some other member of the Committee shall chair the


7.5.           An agenda for all General Meetings of the Club shall be circulated to all members of the Club no later than two weeks prior to the fixed date of the meeting

7.6.           Any member may propose a motion to be discussed at a General meeting provided that written notice of the proposed motion together with a seconder is delivered to

                 the Secretary no later than the following:

                  (a) for all proposals that requ[1]irea change to the constitution - 28 days.

                  (b) for all other proposals 21days

7.7.           A quorum at General meetings shall be ten members present in person

7.8.           If fifteen minutes after the time fixed for a General meeting of the Club no quorum shall be present, the meeting shall be adjourned to a new date (of which the like

                 notice shall be given to members as was required to be given for the meeting which has been adjourned), and in the case of a General meeting which has been

                  adjourned due to lack of a quorum (but not a meeting adjourned for any other reason) such number of members as are actually present at the adjourned meeting

                 shall constitute a quorum

7.9.           Voting at General meetings of the Club shall be by show of hands, and in the event of parity the chairman of the meeting shall have a second or casting vote




8.                 NOTICES


All notices of General Meetings may be handed to members, but for Special General Meetings any notices remaining after the first class or clubnight will be posted.


9.                 SUBSCRIPTIONS AND FEES


9.1.           Each  member shall pay a £1 joining fee

9.1.1                Membership will lapse if a member has not attended an event for at least one complete season, Lapsing of a member will be confirmed by the club  


9.1,2             A lapsed member may re-join at any time on payment of the £1.00 re-joining fee.

9.2.           Each member of the Club, and each guest and visitor shall pay table money on each occasion when he plays at the Club, the basic amounts of which for the time

                 being shall be decided at the Annual General meeting of the Club

9.3.           The Committee may determine variations to the set fees for any events other than normal club nights


10.             ACCOUNTS


10.1.       The Committee shall arrange for accounts to be prepared in respect ofthe financial affairs of the Club for each year ending on 31st March

10.2.       The audited accounts for each year shall be presented to the Annual General Meeting of the club for approval

10.3.       Withdrawals from the Club's bank account may only be made with the signatures of any two of the three authorised officers


11.             CONDUCT


The Committee shall be responsible for regulating matters of conduct and shall put in place rules for dealing with any complaints which may arise




12.1.       No alterations shall be made to this constitution except at a General Meeting of the Club

12.2.       In order for a resolution to alter this constitution to have effect at least two-thirds of the votes cast on the resolution must be in favour


13.             WINDING-UP


13.1.       In order for a resolution that the Club shall be wound up to have effect at least two-thirds of the votes cast on the resolution must be in favour, and in addition the

               number of votes cast in favour of the resolution must exceed one-half of the number of members of the Club entitled to attend and vote at the general Meeting at which

               the resolution is put

13.2.       If successfully passed the Committee shall be responsible for the winding up of the affairs of the Club. Unless the Club is amalgamating with some other club the

               assets will be sold and the total funds distributed evenly between all current members who have been members for more than one year