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Bassingham - Home
27th Apr 2021 18:06 BST
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Bassingham - Home

Join us on our Club evening on BCL every Thursday.  Please be seated, with your partner, by 6.50 pm  The room (Lobby) actually opens at 6.30 pm so you can join at any time after this and talk to everyone in the Lobby. The results are posted to this website by early Friday morning. 

Anyone who is unsure of how to play online please get in touch with a committee member and we will organise a table on BBO or BCL as a trial game.

and this is the link to the face to face club page

Remember by joining BCL members can play as much or as little bridge as they like at a similar cost to usual subscriptions.  

We wish all members a safe time.

Your committee

Bassingham Bridge Club

Bassingham Bridge Club aims to provide a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in which members and guests may enjoy their bridge play.  We are a cheerful group keen to attract players of all levels and have a no pressure philosophy to encourage beginners.

All we ask is that members and guests accept and promote the Club ethos, i.e.  treat each other with tolerance, respect and above all remember the game of bridge is only a game of cards and whilst we all do our best to win we should:-

Never take the game, or ourselves, too seriously!

About our Club


In August 1999 Roy Hughes began bridge tuition sessions in the Heritage Room at Bassingham Village, Lincolnshire.  Basing his instruction on the the “Bridge for All” manuals (a system which teaches the Standard English System of bridge) he encouraged players to adopt a relaxed attitude to the game thus encouraging a friendly atmosphere for a group of mixed abilities.


In April 2000 the small group of students led by Roy formed the present Club which today has approximately 120 members and a home now at The Hammond Hall, Bassingham.  The Club's success is in no small measure due to a comfortable atmosphere unlike that found in some Clubs where strict adherence to codes is expected and there may be pressure to play faster than the less accomplished might wish.  Again, in accordance with club ethos players are encouraged to make every effort between themselves to amicably resolve misunderstandings in bidding or play.  A Director is always available to provide helpful advice in accordance with our 'Ethics and Laws' (see sub-heading under menu item 'Club Information').


Joining fee of £1 (but no annual fee thereafter) and a table fee of £2 (£3 for visitors) which includes a cup of tea or coffee.  



Each week on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday evening there are sessions for informal tuition and practice  which beginners and improvers may find particularly helpful.  On Thursday evenings we have a more formal session (though still friendly and relaxed) when Club members taking part may have their scores recorded towards winning trophies in the various Club competitions (Individual, Pairs, etc.).


Improvers thinking to join Thursday evening sessions should note that whenever there is a 5th Thursday in a month the session will be played in a particulary relaxed manner so that Thursday regular players can offer encouragement and help improvers adjust to the higher standard of play.


Many of the Club competition matches are played socially at members'  homes.


A Dinner is held each year when Club trophies are presented.

Navigating this website

Use the Menu (left column this page) to navigate this site.  Column on the right of this page is for News items.

The Club Committee welcomes comments aimed to improve this site and such comments may be put to a committee member or direct to the Website Administrator (Alan Timmis, tel: 01522 501529).  

Bassingham Bridge AGM

The Committee have agreed to hold our Bassingham Bridge AGM on Thursday 29th April at 6 pm via Zoom.  This will fulfill our Constitutional obligations for this year and we expect to have an EGM in September when it is hoped we will be meeting live again!  Tony will send a Zoom link to all members to enable you to join us.

Use this Form to :-

(1) Find a Partner or

(2) Advertise local bridge events.

Children in Need

Congratulations to all who took part in Thursdays Simulataneous Pairs Competition in support of Children in Need either donating or playing.  Bassingham Bridge Club has raised £130.  Congratulations also to Fred Myers and Jayne Barrett who came 11th nationally out of 1035 pairs with an average of 68.76%

Club Events 2021

These events are subject to change:




1st Thurs. each month the car park gets crowded.  Please park tidily.

Thu 24th June 2021
Director: Dave
Steward: B&L